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3 days ago

Stay focus! #focus #bombfr

4 weeks ago

Might delete later🥶 #bombfr

5 weeks ago

They kno who you is, but only talk bout who you was‼️🤦🏽‍♂️

May 2019

Who jus hit my line 📲🤨

May 2019

A lifestyle☀️

May 2019

Let’s talk about business 📈 #ootd

April 2019

I still love the people I have loved even if I cross the street to avoid them🥀

April 2019

I live life in moments

March 2019

That szn comin🌞🏝

March 2019

I get asked a good bit bout what motivates me... What makes me do the things I do and why I operate the way I do? What gets me outta bed? Etc... And it’s the fear of failure. The fear of not accomplishing my goals. Not reaching my potential and not doin the things that ik I’m capable of doin. That fear and that doubt is what wakes me up and makes me try to go balls to the wall every freaking day. What makes me try to win every single day. I’m a very black and white individual. I say what’s on my mind and I’ve no filter and if I set my mind on somethin, then I have to get it done. One way or another it will get done. So I set a goal, try my best to accomplish it, then do it all over again. I operate on day to day schedule and try to win each day. If I try my damndest to win today and make the most outta today, then that fears goes away and I’ve won. I’m not worried bout tomorrow or next week because Ik I’ll be able to handle those when that time comes. And everyday won’t be perfect and everything won’t always go my way, but there’s always things that I can control that I can make sure that I win. Bcuz it’s never lack of vision that holds us back from reaching our maximum potential, but rather a lack of execution. So how do I execute? I just try to win. Every freaking day. *excuse the dirty mirror* #motivationalquotes #dedication

March 2019

Naw I can't slip nor I can't fumble, gotta stick and move🐍