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Tom x Noah - 🥵 - @tomholland2013 @noahschnapp - I love tom and Noah so much they need to meet one day 💝 - if anyone ever needs to talk remember that i’m here and i love you 💖 my dms are always open 💛 - this is a remake of @wvlfhvrd ‘s edit (but Tom and Noah instead of Finn and Sadie ) - please like this and share it on your stories it would mean so much to me 💗 i put a lot of time and effort into my edits - dt: tagged ac: @wvlfhvrd #quacksonsociety #quacksonsocietygrp

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#spiderman FFH tartışmasız en iyi sahnesi olabilir. Film: Spiderman Far From Home (2019 ) Daha fazlası için takip edin: @chillvasregal #spidermanfans #jakegyllenhaal

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A Dream Come True Pt. 21 Y/N POV I smile to myself and set my phone down. It's finally happening. I'm actually going to be recognized as an actor. Now I really can't blow it. My eyelids get heavier and I pull the covers over me. I'll talk to Luke about it tomorrow.... **** I pull a brush through my hair trying to make myself look presentable. I'm wearing jeans and a hoodie because it's fairly cool outside. The red glowing numbers on the clock tell me it's 9:13. Luke and I planned to meet in the lobby at 9:30 so I'm right on time. I grab my wallet and phone before walking out into the hallway. A man with a suit and tie rolls his bag in the opposite direction I'm walking. A family of 5 comes out of the elevator loudly, and I step aside to wait. When I get into the elevator I lean against the cool wall. Thoughts poured through my mind. Will anybody recognize me? What will Luke say? I wonder if Tom will recognize me from the picture... The elevator bell dinged and I hurried out my mind side tracking to picture Tom's face smiling back at me. My heart flutter at the thought but I shook my head bringing myself back to the real world. I sit down on a chair and wait for Luke looking around the lobby. It's super modern, but almost full feeling with all the grey and white. ?: "Y/n?" I turn around at the sound of a familiar voice. Me: "Jenna? What are you doing here" She runs up and hugs me. Behind her I see a tired looking Luke. I look at him questioningly. J: "I'm playing your best friend in the movie. Didn't your hear?" Me: "I didn't. That's awesome!" J: "I know. I'm super happy I get to work with you for 10 months!" She squeezes me again and I gag a little. Luke comes up and runs his hand through his hair. L: "So...should we go?" J: "Oh yes! Y/n hasn't been here before. We have to show her everything!" Grabbing my hand, she pulls me away. I guess I'll have to talk to Luke later. TBC❤️ I feel like this story is kind of flopping, but I'll try to make it better. Have a wonderful day/night! { #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandstories #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandxreader #thomasstanleyholland #tomhollanders #hollanders #hollanderfanfic #tomhollandcute }


🥀Part 13🥀 “Holy crap!” Is all I manage to say as I look in awe at our own little apartment in the hotel. It has three bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a whole bathroom and a half bath. The view from the balcony is absolutely incredible as the night lights from the city shine through the deep darkness. “Gorgeous, isn’t it?” I look over to see Tom lean on the railing next to me. I can smell the champaign on his lips as he looks to me with a soft smile. “It is. It seems as if you’ve already had your celebration.” I say with a small chuckle and a little laugh escapes his lips. “Maybe.” He says with a teasing smirk as he nudges my shoulder gently. “Where’s Haz?” I ask as I look through the glass doors of the balcony. “He went to the store to get some things.” Tom says with a small shrug. I give a little nod before looking back towards the sparkling lights of the city. “Y/n, can I tell you something?” He asks as his words slightly slur together. I look to him with a confused tilt of my head. “Should this be something you tell me when you’re sober?” I ask with a soft smile. Before he says anything, his strong arm grips my waist as he pulls me close. My heart starts to have triple beats as I feel his breath against my neck. “T-Tom, what are you doing?” I stutter as I look into those drunken, chocolate eyes. “I’ve never wanted to just be your friend, y/n.” He says in a soft whisper as a small smile plays on his lips. “What?” I ask in shock as his arm wraps further around my waist. “All those pictures, all of the rumors, I wanted them to be true.” For a minute he sounds sincere, but I know better than to think this isn’t just drunken talk. “Tom, maybe you should get some water.” I suggest as I try to pull away. “You never felt the same? That we were supposed to be more?” He questions with saddened eyes. “Maybe we should talk about this later?” I say as I pull away from him and he’s left with a shocked look, an ashamed look. “I-I’m sorry. Uh, yeah maybe.” He says as it seems that some sense has been knocked into him. I take a deep sigh before I place a hand on his cheek. “Sleep well, and clear your head.” I say with a small smile, placing a kiss on his cheek. (CIC )

