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4 minutes ago

What stood out in Gjirokastër among the usual souvenir t-shirts and copperware and rugs, were the army surplus artefacts for sale. They were a poignant reminder of the country’s not so distant past. During communist leader Enver Hoxha’s regime he built hundreds of thousands of bunkers (some of which we’ve seen in the countryside during our drives ) and stockpiled weapons. Every school, village, neighbourhood and factory had its own stash. At primary school, weapon usage was part of the syllabus: everyone had to know how to throw a grenade, set a mine, fire a machine gun. Some of these coaches have been discovered as recently as 2003, and there may be more. Of course nobody’s selling kalashnikovs on the street, but the helmets, lanterns, flasks etc. are a reminder of the 40 years of Hoxha’s ‘iron rule’ whereby he kept his people isolated and in a constant state of fear of foreign invasion. • • • • • #stillswithstories #cornersofmyworld #distractionsandinspirations #thatauthenticfeeling #thespacesilike #timeouteurope #littlestoriesofmylife #holdthemoment #momentsofmine #amomentofwonder #kindlecuriosity #whpwanderlust #kinfolklife #travelmood #theglobewanderer #exploremoretogether #thestoked #whereveryougo #momentkeepers #adventureawaits #voyaged #culturetrip #traveleroftheweek #lovelettertoeurope #prettylittletrips #traveldrops #guardiancities #artsytecture #livingdestinations #suitcasetravels

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🎥 Our stay at @vacayco captured on film⠀ ⠀ ✨I was so impressed with @alistairjmes video skills on this! ⠀ ⠀ From the drone shots, to the transitions, to the colour grade (you should have seen what it looked like straight out of camera! )...I think this is one of his best videos yet! ⠀ ⠀ I’m also ready for my modelling career now 😂⠀ ⠀ ➡️ Does this make you want to book a stay here?

23 minutes ago

Heading out for another daytrip today! Where oh where are we headed? It’s some place in Gyeongsangbukdo-do. Any guesses? * * * 📍 Daebudo, Korea * * * * * * * #대부도 #여름패션 #여름여행 #imagineyourkorea #iseoulu #ig_korea #visitseoul #seoul_korea #TLAsia #seoulsnap #koreabyme #seoulmania #discoversouthkorea #asia_vacations

36 minutes ago

No meu mundo todas as sacadas e janelas teriam flores 💕

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Beautiful Paris was one of the stops on the Iannuzzi’s European Family Getaway✈️ _________ Reminisce with us as we throwback to their amazing planes, trains, (ferry ) and automobiles adventure to 4 Destinations. _________ What is the maximum number of destinations you have traveled to in one getaway? Let us know in the comments. . . . . . . #tbt 🔙📸 #prettylittletrips #travelmoreworryless #dmvnetwork #sundayvibe #luxurytravels #florenceitaly #vacationfun #wanderlusters #vacationgoals #vacayvibes #abundantlife #summervacay #travellovers #beautifulviews #vacation 🌴 #wearealladventurers #travelinspiration #summer2020 #womeninbiz #travellover #digitalnomads #workhardtravelwell #trips #parisianlifestyle #traveladdiction #wanderer #parisstreetstyle #venice 🇮🇹

46 minutes ago

Seattle is pretty in pink 💕

54 minutes ago

צבעוניות משמחת. את השבוע האחרון אני מבלה בזנזיבר. האי השמח עם האנשים הצבעוניים שהכרתי בחיי. הצבעוניות משתקפת בבדים ובבגדים אבל הכי הכי באנשים. 🌴 האי הטרופי בעל צבעי הים התכולים (שומרת את התאורים המדוייקים לפוסט נוסף ) גורמים לי לחשוב שאני על כוכב אחר🌴 מהרגע הראשון שהגעתי הרגשתי את זה באויר. שהולך להיות שונה. אחר ומיוחד. המנות על הצלחת, השייקים בחוף, האדיבות המחוייכת של המקומיים ואפילו החיות שמחות כאן מעל הראש. "אקונה מטאטה" אצל כו-לם.🌴 אז יצאתי מחוץ לגבולות המלון לתור בכפר ובשוק הסמוך. לא מצאתי אחד או אחת בכעס, רוגז, פרצוף חמוץ או סתם שעמום. כולם עסוקים בעבודות יומיום שמחים ומחוייכים, צוחקים עם חברים ועפים על החיים. מקטן ועד גדול, מיל ועד קשיש. 🌴 נסיון אחרון מול המדריך המקומי ה'לי, שמספר שהפשטות בחייהם, ללא מים וחשמל, בעוני ובקשיי הפרנסה בתוך זה הם מצאו את הביחד שלהם. הבגדים הצבעוניים הם תזכורת לדנא שלהם להיות תמיד בשמחה והודיה גדולה. 🌴 כבר אמרתי לכם שצבע משנה חיים?? . . . . . . . . . #africa_vacation #travelbloggers #ig_zanzibar #allaboutzanzibar #vacationmood #mobilecameraclub #1415mobilephotographers #onlymobileart #perfectvacation #YourShotPhotographer #lightroompresets #africa #streetartists #prettylittletrips #revitalssperfectvac #bikramyoga_ii #justgoshoot #shootermag #youmobile #theappwhisperer #outofthephone #FotoMobile #zanzibartime

