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February 2019

IT IS NEVER TOO LATE. 🌟 My dad started to learn the #bagpipe with 50. - I want to own my own business by teaching myself and asking for help from others and educating myself. I want to change, I want to embrace the change. - What do you want to create in this LIFE, in YOUR life? - Stay strong, stay unique and #letyourinnerfireaspire 🔥

September 2018

This was in September . Now we have a lot of rain which doesn’t mean it is impossible to get great pictures. I am so looking forward to take on a new project and shoot more pictures with @wayfaring_strangers ☺️ She did already a great job here with shooting me without knowing me before. I really like her authentic shooting style 👍 #violinphotography #streetfotography #amsterdamphotographer

August 2018

What a nice day in the sun it was! Such a great weekend! I am so grateful to have @janice wong_ in my life for being such a great friend and sharing so much of my life 🙏 Tag your best friend in the comments too ! ☀️☀️☀️

June 2018

PERFORMING 🎭 Throwback 🎬 I loved to perform on this wedding here in @NewZealand a lot. It is still in my mind 💒💯 Great people, positive atmosphere, they even had vegan food for me 🍲 What is your best kept memory? 😊👍

May 2018

STARTING THE DAY RIGHT 👍 I just woke up and went outside in my pyjamas to watch the sunrise. It was so beautiful 😊🌞 It is a unique feeling waking up so early which I usually don't do but I realised that I get to see other sky formations I haben seen before 😍 Now I do the meditation of day 3 of the #riseupandshineuniversity from @lauramalinaseiler as I am repeating the course. 😊 Wish you all a great start into the weekend ❤️

May 2018

WANT TO BE FULFILLED? LIVE like this 👆👆 That's my new way how to live a fulfilled life. It is important to be cheeky sometimes and smart. Like a smart ass bitch 😎 In German is a saying for it: Du bist klein aber laut und du hast es faustdick hinter den Ohren! 😁

April 2018

WILD LOVE 🤔 Yes sometimes I hate so much which I love. It is the violin that I love so much but sometimes I can't stand it and find it hard to practice. It is this love hate relationship 🙈 Do you know this feeling when you love something so much that you also hate it so much in another second? 😂 #violingirltravelstheworld

April 2018

Practicing my creation of #saysomething from @justintimberlake and @chrisstapleton 🔉🔉 Which song should I learn after "Too good at goodbyes"? #popviolin #violinvideo

April 2018

I am testing the #huaweip10 at the moment and this picture was already saved on here. It is so beautiful and I didn't know they actually take pictures on violins and presave them on this phone. I like it so much and it is kept so natural, that's the reason for that I am posting this here right now 😍😍😍 Does anyone know how I can make the background look black on my pictures? (even if it is not in reality ) Thank you and enjoy this beautiful day ❤️ #photographeradvice #violinpicture

April 2018

ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPH? 🤔🤔😊 preferably in German/Luxembourg area atm😊 I am looking for someone who is professional at shooting pictures and capturing music videos. Let me know asap via DM 👇👇

April 2018

COINCIDENCE OR MEETING FOR A REASON ? 🤔 Can you imagine that you meet someone that you met the very first time on the other side of the world (in #newzealand ) and you meet this person in your home country in #germany 🇩🇪 all of a sudden when you perform music.🙈🙈 And she just recognised me because of the music I played. That's what I call a real compliment 😊 Tell me about your experience when you last met someone all of a sudden who you never expected to be where you are 👇👇 NEWS: I am working on new songs at the moment and want you to decide which ones I should learn 😉 @sam_co_co already suggested: "Too good at goodbyes" 😍 What else? 👉 send me a DM

April 2018

I feel like that most of it leads to a happier life. It is not easy though to avoid all these points. On the other side, I was happy when I read this on @tonyrobbins page that I fulfill almost all points. Of course we cannot fully meet all points all the time but we can give our very best every single day when we observe ourselves and put our attention on ourselves while we journey through the day. Which point do you find the easiest to realise through your daily life? Let your inner fire aspire ❤

