Natasha Dorothy🇹🇿🇹🇿 @tasha_mamori

Jesus is lv❤ Gemini🌸 Workin to build myself into a better person 🌸 Dreams can be true If only u can believe😍

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August 2018

So how to vote ..unaenda Kwa their Instagram page @missafricaindia then Una like that's the voting ilivo now ❤❤lovers...

June 2017

To the new age😍😍 Today i wanna thank God for his wonderfull grace n lv towards me God i wanna thank u for the age that i have turn .... I wanna tank my beautifull mama. Who beared me for ol the months n years ..i wanna thank God ,my mama ,dad n listly my family 😍n the nigga who holds my back ya my life babe😂😂i mean Jesus

May 2017


March 2017

Shout out to my ssy @nad 's_care for teachin me how to do my makeup routine .follow her page @nad 's for the best makeup session even if she does it practically

September 2016

Her 😍n I when boredom strikes us two mom I lv u 😧

June 2016

Her smile makes me face ol de hardship 😊 family goals 😊 my selfie doll I lv u

June 2016

From a kido wa st Mary's to a young lady who wants to pursue her dreams happy bday to me lord I tank u for yah transformation

June 2016

Countin few hours to my bday😊😊😊😊

May 2016

Mtu na aunt ake much luv to u😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

December 2015

Ma family am olways tank full To God Almighty dat I gat u in my lyf mama n Ssy Lv u