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My baby blue 💙

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Ahora me toco sol, mar y estar con mi hermanita @sweetvanillav tekiamoo tupilaa 💕🥥🥂 . . . . . . . . #dreamer #acapulco #sisters 👭 #tekiamo #hermanas #playa 🌴 #loveyou3000 #girls #brunettegirl #descansando #prettylittletrips

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“babe have you taken the photo yet i don’t want anyone staring at me” the ongoing struggle of an awkward introvert who wants nice photos in the city but cannot pose 🙄 side note, this weather is glorious. it’ll get to 30c this weekend. 30c!!! i’ll feel right at home. except i’ll be hot because there’s no aircon 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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Almost Friday guys! And a long weekend ahead! I'm so excited about this, and I have nothing planned, which is even more amazing ... I could binge watch Real Housewives alllll weekend 🤗 But I won't (only in the evenings 😉 ). Definitely relaxing though! Hope you're all having a great week! . . . . . #dametraveler #darlingescapes #wearetravelgirls #photooftheday #wonderful_places #beautifuldestinations #darling #travellingthroughtheworld #mytinyatlas #stayandwander #alittlebeautyeveryday #feelfreefeed #pursuepretty #prettylittletrips #wheretofindme #searchwandercollect #travelphotography #slowtravel #wanderland #thatsdarling #flashesofdelight #exploremore #wander #moodygrams #prettylittlelondon #livethelittlethings #folklife #exploretocreate #darlingmovement #culturetrip

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a step back in time ⏳

1 hour ago

• But first, let me take a selfie! Gente, não parece que essa estátua está tirando uma selfie? 🤣🤳 📸

1 hour ago

Take me back.

1 hour ago

I can not believe it took me so long to visit Malibu Farms. Looking forward to stopping by again soon.

1 hour ago

A moment in D.C. @thelinehotel

1 hour ago

Malibu Farms pairs beautiful ocean views with delicious organic food options.

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🎉 )

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You’re thinking “god, who does she think she is?” You’re kind of right. This is probably the most typically “vain” photo I’ve ever taken, but there’s a reason I did it and something I thought I should talk about 💭 ⠀ ⠀ For years and years, I’d wanted to start a blog. I’d wanted to start writing more, getting my work published. And I’d really, really wanted to find a way to inspire people. But I knew all of those things are not easily achieved. Yet, it was never that that put me off, I’m a hard worker. What scared me was the way that people are treated on social media, and when they write. I shit myself. It’s rough, we all know how rough it is but nobody remembers after they’ve scrolled past the latest sad story and have moved their fingers onto typing a bitchy message..⠀ ⠀ I always watched girls with pristine make up and what seemed like naturally blow dried hair talking into their IGTV, promoting perfect products that perform miracles and talking in their lovely, neutral accent voices. I was jealous of them. I’d never be like that. I’ve got a goofy grin, pointy hips and a big nose. So I spent so many years not doing anything at all, because I was scared. Scared that people I went to school with would laugh and share around my photos, that brands would think I wasn’t the right fit and that my attempt at being a social influencer would fail embarrassingly 🤦🏼‍♀️⠀ ⠀ So what changed? I embraced the fact I was different. I admitted to myself that I’ll never be like those perfect, gorgeous girls, but that’s okay. I realised I was happy to be myself and started to think about what I wanted my social to look like and what I enjoyed. It was pretty self explanatory for anybody who knows me, great skincare and beauty products, bright colours and prints, abundant flowers and my very own fashion sense. I remembered my Grandma and that boy in year ten often told me I dressed crazily, but I was grateful. It got crazier and I created a solid “me” 👱🏻‍♀️... (in comments )

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Full time wanderer

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• 🇬🇧 When you have a spring nostalgia looking at this London scene.🌸🙈 In my opinion, it’s one of the best times to be in town if you also love taking pictures around like me. In which seasons do you prefer to travel?🤔 • 🇧🇷 Quando você tem saudade da primavera olhando para essa cena de Londres. 🌸🙈 Na minha opinião, é uma das melhores épocas para estar na cidade se você também gosta de tirar fotos como eu. Em que estação você prefere viajar?🌸🤔