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🥀Part 12🥀 A soft tremble, a gentle light against the darkness of the sleeping world. My eyes flicker against these signs of the plane beginning to land on American soil. I bring up a sleepy hand to my eyes, rubbing them with a soft motion as everything slowly becomes clearer. I look to my right to see Harrison through a good chunk of his book. “Morning.” He says with a soft chuckle as I look to see how long I’ve been asleep. Five hours of my eight hour trip in the air has been spent just by my exhaustion. “Morning.” I reply, my voice croaking and cracking as I still try to fully wake up. I look to my left as Tom is smiling softly to himself, I look down to see he is smiling down at a book laid open in his lap. I squint slightly and narrow my eyes as they focus on my songbook. My heart suddenly starts to beat faster and faster as I am shaken awake. I quickly snatch the journal from his grasp and pull it close. He looks to me with sad, chocolate eyes. “Why?” He asks simply with a dramatic and childish pout of his lip. “You know how sensitive I am about my writing.” I say as I tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear, it sticking out in a stubborn way from sleep. “I’ll just have to wait until I hear it on the radio then.” He says as he gives me a failed attempt at a wink. I hold in my laughter as a sputter of a chuckle escapes through my sealed lips. “Please stay seated as we land.” The pilot’s voice is heard from that muffled speaker. I start getting my things together as I lean over my seatbelt, putting my songbook back in my carry-on bag. “You barely enjoyed the first class!” Haz nudges me with a friendly smirk as the plane starts to descend. As a reaction, my body tenses as my stomach does flips. I grab onto my best friends’ arms as I think of curling up into a protective ball while I’m stuck sitting still. They both share a soft chuckle before saying in unison, “you’re going to have to get used to it.” I roll my eyes as I’m still waiting for my stomach to be put back in it’s proper place. Suddenly, we touch the ground, causing me to lean further back in my seat. (CIC )

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Mini rant time woo! Some people in this fandom need to leave Toms personal life alone, I know we are all dedicated in supporting Tom but we know how he feels about being in tabloids, if a picture of him with anyone comes out we should not repost it or comment rude shit about it okay rant over love y’all • • • • • • (Tags ignore )- #tom #holland #hollander #hollanders #tomholland #tomhollanders #tomhollander #tomhollandedits #tomhollandedit #tomhollandfans #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandcute #tomhollandfunny #tomhollandhot #tomhollandtextpost #tomhollandtexts #tomhollandfanpage

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🥀Part 11🥀 “Fasten your seatbelts, please!” The pilot’s voice calls in a bored, monotoned voice over the intercom. As we are getting closer and closer to flying into the air, the butterflies begin to swarm in my stomach. As I’m sitting in between Haz and Tom, they both reach their hands out to me. With shaking fingers, I grab onto both of them with a weak and scared smile. It’s weird feeling how they hold my hands differently. Harrison gives my hand a soft squeeze as a sign that I can hold onto him as tight as I want. While Tom rubs his thumb on the back of my hand in a comforting way that sends a soft chill up my spine. The plane begins to rumble and I immediately tense up. Haz holds my hand tighter while Tom brings it up to his lips, pressing his lips to it softly and holding it close to his chest. Why does this soft gesture send my heart into flutters? Tom and I have been best friends for practically our whole lives, but there was a short period of time where I thought it was more. That faded as quickly as it came, though, as I could not imagine us being together. But this touch, why does it feel different than all the others? I can’t even feel the nerves from being flown into the air, but there are different butterflies swarming in my stomach. I keep my eyes forward, but I see Haz looking at me with his deep blue eyes. What the hell is going on? Reluctantly, they both move their hands away and I can feel their fingertips gently rubbing against mine. As I look down into my lap, they go about their day. Tom starts to put in headphones so he can watch a movie while Harrison pulls out a book. “Are you okay?” Haz asks as he looks up from reading. I look over and let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. “Yeah, why?” I ask as my body begins to relax. “You just seemed very tense.” He gives me a tilt of his head as he rests a hand on my arm. “Just nerves I guess.” I give a small shrug and a smile. He simply nods as he turns back to his book, pulling his hand away. Okay, y/n, whatever is going on, it’s all in your head. I take a deep sigh before trying to just relax and the perfect idea comes into mind. (CIC )

