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26 minutes ago

Happy #WorldEmojiDay ! Freshwater ecosystems take up less than 1% of the Earth's surface, but support approximately 10% of the world's species! But freshwater ecosystems have some of the highest extinction rates, with at least 10,000 species - like the giant softshell #turtle - endangered or already extinct because of human activity. We need a new deal for nature and people! Follow the link in our bio to add your #VoiceForThePlanet and make a pledge: Use less water 💧 Change the way I eat 🌽 Embrace renewable energy 💡 Restore nature where I live 🌱 Change what I buy 🛍 Comment below with an emoji to let us know which pledge you’ve made! #Rivers #FreshWater #Lakes #VoiceForThePlanet #NewDealForNature #TogetherPossible

1 hour ago

Today is #WorldEmojiDay The African #elephant is the largest living land animal! But elephants are being driven toward extinction by illegal wildlife trade, ivory poaching, habitat destruction and conflict with humans. Shockingly, more African elephants are now being poached than born. We need a new deal for nature and people! Follow the link in our bio to add your #VoiceForThePlanet and make a pledge: Change what I buy 🛍 Change the way I eat 🌽 Embrace renewable energy💡 Restore nature where I live 🌱 Use less water💧 Comment below with an emoji to let us know which pledge you’ve made! #Elephants #Poaching #Ivory #LoveElephants #SaveTheElephants #VoiceForThePlanet #NewDealForNature #TogetherPossible

3 hours ago

It’s #WorldEmojiDay ! Introducing a new #emoji for 2019 - the #sloth ! These tree-dwelling mammals sleep for up to 20 hours a day. But sloths are losing their habitat faster than ever. Last year alone, an area of #rainforest the size of Belgium was destroyed. We need a new deal for nature and people! Follow the link in our bio to add your #VoiceForThePlanet and make a pledge: Change what I buy 🛍 Change the way I eat 🌽 Embrace renewable energy💡 Restore nature where I live 🌱 Use less water💧 Comment below with an emoji to let us know which pledge you’ve made! #SaveTheRainforests #AmazonRainforest #AmazonJungle #Deforestation #Sloths #VoiceForThePlanet #NewDealForNature #TogetherPossible

5 hours ago

Happy #WorldEmojiDay ! #Whales can be found in all the world’s major oceans, from the Arctic and Antarctic oceans to tropical waters around the equator. But whales are under threat from #PlasticPollution Over half of whales, dolphins and porpoises have ingested plastic debris. We need a new deal for nature and people! Follow the link in our bio to add your #VoiceForThePlanet and make a pledge: Embrace renewable energy 💡 Change the way I eat 🌽 Restore nature where I live 🌱 Change what I buy 🛍 Use less water💧 Comment below with an emoji to let us know which pledge you’ve made!

2 weeks ago

This fruit farm in Costa Rica works in harmony with the jungle ecosystem, and the canopy in turn helps the plants grow. This means there’s plenty of space both for trees and crops 🌴🌿 and importantly, there’s zero deforestation. They grow 22 different crops - including the cacao that delicious chocolate 🍫 comes from. This #WorldChocolateDay , let’s celebrate forward-thinking farmers, and enjoy the fruits of their sustainable efforts😄 #ShareOurPlanet #Connect2Earth

2 weeks ago

What better way to celebrate #WorldChocolateDay than these sustainable, environmentally-friendly chocolate brownies? They are amazingly chewy and gooey and - best of all - good for the planet! *Visit our stories to find out how you can make these.*

2 weeks ago

A reason to love nature? Chocolate is made from cacao seeds which come from our jungles Hands up if you’ll be choosing sustainable chocolate tomorrow to celebrate #WorldChocolateDay ! #ShareOurPlanet @OurPlanet #Connect2Earth #NatureMatters

2 weeks ago

We’re thrilled that @sussexroyal , the official Instagram account of the British Royal Family’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex (aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ) has chosen to highlight WWF as one of the organisations working towards #PositiveChange for the environment in July. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, said: “Environmental damage has been treated as a necessary by-product of economic growth… Only now are we starting to notice and understand the damage that we’ve been causing… Every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.” It's fantastic that high-profile individuals are increasingly using their voices to raise awareness of environmental issues. Together we can make a difference! #TogetherPossible #NatureMatters #DukeofSussex #PrinceHarry #DuchessOfSussex #MeghanMarkle #SussexRoyal #wwf #RoyalFamily #BritishMonarchy

