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7 hours ago

Sunshine is the best medicine 🌤

16 hours ago


20 hours ago

Guard at Prague Castle. He looked right into my camera as if he was posing for my picture. I wonder what he was thinking at that moment? Can you imagine having to stand completely still for ages? I certainly couldn’t do it! 🏰 . . . #guard #guards #soldier #soldiers #whatishethinking #thoughts #praguecastle #prague #contrast #retro #retrolook #oldfashioned #blackandwhite #blackandwhitephotography #nikonphotography #nikon #nikond5200 #dslr #hobbyphotographer #photopgrapher #moment #instadaily #picoftheday #photooftheday #follow4follow #follow #czechrepublic

3 days ago

An ocean breeze puts the mind at ease.

3 days ago

This month, Gale Wall Photography is celebrating 6 years downtown and 4 years in her current studio! Congratulations , Gale! Thank you for all you do for #downtownhutch 📸 #choosehutch #photopgrapher #ihearthutch

3 days ago

The luxurious and historic Biltmore hotel 💎

4 days ago

Nothing like a beautiful sunrise to get the week started 🌥

5 days ago

Happiness is a day at the beach.

5 days ago

A picture of a spider that I took with the nikon d3400, the nikon dx 18-55 mm vr lens and an three extentiontubes with a total length of 68 mm, for editing I used photoshop. This makes it one of my most expensive photos i have ever published, but the result is really worth it. #photoshop #photography #photopgrapher #macrophotography #macro #fotograaf #fotografie #natuur #natuurfotografie #spin #spider #nature #naturephotography #nikon #nikond3400 #nikonbelgium #nikoneurope @nikonbelgium @nikoneurope

5 days ago

"The eyes have one language everywhere."

6 days ago

I don't like admitting to the stuff I know is stupid. Lately, I have been though. If not for the therapy of it, then to let others know we have the same stupid stuff. 1. I'm still terrified of my own body. No matter how healthy the food I eat is, how yummy, how satisfying, I don't trust my own body. I fear it still, as well as food itself. 2. I compare myself physically and mentally all the time to the unrealistic, idealistic, otherworldly beings in movies and on TV. ➡️ Leading me to ➡️ 3. I wish I wasn't human. No it's not because I want otherworldly abilities, powers, or I think their cool. Its because I yearn for strength. I guess I've always seen both me and my body as weak. Something easily breakable and destroyed. These beings of other worlds, don't break as easily. They don't suffer time and have minimal fears. 4. I've loved before. This is something I never want to admit to me or others. The person I loved was not healthy. They were cruel, but made me feel like I was the only one that mattered at my loneliest point. 5. I don't have any confidence. In myself, my body, my likes and dislikes, my art, my cooking, my own trusts and instincts. I don't have it and I'm trying hard to gain it. But, it's hard. Borderline impossible. Those 5 things right there lead to one big confession... I don't love nor like me as me. Forget about others and their opinions. I'm my worst bully. My worst critic. My worst abuser. Coming back from the edges I put myself on, is a hell of a lot harder then I thought it would be. Its taking a lot longer than I expected too. I wish I could say I'm healed by now. Truth is, I think there will always be wounds that never fully seal. Now I'm just working to accept, honor and live with my new scars....

