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20 hours ago

This is Winston. It’s his birthday. Doesn’t mind if you forgot, that’s what the hat is for. Kindly requests a birthday belly rub from everyone. 13/10 please form a line (follow @winstontheredwolf )


This is Chewy. He is a skater boy. She said see you later boy. He was way too good for her. All of her friends, stuck pup their nose. They had a pawblem with his doggy clothes. 12/10 (follow @gus_and_chewy )

3 days ago

You cannot be serious. We only rate dogs. Please don’t send bananas. It makes our job so much more difficult. Thank you... 13/10

6 days ago

GUESS WHO GOT ADOPTED... LAIO DID #cleartheshelters @tohanimalshelter @adopt_laio

1 weeks ago

This is Gnocchi. He put on his best banana button-down for the beach today. It gives him confidence. 13/10 (follow @my_little_gnocchi )

2 weeks ago

This is Waldo. He is a gymnast. Perfecting his floor routine at the moment. 14/10 would love your feedback (follow @waldokuma )

3 weeks ago

We only rate dogs. This is clearly Jesus. Please send in dogs. It really isn’t complicated. Thank you... 13/10 ( @maui_thegoldenpup )

3 weeks ago

This is Jack. He found a way to get a belly rub AND make it down the stairs. 14/10 very innovative good job Jack

last month

‪This is Sasha. She used to be in charge of looking out this window. Decided to confront her replacement. 13/10 just wants to talk‬ (follow @sasha_theshepherd )

last month

This is Harley. She brought you this gift because she thinks you’re one in a melon. 13/10 that’s very clever Harley thank you ( @harleyandmay )

last month

I’ll be at Comic-Con this weekend signing card games and listening to you tell me all about your own good dogs. Come say hi! #SDCC ~ July 20th @ 2:30pm AA17 July 21st @ 10am AA17

last month

This is Harper. She found out she could stand in the lake behind her house. Now she teaches a water aerobics class every Monday morning. 14/10 ( @chubbychocolateharper )

last month

This is Shaye. She’s quite confused by all the questions. No idea what you’re ruffering to. 14/10 never seen a t-shirt in her life ( @furevershaye )

last month

This is Heidi. She’s having a very big day. Wanted to show you her latest accomplishment. 14/10 please tell her you’re proud ( @littleheidihotdog )

last month

This is Henrik and Aurora. In his long life Henrik has learned that the best friends come in all shapes and sizes. 14/10 for both. #SeniorPupSaturday ( @bird_on_dog )

last month

This is Fry. He’s been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer, in his front left leg. Amputation will give him a happy, pain-free final few years and he thinks he’ll do wonderfully on three legs. You can help him by clicking the link in our bio. 13/10 [EDIT: fully funded in 37 minutes]

last month

This is a very nice sand pile, but we only rate dogs. Please only send in dogs. Honestly it’s not complicated. Thank you... 12/10 ( @goldengirl_roxy )

last month

This is Ralph. He heard a firework. Not sure if the world is ending but if it is he wanted to be with you. 14/10 i love you Ralph ( @raphthelab )

last month

This is Marley and Max. They’re a little pupset #PrideMonth is coming to an end, but they need you to know they’ll never stop supporting you. Both 14/10 #PrideMonthPuppo

last month

This is Napa. Her favorite park is closed for renovations today. All the other parks just aren’t the same. 14/10 there’s always tomorrow sweetie (follow @napathegolden )

June 2019

This is Annie. She doesn’t mind hydrotherapy as long as “Walking On Sunshine” plays on repeat. 14/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

June 2019

This is Bodie. He’s been perfecting his Pride pose for weeks. Really hopes you like it. 14/10 it’s delightful Bodie (follow @hellobodie ) #pridemonthpuppo

June 2019

This is Astrid. She had a very long day at work training to be a guide dog and was wondering if maybe you could hold her for a bit. 13/10

June 2019

This is Moose. He has one frozen carrot snack every day while he watches his show. Keeps him a happy healthy boy. 13/10 (follow @moose the.berner )

June 2019

This is Parsnip. He’s the official sheriff of Pride. Forgot his badge at home. Hopes his hat is proof enough. 14/10 #PrideMonthPuppo (follow @parsnipthecorgi )

June 2019

This is Norman. He was just rescued. Heading home for the very first time. Going to do his best to rescue you now. 12/10 wonderful start

June 2019

‪This is Dallas. He’s practicing being scary. Narrowed it down to these three borks to use when protecting the household. 13/10 absolutely terrifying ‬(follow @samoyeddallas )

May 2019

We only rate dogs. Please don’t send in Bulbasaur. We’re not sure what to do with them. Thank you... 13/10

May 2019

‪This is Pluto. He’s strengthening his wag. Increasing his wiggle. Pupparing for maximum excitement. 14/10 please do not distract him‬ (follow @purelypluto )

May 2019

‪This is Toby. He shows his tongue and his new dog tag to everyone he drives by. Needs them to know he’s officially a 12/10‬. Certified dog tags on sale now 🤗 (thank you @tobythegentleman for being a wonderful model )

May 2019

This is Moosey. He did his best, but sometimes that’s not enough. Hopes you’re still proud of him. 14/10 please give him a boost (follow @moosethechocolatechunk )

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