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Look sat me finally posting!! Gwen’s pov When Dr strange told me my universe had been destroyed, I collapsed. My whole life was there. My family, my friends, my memories. How could I ever replace that? My knees buckled under me and I fell to the floor with tears falling down my face. Peter bent down to hold me and calm me down. At lease I have him right? “I’m gonna take her back to my place” peter said. He helped me up and then guided me out the door. His apartment isn’t far so we just walked back. He unlocked the door and let us in. There was a very pretty woman sitting on the couch looking frustrated. I assumed it was Peters mom. “Where the hell have you been peter!” She exclaimed. Then her eyes met mine, seeing the tear stains on my checks, her face softened. “Oh my god are you ok? Peter who’s this girl? What’s going on?” She asked so many questions, And I don’t blame her for doing so. I mean there’s a strange girl crying in her living room. “May, can we talk” peter said. She nodded and we sat on the couch. Peter and I did our best to explain everything. I was holding back tears as I talked about the events that had taken place over the past couple of days. And she just listened and didn’t ask questions or interrupt. When we finished she smiled warmly. “Your welcome to stay here with us. I’m sure peter won’t mind sharing his bunk bed with you.” She said looking over at him. “Why don’t you go get some rest and tomorrow we’ll go shopping to get you some cloths.” She said. I nodded unable to control my smile. Peter and I went to his room to go to sleep. Peter went to get me a blanket and pillow. I bumped into him when he came back into the room, making him drop the blanket and pillow. We both bent down to pick it up, and out hands touched. “Oh sorry” we both said and then laughed. We stood up and were standing really close to each other. We looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before his lips crashed into mine. (Btw sorry this is so cheesy and cliche 😂 ) he pulled me closer to him and I ran my fingers through his hair. It was magical is all I can say about it... (sorry I’m running out of room to be continued in the next part )

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new teskskskt poskskskt and I oop- 🤭 *trying to be a VSCO girl* : : » 🧚🏻‍♀️:: follow me for more and see you soon : » 🌷:: you can vote on my story for the best MCU movie 2019 : : » 🐉 :: mood :: 🥺😌 » 🌻 :: weather :: sunny 🌞 : » 🔥 :: is that you @dream_vintage ????? : : : : » 🌸 :: hashtags :: #tomhollandedits #tomhollandfans #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandfanfic #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandfanfiction #tomhollandimagine #fanfic #tomhollandtextpost #textpost #tomholland2013 #tomhollandcute #tomhollandhot #tomhollandlove #tomhollandfunny #tomholland2013 #tomholland1996 #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfanpage #fanpage #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollandspidey #tomhollandpictures #spiderman #spidermanfans #tomhollandisbae #imagines