4 weeks ago

Palm oil is an amazingly efficient vegetable oil. #DYK it’s in many everyday products, from margarine and pizza 🍕to lipstick 💄? If we stopped using palm oil, we’d have to grow less productive oil crops on even more land. We can continue to use palm oil, without destroying our planet’s rainforests. How? By demanding that it’s sustainable 👍 This #WorldRainforestDay , help us to protect our planet’s jungles 🌴🐸and tell the brands you shop with that you want deforestation-free products #ShareOurPlanet @OurPlanet #Connect2Earth

4 weeks ago

Happy #WorldRainforestDay ! Rainforests are some of the most biodiverse places on Earth, home to more than half of all the world’s documented plant and animal species. But we’re losing rainforests at an unsustainable rate. Last year alone, an area of rainforest the size of Belgium was destroyed. Illegal logging, development and agriculture is pushing species like the Orangutan to the brink of extinction. Help protect our remaining rainforests! Look for products with labels like FSC and RSPO. Ensure that any products containing palm oil come from sustainable sources, and put pressure on brands and retailers to choose sustainable palm oil and wood. #orangutan #lovenature #wildlife #forest #NaturePhotography #palmoil #borneo #endangered #NatureMatters #Connect2Earth

4 weeks ago

22nd June marks #WorldRainforestDay Rainforests are vital to life on Earth. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, help stabilise the climate, are home to an incredible variety of plants and wildlife, and regulate rainfall across the globe. Rainforests protect land against floods, droughts and erosion, and more than 25% of our modern medicines originate from tropical forest plants! #AmazonRainforest #lovenature #wildlife #forest #NaturePhotography #Jaguar #JungleCat #NatureMatters #Connect2Earth #BigCats

5 weeks ago

Plastic is silently choking our planet and it’s now entering our bodies through our food, water, and air. We could be ingesting 5 grams of plastic per week on average. 😫 No one should ever be on a #PlasticDiet We need to transform the way we produce, use and dispose of plastic - and we can’t do it alone. Urge world leaders to #StopPlasticPollution Follow the link in our bio and sign our petition today. #PlasticPollution , #PlasticFree , #ZeroWaste , #Plastic , #SaveThePlanet , #Recycle

last month

Monique Ntumngia, the founder of Green Girls in Cameroon, which educates young women from rural communities in the use of renewable energy, is the recipient of this year’s WWF International President’s Youth award. Congratulations @ntumngiamonique Find out more about the great work she and her company are doing on our IGTV and in our Stories! #SustainableEnergy #GreenEnergy #WomeninSTEM #Entrepreneur #AfricanWomeninLeadership #FemaleFounder

last month

Congratulations to Monique Ntumngia, winner of the WWF 2019 President’s Youth Award – our conservation award to honour outstanding young people who are committed to protect the natural world and making significant contributions to nature conservation. @ntumngiamonique is the founder of @greengirlsorganisation which trains girls in Africa to generate energy from renewable sources like solar, water and waste. She’ll be taking over our Instagram Stories tomorrow! Stay tuned on 14th June for Monique’s posts! #SustainableEnergy #GreenEnergy #WomeninSTEM #Entrepreneur

last month

Used once and tossed aside. It’s choking the ocean. You’d never eat it, but it’s now part of your diet. What are we talking about? If you guessed single-use plastics, you’re correct 😔 Did you know that we could be ingesting, on average, 5 grams of plastic per week? That’s like eating a credit card in a week! 😫 NO ONE should be on a #PlasticDiet Speak up to world leaders. It’s time to change the way we produce and consume. Follow the link in our bio and sign the petition to #StopPlasticPollution #PlasticPollution , #PlasticFree , #ZeroWaste , #Plastic , #SaveTheplanet , #Recycle

last month

Little #lynx cubs are not only fluffy and sweet, they’re also very brave! They like to climb trees, make their first hunting attempts and play with their siblings. There should be many more lynxes in Europe, but roads, cars, diseases and illegal killings are a big danger to their survival. That’s why we stand for the protection of lynxes and work to help them find safe habitats in Europe. . . . #SpeciesConservation #WildAnimals #NaturePhotography #Nature #WildCat #BigCat #WildlifeofInstagram #WildlifePhotography #SaveOurNature #SaveOurPlanet