August 2018

What a pleasure it was to perform the violin again on a sunny day without the need to wear a jacket. We haven't had this weather in a while here in Luxembourg 🙈 Now I am performing in Cologne 😍 if you see me say hello or tag me 😊😉 Enjoy the warm temperature 👐👐💃💃 #letyourinnerflaimgain #modernmusic #subemelaradio

March 2018

PROGRESS 💃 since the last 5 months. Now I am working out my arms and shoulders more, too. I want to get that muscle strength to be able to do more pull ups. ✌ what are your aims for the next months ahead? And which are the aims you sticked to which you set yourself for this year ? 🍀

March 2018

A little reminder to you! Thanks @lauramalinaseiler for sharing this 👏 ! It doesn't matter how many pictures of people you see on Instagram "looking better than you" , "have more muscles than you", "have a nicer skin colour than you". Most of them are photoshopped anyway. Don't believe everything thar is on the Internet. Believe only yourself 💕

March 2018

MISSING SUMMER 💦 Throwback to when I was performing my music in summer in Luxembourg. I still remember when @taranehshadman photography took the pictures on the streets and everyone around us was watching that I walked bare feet. 😁💃 The best feeling ever, just walk bare feet to connect to the ground/the earth even better! At the moment I am creating more music. My favourite song is "Say Something" from @justintimberlake and @chrisstapleton which I am transforming into a violin cover at the moment. 🎶💃 What do you like most about summer? 💦

March 2018

GAINS THROUGH BREAKS 😊 Today is headstand day! Sometimes we find out that breaks make us even stronger ❤❤ I haven't practiced this exercise for a while as the floor is so hard in my room. This Calisthenics ground was perfect for that as the little rocks were very soft to the body and neck when you roll over. 👐 Safety first🤸‍♀️✅

March 2018

BEWARE OF NEGATIVE ENERGY 👐 Einstein already knew that the influence of negative people will cause more damage than any good to you. So beware with what people you spend time with, we always adapt unconsciously to their behaviours so we might end up adapting the negativity, too. Just a little reminder ✌

March 2018

GOING OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! 🙈 ⠀ I can't wait to go busking again. Since I haven't done it in a while and the weather starts to slowly get warmer I can't wait to get out of my comfort zone again and share my music and love with other people. 🎶💕 When was it your last time you were going out of your comfort zone? Was it on your own or with someone together?🤔

March 2018

GETTING FIT! 💪 That's how my workout looked like to build the foundation of my ABS. It also helpes glutes and legs and especially to strengthen the core. I love it and can't want to progress more on my fitness journey. At the start I thought that these moves are boring and super easy. Give it a try and you will find out it is not! (At least not for a beginner as I was 🙈 ) Enjoy your day! 🤸‍♂️ And let your inner fire aspire 💕

March 2018

TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!💪 Every day we have to take decisions about how we want to dress, when we want to eat, with which nutrients we nourish our bodies, who we want to have as friends, where we want to work.... you see the list goes on. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Sometimes I am not aware of that and I like to get advices for where to study, what nutrients are good for my body,... BUT in the end it is me who decides and takes action towards it. I always decide if I am going to implement the advice I get from a friend/relative/loved one or not. ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Be aware that you have the power to decide about all these aspects. If you let someone else take over all these decisions for you you obviously have no power over your life anymore. If you take action towards an advice every now and then, that's totally good! As it is inportant to get different views of different people. But think about that the life decisions you take are the ones because you want to take them and nobody else! ✅ Let your inner flame gain 😘

March 2018

DO YOU FEEL THE FLOW? 🤸‍♀️ I am in the flow of music again 💕It feels so good to play the violin after I had a break and also taught myself the guitar. Here, enjoy my cover of " Havana" by @camila_cabello and @youngthug 🎶🎶🎙 #havanaviolincover #havana

March 2018

On a beautiful day like this there is headstand training a to do to practice it outside and not inside. I feel in the nature I can concentrate better and focus on my posture than inside a room where I get distracted easily. How is it for you, are you better at sports outside than inside a room or a hall or gym? 😍😍😍 Let me know in the comments 👇