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🥀Part 10🥀 I look over with a soft giggle as Tom and Haz are acting like little boys as we wait for our gate to open. “What are you doing?” I ask through a laugh. Tom looks at me with a serious face. “Harrison gave me the wrong coffee.” He says with a pouting lip. I hold in my laughter as I look over at Haz who has his arms crossed across his chest. “He told me the wrong thing.” He says as he tries to seem in the right as I can see the childish play behind both of their eyes. “How old are you?” I ask as I nudge Tom who is sitting next to me. “Five and a half.” He says with a small smirk forming on his lips. We all laugh quietly as I lean my head on his shoulder with tired eyes. “How long until we get on the plane?” I ask like a little kid asking if we’re there yet after five minutes. “About twenty minutes.” Tom says softly as I feel as if I’m going to drift off into sleep. “How late were you up last night?” He asks as Haz goes to use the loo one last time. “Two in the morning.” I say with a small shrug, keeping my head securely on his shoulder. “What did I tell you about your sleep?” He asks and I can feel his chest rise up and then fall with a sigh. I just give a small giggle as I close my eyes. “You know you love me.” I say with a small smirk. “That I do.” He says as he places a friendly kiss on top of my head. I can hear faint awing and I look up to see some people looking at us. “We’re really just asking for it at this point.” I say as I lift up my head. “Man, people are relentless.” Tom let’s out a soft chuckle before two girls come over with shy smiles. “C-can we get your autographs?” They ask as they each hand out a small piece of paper. I wait for Tom to take them, but them I realize that they are stretching their hand out to me. “Me?” I ask with shocked eyes. They both nod with wide smiles. “We saw your video on Instagram, you’re amazing!” They exclaim as they begin to gain more confidence. I give them a soft smile as I sign their little pieces of paper before they turn to get Tom’s. “Thank you! You two are so cute by the way.” They say as they turn away from us. (CIC )

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Привет с вами сумасшедшая 😮 . Новое видео 💥 . Он такой клёвый в етом образе💞 . Надеюмь видео зайдёт🌠 . Извените что так долго не выкладывала🙏 . Надеюсь на вашу поддержку💓 . #btsworld #bts #bts好きな人と繋がりたい #btsmemes #btsfanart #armyxbts #btsfunny #lovebts #btsimagines #btsmerch #btsart #fanfics #btsfanfic #btsfanfiction #corbynbessonfanfic #tomhollandfanfics #dtsp #фанфикbts #

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🥀Part 9🥀 “Let’s go!” Tom’s voice exclaims from down my house’s flight of stairs. Nerves flood through my veins as I grab my many, many bags. “Maybe I would go a bit faster if I had some help!” I shout back and I can hear his soft chuckle from the distance. “Coming, Princess.” I can hear the smile in his voice as he calls me his usual nickname. I can make out each footstep on the creaky old stairs as he makes his way up to my room. He leans his body against the doorframe gently and his eyes lands on my two suitcases and backpack. His chocolate brown eyes roll playfully as a smirk forms on his lips. “Here.” He says as he takes one of the suitcases and he grips my backpack on his shoulder. “Now let’s get a move on, Haz is waiting in the car. You know how impatient he is.” We both let out soft laughs as we quickly go down the stairs as to not keep his royal highness waiting. I grip onto my guitar case with a soft smile as I’m starting to feel unsure of my emotions. Saying goodbye to my family earlier today was harder than I thought it was going to be. I knew, though, that I could just call them everyday and that I’d be back home before I knew it. Tom opens the door and begins his way towards the trunk to put my stuff in there. As I go to the close my front door behind me, I can’t help but look back into my family home. It’s not like I’m leaving forever, but right now it feels like I am. I close the red door and I leave my key under the mat. In New York, we’ll have our own apartment near the studio in the middle of the city. We’ll spend at least two weeks there, but if my single gets enough traction, I may spend more time to record more songs. I climb into the back of Tom’s car as my bags are put into the back along with his and Haz’s. “Took you long enough!” Haz complains as he sits up in his seat. Tom and I lock eyes and we hold in our laughter as we remember how we just talked about how impatient he is. “I’m sorry that I have heavy luggage!” I say sarcastically as I hit the back of his seat with a playful smile. “Careful with my car!” Tom exclaims with a cautious eye. There is a moment of complete silence before we all break down into laughter. (CIC )

