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5 minutes ago

The Lost Creek Wilderness totally surpassed all my expectations! It was an amazing hike, with some out of this world scenery! #colorado #backpacking #photography #hiking #travel #panasonic #gx85 #rei1440project #getoutside #optoutside #landscapephotography @kevin_fedde

4 minutes ago

Throwback to views from Pacific Heights a couple weeks back. Similar weather to today, however. #fog #tiltshift

8 minutes ago

We went to Avengers Station in Vegas and it was cool to see all the memorabilia and other fun facts about the Marvel Universe. I was a bit sad they didn't have much about Loki cuz he's my favorite but then again he isn't really an Avenger haha

10 minutes ago

I freaking love this view! I could sit here all day and watch the world go by 😊😊

12 minutes ago

What a great view 😍😍😜😜

12 minutes ago

This is a piebald cow elk, it’s fur turned white (or just non-pigmented ) as part of a genetic mutation. Wildlife officials say that the odds of seeing this in the wild is about 1 in 100,000, so this was a very very special encounter! She slipped out of the forest and we got to watch her for about 5 minutes before she slipped back in. No one else even noticed her. It’s absolutely crazy what you can miss if you aren’t looking! @yellowstonenps @ynpforever #ynp #yellowstonepledge #findyourpark #goparks

17 minutes ago

Here’s some more of the #alaskarange beauty in #denalinationalpark hoping I can make it to Alaska next year to see the final 5 #nationalparks on my list here. #neverstopexploring #natgeotravelpic #rei1440project #nationalparkgeek #neverstopexploring #special_shots #landscape_obsessions #findyourpark

9 minutes ago

With the dog days of summer quietly slipping away into the rearview mirror, my hope turns to more moments for this old man and perhaps the chance to roll blissfully one last time in an early snowfall. For now though, he seems content to rest under the comforting shade of the trees and their late summer breeze. While I know he’s mostly deaf now, I still play him music from time to time and in hopes he enjoys it. What’s his favorite music, any guesses???🎸

27 minutes ago

You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not an avocado 🥑

23 minutes ago

Today was my first solo run in two weeks, which made me think about the team events I’ve been lucky enough to run. 2017 Ragnar Trail Snowmass - 2018 Speed Project - and now 2019 Transrockies Run. I also think it counts that in 2016, @markmarzen and I ran Pinhoti 100 together. The team aspect is really fun and I can switch pretty easily from thinking about my own times and ego to just doing my best to contribute to the success of the group which is a really great mental shift during any given year of training and racing. I’ve also been lucky that the teams I’ve been on have been made up of such awesome people! Definitely need to find another good team event for 2020. I’m pretty sure Mark would do Badwater Salton Sea but I hear the classic way to race it is as a team of three. Anyone have some beta to share? @merrell @guenergylabs @f_r_x_c @stokedroasters #saltyssquad #createyourtrail #getstoked #gottagetuptogetdown

26 minutes ago

Today is global climbing day...the only thing I'm climbing is into bed. And that's ok..sort of. Bummed we can't be on a summit or a few pitches up a multi pitch climb...even a gym would suffice. Unfortunately we ate an undercooked meal the other day and have been dealing with it at elevation. Rest And the occasional stop into one of our favorite stores has helped. Looking back at these photos from last month blows my mind how fast time goes. Being off trail and vulnerable has given me a reality check...just trying to appreciate the little things and being fortunate to be out in the woods and mountains for as long as I can be. Cheers to everyone around the world getting after it today, climb on • • Photographer 📸: @ektosunlimited

37 minutes ago

I’ll Venmo $5 to the first person to guess where this photo was taken! . . . . Excluding @djallen35

43 minutes ago

Somehow a 5% rain forecast turned into 100% rain on the Graybeard Trail. This was my first time hiking in #montreat and absolutely loved it. Trekked up to #graybeardfalls and back. Caught this shot of the fog, sunlight and trees intermingling on the way back down. #sweetwilder

47 minutes ago

Wicklow state of mind

49 minutes ago

"Woods Canada is built on the legacy of outfitting Canadian exploration since 1885, and they are driven to inspire the next generation of adventurers like me," shares @marcwebster in his recent collaboration with @WoodsCanada Following Creators with the same interests is one of the best ways to find products we care about✨

1 hour ago

Middle Gorge trip 🌊

1 hour ago

On a clear summer night after a short hike in the dark, I captured the milky way arching over Lassen Peak just after midnight. This is definitely the darkest skies I have been under; however, I did not get to fully appreciate the darkness as I did not give my eyes enough time to adjust to the dark since I was focused on taking this panoramic photo. Also, the green in the photo is called airglow, and while our eyes are not as sensitive to color in such darkness, my camera sensor was able to capture those colors.