March 2018

HOW DO YOU SEE THE WORLD? 🌅 Hello you 😉 can I get your attention for 4 seconds? Yes you, just for a short time. I want you to describe that background colour of the top of the picture to me in two words in the comments. Maybe you see the background of this picture in a different blue than I see it. 🤔 Maybe you even see two colours, dark white and dark blue. Or maybe you see a light white and a dark blue or the other way round. You see what I mean. We all are unique and that's why we see the world with different eyes, in different states of consciousness. 🌅 Remember that when you don't understand when you are arguing with a friend or a loved one about something you don't see as important as your loved one. Maybe she/he values it more and that's why she/he sees it with different eyes as she/he is thinking about it differently as it comes from his way how he was brought up. Maybe she/he adapted this thinking pattern from parents or the direct environment. I so excited to announce that I am going to publish my first podcast soon. Everyone who is interested to know where please send me a DM 🌷😘 Let your inner flame gain 😙

March 2018

This is the time when I was young and didn't know anything really about life. How to live life to the fullest and how to be independent and how to create my life after the ways I wanted to create it and not letting it be created by others. Then I went traveling to heal myself. 🍀

February 2018

I am pretty happy to be back in the flow of my body stretching and yoga practices, especially my headstand practice. It feels so good to slowly gain strength again💪. Next aim is to hold my handstand for longer and be able to go into it with legs as scissors. 😋 Do you have recommendations on how to get there with practice, what are your handstand advices? 🤗💪😙 Lots of love and light to you all 🌅 To all the people that think that they are not good enough: Always remember to appreciate what you have! As long as you have a body that's working, that's all you need in order to lead a grateful life. It doesn't even matter how your body looks like, as long as you can stand on feet and walk on them that's already a big gift. Not a lot of people can still use their bodies in this way, nevertheless do sports or stretches (old people, sick and disabled humans ). Your body is a gift, it is a temple, treat it as such, treasure it 🙃✌

February 2018

It is easy to compare our live with the life of others when we look on Instagram or facebook and see what other people have already achieved. It is easy to fall back into old patterns and think that we are "not good enough". We feel guilty then and think we have to copy them and be as good as they are.🙈 OR: we see other people's life as motivation for our life to see what is still possible and to what extent we can set our goals. We use their lives to inspire ours and do not copy them but learn from them! 💪 When was it the last time you defined your own success and what did it mean to you, to have success? Let me know in the comments below 🤗👇 Let your inner flame gain 🌅

February 2018

If you can master to eat the same everyday then you can master anything else in life, too! Let's assume you want to live your dream and open up your online business. You know that it requires a lot of effort and discipline which you haven't gained yet. You think it is impossible. 🙈 Then I give you one life changing advice: start to eat Mexican food everyday for one month! You have mastered that? Great! Everything else in life you want to change is similar. Change the habits and stick to them for one month. Then it becomes automated and you will naturally eat it and not think about it anymore. What methods do you use in order to stick to a new routine? Let your inner flame gain! 💖 Recipe for all that want to give this deliciousness a go: 💫 255gr red kidney beans 💫 100gr mushrooms 💫 100gr peas 💫 1tblsp balsamico vinegar 💫 1tblsp white vinegar 💫 100gr iceberg salad 💫 50gr red and yellow capsicum 💫 50gr mais corn chips

February 2018

Valentine's day doesn't only mean to love one person but to love everything in your life! 🤙💖 Remember: the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself 🤗😘 Gift yourself with flowers! Love and light, Josefine 📸 @fit_kess57calisthenics 😘

February 2018

I didn't expect it to work. But hey it happens when we don't expect it. I got to do the handstand 😍😍😍 Finally. What are you proud of yourself? Let me know in the comments 🤗🤗🤗 #handstanding #sportsgirls #workoutmotivation #nopainnogainz #travelgirldiary #fitgerman #squatbooty