last month

Post by #WWFVoices @wildlifejosh (3/3 ): Success!! After 3 hours of patience (and a few moments of impatience along the way ) I finally managed to capture this photo of a heron just as it caught a fish from the back of a hippo. I find it amazing that these herons have learnt to adapt to their environment this way. The hippos disturb the fish as they move around, bringing them to the surface, making them an easy target for the herons. Three entirely different species all playing their role in the ecosystem. Nature is full of these fascinating and important relationships - that’s why protecting our biodiversity is so essential! Don't forget to head to the WWF grid for the whole story.

last month

Post by #WWFVoices @wildlifejosh (2/3 ): It was at least an hour before I made any progress. Doubt started to creep in. I’m not typically the type of photographer who will plan a 7-week expedition just to get one specific photo of an ant (although if you’re interested in hiring me for that, call me – I’m in ). I’m much more opportunistic in my approach, preferring to choose a location which has a lot of interesting stuff going on and just immersing myself in it. But as I started to wonder about what the other animals in the park were doing, this image happened. This was technically a photo of a heron fishing from the back of a hippo – you just can’t see the hippo! The hippos only come to the surface for a few seconds at a time, so I would have to be extra lucky to get a shot like this with the hippo visible. But was it impossible? Check out the final post later today to find out.

last month

Post by #WWFVoices @wildlifejosh (1/3 ): One afternoon at the start of my recent photography trip to Kruger National Park, South Africa, I spotted a heron surfing on the back of a hippo. “Cool,” I thought. I didn’t really think about it again until one of the last days there, when I found myself back at the same dam and I noticed that one of the herons was at it again. Just cruising around, hopping from hippo to hippo, having the time of its life. But then I noticed something else I had missed before: as the hippos moved around in the lake they were disturbing the fish, making them swim to the surface and sometimes even jump out of the water entirely. It suddenly clicked: the heron wasn’t surfing, it was fishing! So I set myself a challenge. I wanted to get an action shot of a heron catching a fish from the back of a hippo... Stay tuned for the parts 2 and 3 of this story later today.

last month

🌿 We are nature. By destroying it, we destroy ourselves! Yet in the last 40 years: 60% of all wild vertebrates have disappeared 🐆 40% of all insect species are threatened 🐜 80% of reefs are endangered 🌊🐚 We need to stop and speak up for nature. Follow the link in our bio to add your Voice For The Planet. Let’s build a future where people live in harmony with nature. #Connect2Earth #NewDealForNature #WorldEnvironmentDay

last month

It’s #WorldEnvironmentDay Did you know 90% of people worldwide are breathing polluted air? Air pollution is the cause of 1 in 9 deaths globally, and results in 7 million premature deaths every year. Air pollution is a major cause of respiratory diseases, heart attacks, lung cancer and stroke. Air pollution is a global issue affecting people and the planet. But there are steps we can take to #BeatAirPollution : Plant trees 🌳 Clean up trash 🗑 Commute without polluting 🚴‍♂️ #AirPollution #Pollution #CarbonEmissions

last month

The sad truth is that over half the world’s freshwater turtles are at risk of extinction, threatened by habitat destruction, hunting and illegal trafficking. We need to protect these unique and wonderful species. A recent IPBES report found that 87% of wetlands have disappeared in the last 300 years. We need to value what remains of these important ecosystems, which are home to freshwater turtles. #WorldTurtleDay #turtles #savetheturtles #freshwaterturtle #turtleconservation #turtlelover #terrapins #turtlesofinstagram #turtlelove #Connect2Earth #NatureMatters

last month

The last known female giant softshell turtle recently died in captivity, making this species functionally extinct. Of the 25 most endangered #turtles and tortoises on earth, many are freshwater turtles. We must do more to protect these unique and important species. #WorldTurtleDay #savetheturtles #freshwaterturtle #turtleconservation #turtlelover #terrapins #turtlesofinstagram #turtlelove #Connect2Earth #NatureMatters

last month

Happy #WorldTurtleDay ! Did you know there are more than 250 different species of freshwater turtle? 🐢 We’re celebrating the huge variety of weird and wonderful freshwater #turtle species, from super-cute diamond backed turtles 💎, to downright odd “bum breathing” turtles 🐢 the pig-nosed turtle 🐽 and the snake neck turtle 🐍. #WorldTurtleDay #turtles #savetheturtles #freshwaterturtle #turtleconservation #turtlelover #terrapins #turtlesofinstagram #turtlelove #Connect2Earth #NatureMatters

last month

This #WorldBiodiversityDay let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing natural world on which we all depend! #ShareOurPlanet @OurPlanet #Connect2Earth