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sorry it’s so late Peters pov (Time skip later that day ) Gwen and I have been trying to find a way to get her back home. I just can’t believe that there really are other dimensions! I also have no idea how to travel to another dimension. I’ve got it! How could be so stupid. I’ll take her to Dr strange so he can send her back. “Hey Gwen. I think I know who can help you get home. Follow me” I said grabbing her hand. We ran straight to stark tower. I don’t know how to find Dr strange but I’m sure Mr stark will. “Mr stark are you here?” I called out. “Yeah just a second.” I heard footsteps and then saw him enter the room. “Hey kid what’s up? And who’s your girlfriend?” He asked. My face turned red and I heard Gwen giggle next to me. “Oh um she’s n-not my g-girlfriend” I stuttered. “Can you help me get to Dr strange? We need his help” Mr stark nodded. “Yeah just give me second” he left the room for a moment. Then a moment later he came back. “Ok so he’s on his way” he said. And a few moments later, Dr strange came through the door. “You called?” He said boastingly. “Yes, don’t get too cocky, strange. The kid needs you” Mr stark said, pointing at me. “What’s the matter kid? Need a babysitter?” He said and laughed. I hate that the avengers treat me like a baby. “No, my friend Gwen is from another dimension. She was brought here on accident and we need help to get her home. Can you help us get her back to her dimension?” I asked. He thought for a moment. “I suppose, just give me a moment while I search for her dimension” he closed his eyes and used his powers to search the dimensions. A moment later he opened his eyes with a solemn look on his face. “What’s wrong?” I asked. He looked at Gwen sadly. “Listen kid. I’m so sorry but unfortunately your universe was destroyed. It’s all gone, nothing left. It was destroyed by a titan named Thanos. Have you heard of him?” Gwen shook her head no. “He wants to destroy half of all living things. He’s horrible and relentless. And unfortunately he destroyed your universe. I’m sorry kid”...

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🥀Part 8🥀 “Are you being serious right now?” My brother asks as we all sit together at the table. “Yep.” I say simply with a smile plastered on my face. “That’s awesome, y/n! I’m so proud of you!” My dad says with excited eyes. My mum rubs my shoulders with a nurturing smile. “You’re hard work is finally paying off.” She exclaims as she clears my plate. “Haz and Tom are going to come with me.” I say as my excitement grows even more. “Awe that’s nice!” My mum says as she gives me a smirk. She has always thought that Tom and I shared a little something since we were fifteen. At this point, we’ve both begun to ignore it. “Send pictures!” My brother demands with widened eyes. He’s never been to America since he wasn’t born when my family took our trip to Florida when I was six. “Of course, Evan!” I mess up his hair yet again as he swats my hand away. I giggle softly as I get up from my seat. “I’m going to go start packing.” I explain and my dad gives a small nod. I rush up to my room with anticipation for my trip. My phone pings and I wonder who it is since I turned my notifications off from Instagram since the pub incident with Tom. Speaking of Tom, he sent a screenshot from his Instagram. “My fans are just like your mum!” He texts as I see the comments on a picture of us at the movies. Some include: Haz really third wheeling! Why are they so cute?! Who the hell is she? Give us answers Tom! And many others. I can’t help but laugh at his comment though, they really are just like my mum. “Wow😂 They really are!” I respond with a small smile forming on my lips. “You ready to become famous?” He asks and I can just see his usual smirk. “Took them long enough!” I joke back as a little laugh escapes my lips. Why am I smiling down at my phone? I sigh and put it down, not even daring to open up Instagram. I head to my closet and when I open it, I am thoroughly confused. What do I wear inside a studio? I’m probably just overthinking it, but I don’t want to mess this up! 🥀TBC🥀

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Harry’s just in casual clothes and Toms all dressed up 😂 - - - - - - - @tomholland2013 @harryholland64 @zendaya @lifeisaloha @itmovieofficial #it #tomhollandfanfics #harryholland #spiderman

