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50 minutes ago

3 jam 16 menit. Rata-rata waktu yang gw habisin per harinya dalam seminggu terakhir untuk buka @instagram Apa iya platform ini setoxic itu? Gw rasa nggak. Tergantung konten apa yang kita follow sih. • Banyak kok beberapa akun yang wajib lo follow dengan kualitas kontennya. Kaya @aqilavviv dengan storytellingnya, @antonn sky dengan konten mobilegraphy nya, @fishide_ dengan kekuatan rendernya, atau @puanindya dengan streetphotography nya. • Jadi apa iya masih bilang kalo @instagram itu toxic? Coba deh pikir-pikir dulu. Nah kalo lo berapa lama nih waktu yang lo abisin buat buka @instagram ? Ada yang lebih lama dari gw?? #WithGalaxy *shot with Samsung S10+, edit @vsco and snapseed.

7 hours ago

a wild jonag

8 hours ago

Take me home, country roads...

10 hours ago

so early

10 hours ago

Shekvetili is ex Russian military base, so me and @david_menteshashvili wanted to explore and see what's left from it. All we found was ruins and some doors leading underground which were covered with sand and impossible to enter, but yeah, was interesting to look around anyway 😄 . . . #stademagazine #solarcollective #somewheremagazine #hippomagazine #exploreobserveshare #lightzine #thislifemagazine #forest #ruins #green #forevermagazine #shekvetili #shekvetilibeach #rainyday #summer #plants #walk #abandonedplaces #georgia #colourful #greenplants #vscox #aesthetic #georgia 🇬🇪 #naturephotography #nature #color #naturelovers #ureki

11 hours ago

losing my god damn head

11 hours ago

⚖️ Reynisfjara beach, Iceland 2019

11 hours ago

Prendre le temps, écouter le bruit qui s'évapore, sentir le soleil réchauffer ma peau et laisser le vent emmêler mes cheveux trop longs. Il ne s'agit pas d'avoir le temps mais de savoir le prendre car le temps est entropique et il se dissipe, saison après saison, dans l'épaisseur du passé. _______________________________________________________ #frenchroamers #freshairclub #thefrenchexplorers #thefrenchoutdoors #sattelitetales #travelphotography #exploreobserveshare #lesfrançaisvoyagent #lesfillesvoyagent #lesexplorers #solarcollective #lightzinemag #nuagesmagazine #trekking #backpacker #france #nikon #nikonfr #fadedaesthetics #thislifemagazine #mediterraneancitizenstory #mytinyatlas #myfeatureshoot #inspirationvercors

11 hours ago

last night

13 hours ago

A couple of months ago I shot a roll of Provia 100 which was the first time I had ever used slide film. After learning you have to get the exposure right because it isn’t as forgiving as color negative film, I just knew I was gonna mess up the whole roll. I pretty much never use a light meter, relying on my eyes to figure it out for me. I’ve gotten by on this for a long time. I did download a light meter app for my iPhone for this roll but maybe used it for only half the frames. All in all though, most of it came out looking great. I mean these colors, am I right?

14 hours ago

Hrodna was one of the few cities in Belarus that has been spared of total destruction during the WWII, so the architecture here has been preserved and is looking good! Hrodna, Belarus

14 hours ago

[...] et alors plus rien n'eut de sens.

14 hours ago

1/2000 f5.6 ISO400

15 hours ago

This is my Pops. He’s a graphic designer and pre-press manager but I think he missed his calling as a boat captain. He looks like a natural up there 😄⛵️ • • • Park Hill | 2019

4 days ago

Me and @huskeeboi went to Kansas City a couple of months ago so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to try out my first roll of Provia 100. Did not disappoint. I made this in the Columbus Park neighborhood. We went there our last morning to have breakfast at Happy Gillis. It was delicious. 10/10 would recommend if you’re ever visiting or passing through. • • • Kansas City | 2019

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