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6 hours ago

Deep in the soul... The fog has just begun to wrap the mount FitzRoy during the last bright lights of the evening.. Cross the swamps with water up to the knees, go into the wild forest, walk on the mountain to find the spot to take the picture, listen to your soul to find the perfect view... Deep in the soul, like a dream, or a nightmare.... Enjoy the vision... 🌩️ - For private workshop or info contact me! ▪️Photo take with tripod @fotoproitalia ▪️Worked on monitor @inspiration_by_benq @earthofficial @planet_earth_shots @artofvisuals @splendid_shotz @capturelandscapes @shotzdelight @gameofthrones @ig_shotz_sunset @landscapephotomag @sunset visione @cloudzdelight @ig_myshots @artofvisuals @justinbieber @tracyleephotos @main_vision @bns_mountains @ig_color @globalcapture @ig_nightphotography @awesomeglobe @earthofficial @master_shots @bns_earth @ig_photogramers @worldbestshot @globeshotz @magic_shots @earth_shotz @longexposure_shotz @worldprime @longexposure_shots


"Il ponte Gobbo" • Inizio così il mio portfolio con questa foto che risale al 2017 quando ero appena entrato in contatto con la fotografia di paesaggio. • 📷: #nikond90 (3 s, f/7.1 )


Cute baby. Life is beautiful and in stages. Learning the sitting position. #unique_koncepts #unique_koncept #unique_shots

2 days ago

Q: Will you start being yourself? It’s often very easy to look at someone else and see what they have whether that be physically, mentally or characteristically because we as human beings have used this survival technique since we first came about. As mammals, we are not born with survival skills, so we learn from observing. However, we no longer need to do this, we have all the necessary skills to survival, available to us in the modern era. 🔎 But this innate instinct to look for what we want still remains a strong subconscious focus. But changing our mindset, you are able to override this and realise that you have the capabilities of doing whatever you want in your life. Don’t waste your time or energy on being envious of what others have, because what they don’t have, is what you have. 💪 No matter how much someone may want to be like you, they will never be you because you are unique! There is only one you in this world and when you realise that you are special, you will begin to appreciate every little detail about you because you are the only person in this world who is exactly like you. No matter how much someone tries to be like you, they will never achieve what you have already achieved. 👣 So stop focusing on trying to be like someone else and start being you. Think what you want to think, do what you want to do. Because ultimately, only you know what you truly want in this life so don’t let anyone else decide that for you. 🧠 Tags (ignore ) #youaredivine #uniquelighting #mindsetmotivation #selfhelptools #mentalhealthfirstaid #mentalhealthproblems #unique_shots #mindsetempreendedor #selfhelptips #mentalhealthnurse #mentalhealthcounselor #depressionvideo #motivationalmoment #inspirationalbooks #homeimprovementprojects #lifeimprovement #unlearnandrelearn #learneveryday #learnsomething #inspirationalsayings #motivationalspeeches #continuousimprovement #roomforimprovement #vinesthatcuremydepression #overcomingdepression #motivationalfriday #alwaysroomforimprovement #mindthestairs

2 days ago

Parco Rurale di Teno, agosto 2019.

3 days ago

“Smell the roses. Smell the coffee. Whatever it is that makes you happy.” ~ Rita Moreno

3 days ago

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” ― Anna Wintour Buatlah gayamu sendiri dan jadi unik! #art #artist #artwork #drawing #instaart #illustration #arte #sketch #artsy #painting #unique #handmade #fashion #uniquedesign #unique_shots #instagood #ig_india

3 days ago

Parco nazionale di Garajonay, agosto 2019.

3 days ago

“There is nothing more exciting than turning a corner while traveling and finding something riveting.” ~ M. Karsten

4 days ago

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