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So we should boycott Sony. I am furious about the whole Sony Disney Spiderman deal. Like Sony dosent know what they are doing when making solo spiderman films and they are gonna lose money by doing this. Also they cant even use any plotline from before so I dont know if I wanna watch the movies anymore. Not to mention they were dissing Mevin Feige. They need to act like grownups and sort things out and actually do what would benefit them. #boycottsonyspiderman #boycottsony • • • Dm me if you wanna talk ab this • • • #tomholland #farfromhome #avengers #endgame #spiderman #tomgollandisthebest #marvel #fanfics #fanfiction #tomhollandmeme #peterparker #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollandfanfiction #peterparkerfanfics #peterparkerfanfiction #tomhollandfan #tomhollandedits #peterparkeredits #tomhollandfanpage #peterparkerfanpage #tomholland2013 #quackson #marveledits #marvelmemes #marvelfans #tomhollandfans #sony #sonyisoverparty #boycottsonyspiderman #boycottsony @tomholland2013 @marvel @marvelstudios

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Misunderstandings- pt.16 Tom led me to his car and opened the door for me. What a gentleman, I thought. The way to the movies was really awkward since no one started a conversation. “Umm..h-how was y-your day?” I asked nervously. Why am I so nervous? Oh wait, IM GOING ON A DATE WITH THE TOM HOLLAND! I waited for an answer but got nothing. This led me to roll my eyes and look outside the window. “What a great time.” I mumbled. *15 minutes later* We arrived at the theater and I waited for him to open my door. After a few seconds I heard him yell “Come on already!” I mumbled some unholy words under my breath and opened the door. So much for gentleman. “What do you want to watch?” He asked me while looking at his phone. I rolled my eyes. “Umm..I like horror. How about IT chapter two?” “Cool. You brought your wallet, right?” Did he just-oh no he did not. I wanted to scream in his face and rip his face off, but I kept calm. “Yeah.” I said dryly. I went up to the window, leaving Tom behind on his phone. “Hi! Can I get two tickets for IT chapter 2,please?” I said with a fake smile. “20.40” the 16 year old girl told me. Bitch. I gave her my card and she gave me the tickets. I motioned for Tom to follow me, but only to see Tom flirting with some random girl. Rage boiled inside me. I angrily stomped over to him and grabbed his rosy and dragged him to the gate. “Ow! WHAT THE HELL!” I ignored him and gave the employee our tickets. I let go of his rust and went to the concession stand. Thinking that he was going to pay for the snacks I said “I’ll take a small popcorn with water and skittles. “ CIC

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🥀Part 7🥀 “Stop it!” I giggle as Tom tries to scoop whipped cream on my nose. The three of us sit around the table at our usual diner right next to the cinema. “What was your-“ my phone cuts Haz off as it rings quietly. I look down at the number and I don’t recognize it. “Who is it?” Tom asks, his arm wrapped around me in a friendly manner. “I don’t know.” I say with a little shrug, putting it back down and planning on just letting it ring out. “Wait, if it’s a spammer just mess with them!” Tom suggests, clearly wanting a good laugh. I roll my eyes playfully towards his direction before giving into the temptation. I put the phone to my ear after picking up the call. “Hello?” I ask and I can see Tom and Haz getting ready to hold in their laughter. “Hello, is this y/n y/l/n?” The voice asks. Shocked that they know my full name, my eyes widen as I look at the boys with a confused look. “What’s going on?” Haz mouths and I wave my hand at him to tell him to be quiet, though he said nothing. “Yes, who is this?” I ask as I lean further back into my seat. “This is Republic Records, we heard your video on Instagram and we really liked your stuff.” My mouth gapes open in shock. “We’re willing to send you out to New York to record some things for us next week. Are you in?” I’m put on the spot as there is a moment of silence. They’re willing to pay for me to go to New York to actually produce my own music. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! Not to mention that this is the same record label that signed Shawn Mendes! I could be huge one day with their help. I look to my best friends for a sense of guidance, though they have no clue what’s going on. Tom’s eyes glisten in the dim diner light and for some reason, those chocolate brown eyes give me my answer. “Yes, of course.” I say trying to hide my excitement. “We’ll call you soon to give more details. Have a good night.” With that, the call was ended. In a short few minutes, my dreams have come true. “What was that about?” Tom asks as my hands cover my mouth as the shock is still settling in. Haz pushes his hands across the table to grab mine, pulling them away from my mouth. (CIC )

