Reggie Robinson @youngtoon89

Im pretty happy with life and all my GREATEST accomplishments 🙌🏽 SC: youngpolo89 My life wavy ! 👣 #Successful

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last month

Boy we missing you like fuck down here ! I still cant figure out how to do life without you, its been a month. I aint been able to hear, touch nor talk to you! This shit aint real ! 💔 R.I.P big bro 😢

July 2019

They say you NEVER question God work, I promise im not here to do that. They say he makes NO mistakes!! But 1 thing i do know is ill miss my best friend, A1, big bro !! I love you bro 😢 R.I.P big bro

June 2019


May 2019

Our vision on life is different and that makes our grind different !! All I know is I want everything life has to offer me #BetOnMe 🎲

April 2019

Life is only what you make it ! Some will accept you and some dont ! At the end of the day you dont live for this person or that person !! You live for SELF ✊🏽

March 2019

The best part of life is ENJOYING it !! ☀️✈️

February 2019

🗣NEVER lower your standards to fit in with the next, you’ll only sell yourself short to someone that was worthless 🖤💙

February 2019

I got ALOT on my plate but thats fine because im GREEDY 🍽

December 2018


September 2018

#BetOnMe 🎲 some respect me most hate me ! Still i smile 😊

July 2018


March 2018

Stay AWAY from people with no AMBITION they TOXIC 🤮 surround yourself with BOSSES that match your AMBITION or want MORE !!!!!!!!!!2🖤less