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Dramatic skies over Catherine Hill in Frome a few days ago ☁️ 🌿 One of Frome’s main shopping streets. Here you will find quirky gift shops, stylish clothes and accessories, ceramics, haberdashery, art galleries, great cafes, restaurants, pubs and much more. 🌿 This steep cobbled street is situated in central Frome and is also one of the town’s many landmarks. . . . . . #frome #britishsnaps #houses_ofthe_world #ig_england #thelensbible #shotzdelight #places_wow #topukphoto #mybritain #kings_shots #prettylittletrips #ok_europe #instabritain #ukshots #photosofbritain #lovegreatbritain #weloveengland #travelawesome #artofvisuals #skies #tv_sky #britishsnaps #ukpotd #photographyeveryday #igworldglobal #icu_britain #europe_pics #taw1111 #scenicbritain #visitengland

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York Minster as always so photogenic! . I love seeing the Minster as I arrive in York, makes me feel right at home 🏠 . . .

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Some places are just magical ✨ Gittiğim ülkelerde, gezdiğim yerlerde turistik yerlerdense halkın içine karışmayı daha çok seviyorum, o zaman karşıma hiç beklemediğim anlarda daha masalsı görüntüler çıkabiliyor, tıpkı bu piyanist ve uyuyan köpeği gibi 😍 🎶 🐾 #kiev #ukraine #thepianist #streetsofkiev #seekthesimplicity #theprettycities #prettycitiesoftheworld #neverstopexploring #beautifuldestinations #lonelyplanet #prettylittletrips #postcardsoftheworld #postpretty #dreamylittleplaces #fromwhereistand

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If it requires my @execuspecs_sa sunglasses, no shoes, and potentially an ocean. I’m in! 💙 ⠀ I’ll soon be dipping me feet in a very different and much wilder Indian Ocean, and I can’t wait! 🌊 Africa and its wild, dangerous oceans are home to me, See you soon SA 🇿🇦

2 hours ago

Eventually, everything connects and everything makes sense. Never let go of the vision that you have for your life. It matters not how long it takes to get there, but simply that you get there. The detours along the way will teach you invaluable lessons. Be patient yet determined. Focused yet at ease. Because eventually, everything connects and everything makes sense.

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Feeling like I could use a whole day to just read. I just started reading The Paris Seamstress and am so hooked. Anytime I see France or Paris as part of a title of a book, I’m usually drawn to it. 😌

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Sometimes life looks more glamorous in photos. This trip thus far is not one of those times. • Traveling with your partner is wonderful. We spend so much more time together throughout the day. Walking to work, lunch, breaks. • We’re having more diverse conversations. Since we do see each other all day, we talk more about podcasts or news we read in between, something we’re learning vs just how was your day or planning for a wedding, home, travel... all the things we’ve been planning forever. Ha. • We’re so happy to be out in Paris that we aren’t eating dinner at home watching TV like we usually do so again more time to be present. • We see beauty everywhere + celebrate it: this view is gorgeous, the weather is perfect, look how cute that building is. • We express gratitude all the time: I love our apartment, being here with you is so much fun, I love you. • And without any meetings, plans, events, time feels more spacious. I create what I’m inspired to, not what’s next on the to do list, which means more joy + better creation. I’m loving my work more. • Yes, really life still happens. I got upsetting news last week. Anxieties from home cross my mind. Travel is not running away from your problems. • A restaurant is closed. The door won’t lock properly. You forgot something. You’ll still find annoyances + inconveniences. • But if I can inspire you to make it part of your life, to ask your boss to work remotely, to take advantage of the kids holiday — extended travel (could be domestic, a house swap or house sitting ) really does reset the rhythm of your life in a beautiful way. • This isn’t to say oh life is perfect. This is to say, friend, of you want this start choosing it! Even if your single. 4 years ago I was + spent 4 months here! • If you want to ponder it, I talk affording it + working remotely on this week’s @yourewelcomepodcast ! 💋 Hope you’re inspired by our Paris spell. In a few days we’re headed down south to the French coast!

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E’ delizioso restare immersi in questa specie di luce liquida che fa di noi degli esseri diversi e sospesi . . . Paul Claudel . . #visitflanders #prettylittletrips #loves_united_europe

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Gallery walls & farmhouse breakfasts 🖼 🍳🙌🏼 (ph by @byanjaroos )

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Caption this.

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