1 hour ago

Climbing some hills.

53 minutes ago

Happy Global Climbing Day! I went climbing (indoors ) to celebrate, but didn’t take any pictures. Here’s one of my last trip outside at The Crosses are Free (5.10c ) that I almost lead the whole way, even after taking a couple years off. Time to get back at it 🧗🏼‍♀️

1 hour ago

The best thing about reaching the summit is looking around and enjoying the 360° views - peaks for days! You start looking around and wondering "I wonder if I can get there" and "how do I get up there". Adventures for another day 😄⁠

1 hour ago

As temperatures begin to rise, we tend to migrate to the ocean. However, with this upcoming expedition I have to stay in the mountains and train. That works too, it's just been funny doing push-ups on people's lawns and doing squats down main Street. I've been getting some interesting looks carrying Ende in the backpack everywhere we go. #trainingseason #dadlife #ontheroadagain

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Debating on exactly when I want to squeeze in all my Pilchuck shots, because my feed is about to be a bunch of wedding stuff soon... I don’t care, I’m excited. I’ll figure it out 😅

1 hour ago

I’ll stay as long as you’re here #artfortheapocalypse #mymoodislikeasinwave

2 hours ago

It’s not always the destination but the journey it takes to get to certain places that make it mean so much more. . Always so thankful for the opportunity to get out into the backcountry, explore, and experience such incredible places.

2 hours ago

Happy Global Climbing Day! #WallsAreMeantForClimbing

2 hours ago

Defender from squirrels 🐿

2 hours ago

This place. This guy.

2 hours ago

I am the captain now.

2 hours ago

Happy Global Climbing Day! Walls are meant to be climbed. Teach them to climb, be good stewards and celebrate even the tiniest victories. I’m so thankful to have such a strong community of climbers and a beautiful metro park to play in. Thanks Columbus.

2 hours ago

That bright big old ball of light

2 hours ago

Colorful doors have always made me abnormally happy. 🌻💞

2 hours ago

Took this 3 years ago (about 20 minutes after the last photo I posted ), and it’s still one of my favorites! I think I’m just reliving the summer of 2016 right now 😊

2 hours ago

Nothing more relaxing than chillin in a hammock, watching the palm trees sway, while listening to the ocean waves👌🏼

3 hours ago

To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter; to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring — these are some of the rewards of the simple life. -John Burrough

5 hours ago

🎣 First up gets the fish! Not a bad place to wake up, that's for sure. #ModernCamper ⁠ .⁠ 📸 @anjaernsberger

6 hours ago

Spouting Horn is a playful coastal anomaly, an “ocean geyser”, driven by the ocean power through a deep hole. Incoming waves funnel seawater and air into the cave, building pressure until the water explodes in a geyser-like fountain.

4 days ago

ZigZag’s presence was the best present!

5 days ago

Thank you everyone for wonderful birthday wishes! ZigZag and I have been busy playing in the mountains all weekend without cell service. It was exactly what I needed and a great way start to my 28th year of life. I can’t believe how great my life is right now and am so excited for all the big new changes that will be happening this year!!

2 weeks ago

Lifeguard ZigZag reporting for duty!

2 weeks ago

If I could trade places with anyone for a day, I would definitely pick my dog!

2 weeks ago

You can never have too many badass ladies friends.

2 weeks ago

Without @adstridsland in Bend, my motivation to go mt biking this summer has been a lot lower... but I’m glad I actually got out twice this weekend. In between scares of almost falling or hitting trees it’s actually pretty dang fun!

2 weeks ago

If dirt on your legs is cool.... I must be pretty cool!

3 weeks ago

Running around mountains and backpacking all weekend. Definitely my kind of weekend!

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