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Hi guys!! Like usual with my story’s I get you too write feedback on what you like, or didn’t like about my story. Please comment!! It really helps with my future story’s, also quick question do you prefer me writing in first person so like I met Tom holland or second person so like you met Tom holland, what’d ya think? Also I just want to thank you all for your love and support with this story!! You guys are amazing I love you! 💓🥰 - - - - - - - - #tomholland #marvel #avengers #tomhollandfanfics #rdj #chrisevans #tomhollandimagines #marvelfanfics #marvelimagines

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A Dream Come True Pt. 19 Y/N POV I giddily pull all my luggage into the room I'm staying at until we start filming. It's surprisingly nice with a full kitchen and a seperate bedroom. Everything is white amd there is a huge window opposite the door. I set my things in the bedroom and jump onto the bed pulling my phone out of my pocket. It's about 3 o'clock and I Luke and I made plans to go around the city at 5. Sitting back I stretch feeling wiped out from waking up so early. I decide to rest my eyes for a few minutes. Pulling the covers over me I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. **** I jolt up when I hear someone banging on the door. Hurrying to answer it, I glance at the clock. Me: "Crap!" I run over and open the door to see Luke standing there looking angry. L: "Where were you? I waited an hour and a half for you. And I called like fifteen times! What were you doing?" Me: "I'm sorry I fell asleep." He looked at me with a fire burning in his eyes then inhaled sharply. I flinched afraid of what he might do. L: "You know what. I'm sorry. I shouldn't be mad, I know how long its been since you've flown somehwere." I relax my shoulders. "Do you still want to go out?" Nodding, I turn around to start getting ready. "Okay. I'll see you in 45 minutes." Me: "Yup." I watch as he left and undress quickly before hopping in the shower. Thirty-five minutes later I finish blow drying my hair and grab my purse off the ground heading towards the door. I text Luke that I was ready and to meet me in the lobby. When I get down, he is already waiting for me. L: "So where to first?" Me: "Somewhere with food." L: "Okay. I know just the place." I followed him to get a cab outside. When we get into the taxi he goes onto his phone and doesn't acknowledge me. **** The restaraunt we go to is packed full of people. Luke slides on sunglasses and a hat to avoid being recognised. We go i side and immediately get seats near the back. We make light conversation about the movie and the roll. I'm oddly nervous though. Looking at his bright blue eyes and brown hair, I'm reminded of the kind puppy dog eyes I saw earlier. CIC❤

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Pt. 18 Y/N's POV My head pounds in sync with my heartbeat. Dark spots cover my vision and my head spins. F: "Detecting low blood pressure." My eyelids droop. The ground rushes towards me as I feel my body go limp. Loud beeping echoes from my iron suit as I go spiraling towards the huge green blanket covering the ground. I try to stay in the air avoiding the dark dungeon I was stuck in for so long but my arms go weak and I give up. Peter's POV I search for any sign of her desperate to see her soft features again, full of life. Everything I pass looks like her. I can't stop thinking about how she said my name and was concerned about me. Deep down I long for her to feel the same way that I feel, but I know how unlikely that is. Suddenly, I see something falling towards the ground. It almost looks like a human. Wearing armor of some kind... My heart stops when I realise it's y/n plunging towards her death. I swing over as fast as I can reaching out to catch her. I catch ahold of her finally feeling relieved but she slips out of my reach. My stomach drops and I almost throw up. Me: "No!!!" TBC❤ Have a wonderful day/night! Check out my story and answer the QOTD! { #peterparker #tomholland #tomhollandimagines #tomhollandxreader #tomhollandfanfics #tomhollanders #hollanders #hollanderfanfic #tomhollandstories #tomhollandspiderman #spiderman #peterparkerimagine #peterparkerstories #peterparkerfanfics #marvel #avengers #marvelfanfics #tomhollandspidey #spiderman }

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