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2 weeks ago

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last month

i love this photo

last month

jenna, i need a haircut again

April 2019

south america was incredible. mexico, here we come.

February 2019

::;,.from the levitate shoot in Ukraine,.,;

February 2019

we decided that if we ever did a podcast we would name it “Togg and Jog”. mine spelled with two g’s because i’m the lead singer. photo: @bradheaton

January 2019

body hair update 2019: i shaved my legs for a music video. found a new respect and appreciation for anyone who does this routinely. Ned didn’t like it. it’ll grow back bro, chill

December 2018

a couple of body hair related updates for you guys: 1. i tried to start a mustache christmas tradition and my family didn’t even notice. and i’m going to hold off until 2019 to announce the second one

December 2018

portablestudio rig in adelaide, au. travel around with everything in this photo, including lamp and hardline telephone. also two glass cups with paper covers on top in case i get parched. photo editing/filter management: @tylerrjoseph

November 2018

forcing the (eye )holes to look like we didn’t just wake up right before interviews

October 2018


October 2018

TRENCH||-// out now:: tell some people you know, if you can. and if you already spread the news, thank you my fren::josh was up all night calling everyone in his contacts.

September 2018

my home.don’t want to tell you i’ve been working hard, i want to show you what i’ve been working on. TRENCH||-//new album, oct5ish

September 2018

Fuz, my grandfather, went to the mall and got this. first of the new stuff i’d seen in person. step thrøugh or step øff.

August 2018


April 2017

i've learned a lot from this guy and he never even knew it. first time meeting him and we seamlessly rolled in to a discussion about in-ear monitors, floor wedges, and mic stand preferences. this was the best photo we got. the other ones we had our heads really close together for some reason. like, almost touching. i don't know why we did that.

April 2017

^/\{•;;•}/\^ whisperer

April 2017

boy got my back

March 2017

happy second birthday to our marriage, wife. i love you.

February 2017

and to you. happy Valentine's Day. lets all date.

February 2017

happy Valentine's Day to jijushwa. it's plausible that his feet hurt in his dress shoes all day. but it's possible he felt like his feet were wrapped in doves.

February 2017

i knew i had the prettiest girl in the room. happy Valentine's Day love.

January 2017

:.:my boy at my back waiting for anyone to attack:.:

January 2017


January 2017

this tour is important to me

December 2016

messy high bun til we die, hun.

December 2016


December 2016


November 2016


November 2016

•moscow •st.petersburg •helsinki •stockholm •oslo •coppenhagen •hamburg •berlin •warsaw •prague •vienna •milan •munich •düsseldorf •london •amsterdam •brussels •and tomorrow paris:: sick tour__

November 2016

being sick in europe is sick

October 2016

last night i reconnected with my long time friend who created this album cover for me seven some years ago. he's never cared about taking credit for it, but you should know. his name is @john_rettstatt and he's a talented bugger.

August 2016

i will never forget this tour. the first installment of the emøtiønal røadshow will forever be a part of who i am as an artist, a friend, a performer, a fan. you guys know how to put on a show. so if you watched from a distance, checked in online or helped hold us up in the pit: thank you. because we are "famous" now we have to do all kinds of interviews with random people but the thing that those people always ask us about is you guys. it's my favorite type of question because i love to brag about you. i know i may have been distant online recently but i can only take that kind of break to focus on doing shows because i know you guys always hold it down, keep the fire burning, keep tending to that flame. if you guys continue to look out for each other, support each other's art, and stay together you'll be unstoppable. and the distance is just a season. more shows to come, more songs to write. only for you guys. |-/

July 2016

photo: @bradheaton

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