May 2019

Gibbons are the most endangered of all ape species. On top of deforestation and illegal wildlife trade, in Myanmar white-handed gibbons now face a new threat: unsafe powerlines. The good news? There are simple solutions to make powerlines safe for gibbons. On #EndangeredSpeciesDay today, demand that powerlines are made safe for gibbons now. Spread the word with #SaveTheGibbons

May 2019

Every year, humpback whales travel over 8,500 kilometers down the coast of South America to feed in the krill abundant waters of Antarctica. Working with researchers from Duke Marine UAS, WWF is using drone photography to measure the weight of humpback whales to better understand the health of the population and the risks they face under a changing climate.

May 2019

90% of the world’s seabirds are estimated to have plastic in their stomach. This could reach 99% by 2050 if we don’t take action. Here are some changes you can make to limit your own plastic waste: Reduce, reuse and recycle - limit your use of plastic materials and replace them with eco-friendly alternatives. Choose eco-alternatives to items like cotton buds, disposable wipes and toothbrushes. Use and dispose of plastics sustainably - recycle wherever possible. ♻️ Clean up: Join clean-up activities 🚯 in your area, whether at beaches 🌊 parks 🌿 or rivers 🐟 Spread the word: Support local and global action against excessive, unnecessary use and detrimental disposal of plastics 💪🏻 #stopplasticpollution #connect2earth #naturematters #migratorybirds #oceancleanup #beachcleanup #plasticpollutes #microplastics #reduceplastic

May 2019

It’s a sad truth that 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year, with devastating consequences for migratory birds like the Laysan albatross. On #WorldMigratoryBirdDay , why not join clean-up activities in your area, which are being held at beaches and along rivers? Last year over 750 events were held to spread the word and build a better future for birds and people on our interconnected planet. Find out more on the World Migratory Bird Day website, and be the solution to plastic pollution! #stopplasticpollution #connect2earth #naturematters #migratorybirds #oceancleanup #beachcleanup #plasticpollutes #microplastics

May 2019

On Midway Island in the North Pacific Ocean, thousands of Laysan albatross chicks lie dead on the ground, their bodies filled with plastic. Albatross chicks 🐥 ingest plastic which is brought back to the nest by their parents, and may die from choking, poisoning or starvation as they cannot digest the fragments. ALBATROSS takes us on a visual journey through this tragedy and our own complicity. Mark #WorldMigratoryBirdDay and watch the full film at albatrossthefilm.com #StopPlasticPollution #albatross #Connect2Earth #migratorybirds #plasticpollution #plasticpollutes

May 2019

#DYK that only 1/3 of our world’s longest rivers remain free-flowing? Dams are the leading cause of connectivity loss in river systems because they modify the natural flow of rivers and fragment their habitats. #Rivers #Dams #SaveOurRivers #FreeFlowingRivers #Habitats

May 2019

Who better than #SirDavidAttenborough to explain why we can feel hopeful about saving our planet? The time to act is now. Happy birthday Sir David. #ShareOurPlanet @ourplanet

May 2019

Did you know there are 15 different species of tuna? Some, like bluefin and yellowfin tuna, for example, are heavily overfished in parts of the ocean. Governments can fix this problem by acting on scientific advice before it’s too late for these magnificent species. #WorldTunaDay

April 2019

Hands up who’s watched the Coastal Seas episode of Our Planet? 👐 . . The shocking truth is that many of the world’s fish stocks are in serious decline, and one third have collapsed altogether. . . But you don’t need to give up fish to protect the ocean. Instead, opt for fish from sustainable stocks. Look for a seafood guide or a trusted certification label. #ShareOurPlanet #Connect2Earth #NatureMatters

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