February 2018

When was it when you had a lot if fun recently? 😁😁 Which was the moment you can remember instantly where you just enjoyed the moment by yourself and you didn't need people to make you laugh but where you made yourself laugh and just happy in the moment? 😊 I am having a lot of fun recording my new music video 🤣. I realize though that I always like to be "perfect" and I never agreed with the recordings before. Finally this video is good for me. It is an inner conflict I am still working on. Your suggestions for overcoming this inner conflict? 🤔 Let me know in the comments 👇 Have a wonderful start into the weekend! Let your inner flame gain 😚 #violingirl #violingirltravelstheworld #modernmusic #learningbydoing #violinqueen #violinbow #violinlover #violinkey #erfüllung #passion #violinlife #robertmendozafan #échamelaculpa #violincover

February 2018

This funny picture was taken by @kess57calisthenics in Cannes when I manifested to go to somewhere warm and sunny for New Year's Eve. 🤗 It happened indeed exactly how I wanted it to be. 🙈⠀ Do you know this feeling when you picture it out in your mind how you want to feel and where you want to see yourself? Whether this is for a certain event or for a day in the future, it doesn't matter. Important is that you really want to make something happen in your life that means the world to you.❤❤😊 You visualise it, then every day you say it to yourself until it becomes very important to you. You will find out that it will manifest itself from the mental world into the physical world. There is just no other way for this wish to realise itself as you put already so much effort and energy into it.✌ Give it a go!💪⠀ I feel in the picture like Angelina Jolie in the movie "Mr and Mrs Smith". 😂😂⠀ For me, this is a start for a lot of exciting projects and I will put all my energy and soul into transforming my ideas into reality. It is mainly for all the supporters here and the beautiful souls connecting with me on this platform. ⠀ Enjoy your weekend.⠀ You deserve it!⠀ ⠀ Let your inner flame gain 💗 . . . . . . . #adventureon #positiveliving #lovewhatyoudodowhatyoulove #newperspective #connecttonature #backtotheroots #justdoit #smilebig #inspirationstyle #positivdenken #knowyourworth #workhardplayhard #strongfit #violingirltravelstheworld

January 2018

Recently I have asked myself how open minded we need to be in this fast paced world nowadays. ⠀⠀ New trends are coming up so fast and lifestyles are changing super quickly, too. 😶⠀⠀ It is crucial to be able to adapt to new changes and situations and people fast.⠀⠀ I realized that we all live in our own bubble and perceive the world as we see it through our own filters of judgement, experiences, traumas...⠀⠀ When talking to people I find out that it actually takes a lot of effort from someone in order to be open minded for new change and in order to adapt to it. Moreover, it takes courage from a person in order to listen and process the information carefully before answering in an aggressive way if they are not in the same opinion as you are. ⠀⠀ I learnt that not everyone is as colorful as I am. I am open to same- sex marriage, to religions of any kind, people of any belief systems, love of any kind, people that eat meat (even that I am vegan ). I love to get to understand different ways of living and how people live and love their life. ⠀⠀ I hope you too, are colorful and open to different lifestyles than your own. It opens up another world, another dimension for you and the other person! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Be brave and be colorful ! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Let your inner flame gain,⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Have a beautiful evening! ✌⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Love and light,⠀⠀ Josefine

January 2018

YES, YES, YES, ⠀⠀⠀ Look after yourself first and spend time with yourself and then help other people! ; )⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ Let your inner flame gain 💗💪 Have a great start into the weekend 😊

January 2018

Every second 1 thousand animals are killed in this world. It is sad but the truth. This is mainly because of the meat industry and the wasteful killing of animals without realising the decline of demand. ⠀ ⠀ Please do something good for animals at least when you are thinking to have a pet. Look if you can help an animal's home by simply adopting an animal from there and gift them a new home where they can live free and happy together with you. Don't support the breeders as there are so many dogs that are already born that urgently need a home. ⠀ Show that your heart is at the right place <3⠀ ⠀ Have a beautiful evening and let your inner flame gain! ⠀ ⠀ Warm hugs, ⠀ Josefine

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