6 days ago

Ocean Drive vibes 🌴

1 weeks ago

What happens during a Bipolar Downswing in terms of environment? Well slowly, the parts of the house I typically occupy (mostly my room, the living room and the kitchen ) get modified to accommodate my current mood. The windows are darkened, the TV is kept on for noise, everything is put into easy access and easy comfort. You'll probably notice that while Mum does keep things in order, things do look a little less kept because my OCD is far worse than hers. On top of that, there is a change in me. I look quite unkept as well. I may even look like I lost a little weight because 1. Eating most likely became erelivent to me. 2. I'm not exercising. 3. I just plain look weighed down. I also probably look more pale because I've refused to get anywhere near sun for however long my mood has lasted. Now believe me, Mum try's her best to keep up with me in these times. Makes sure I at least eat SOMETHING, makes sure I at least shower and at least keep up with the basic things. But, 99% of the time there is no getting through to me. There is no pulling me back from the edge until I can do it myself. I need to spend that week-2 weeks sleeping it off, taking my anxiety meds and letting my body just splay. I've learned that if I mentally try to fight it off, the back fire is far more physically and mentally draining than just letting it take hold. Typically I know its fading when I can get up in the morning without a fight, I can walk out of my room and feel it's okay to open the curtains because the sun no longer stings. I can actually feel the hunger in my stomach again and the grime on my skin. I can reisolate the muscles on my body and feel the energy to get some movement in again. Simple tasks don't feel quite as daunting, I see what needs to be cleaned and put back in order. I see a purpose for certain things again and can feel excitement for coming activites. My creative focus also shifts away from my poetically depressive writings and realighns with my more colorful and visually expressive art forms. Even for me it's odd to feel the change of complete black hopelessness the day before, only to wake up to reasoning and bleeding color.

1 weeks ago

"Wherever you go, bring your own sunshine."

2 weeks ago

Thursday vibes 🚁

2 weeks ago

African Moon Moth

2 weeks ago

Freedom 🇺🇸🇨🇺

2 weeks ago

Life's a Beach 🌊🌴

2 weeks ago

How the beach is going to look when the kids go back to school 😂🌊🌴 #CantWait

2 weeks ago

One of my favorite beach skylines 🏙

2 weeks ago

In honor of #nationalmiddlechildday what better way to show it than with a picture of my older sister Cassidy & Younger brother Jax. Cassidy is a Professional Photographer and Jax is entering 2nd grade TODAY!! #firstdayofschool #schoolsbackinsession #photography #photopgrapher #siblings #siblinggoals #centralflorida #realtor ® #realestate #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #2ndgrade #wolflake #cassidyannphotography #apopkarealtor #apopkabusiness #smallbusiness #monday #mondayquotes #mondaymotivation

3 weeks ago

"L'humanité est colorée donc soyons daltoniens " - Gaël Faye #art #grafitti # world #streerart #women #colors #zebu #staycool #photography #photopgrapher #l4l #picture #glasses #summer #july #madagasikara #gasy #afro #africaan

4 weeks ago

Nada Earrings | 7.5cm x 3.5cm | #thalassathelabel

4 weeks ago

L’unico modo di fare un gran bel lavoro è amare quello che fate. Se non avete ancora trovato ciò che fa per voi, continuate a cercare, non fermatevi, come capita per le faccende di cuore, saprete di averlo trovato non appena c’è l’avrete davanti. E, come le grandi storie d’amore, diventerà sempre meglio col passare degli anni. Quindi continuate a cercare finché non lo trovate. Non accontentatevi. (Steve Jobs ) Fashion show! Event: Cittadella Fashion Night Date: 21/06/2018 Organized/Directed by @elisabetta reginato Backstage @deborahnicoletti Reception @valepezzo St @silvia s_style Assistant @letizia gonzato Model @sara_campagnaro95 Ph @yle_zappala

5 weeks ago

Move on. It's a chapter in your life. Don't close the book, just turn the page for a new chapter. ☣️•••••••••••••••••••••••••☣️ : : Thanks for this funny shooting. It was much fun. Looking forward to our next shooting. : : Snapback: @blackhopecurse Model: @thisblackxsheep Photographer: @stoffelsostoffel (DM for collaboration ) : : ☣️•••••••••••••••••••••••••☣️ #shooting #fotoshooting #photography #photopgrapher #nikond5300 #nikon #tattooedguys #tattoo #inkaddicted #tattoed #inked #tattoedandproud #instagram #blog #picoftheday #pictureoftheday #inspirationalquotes #snapback #model #tattooedmodel #blackhopecurse #vienna #austria

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STRIKE A POSE Kid Model: @neleadler Styling: @beate_deutsch Fashion: @oililyworld KRIS MAISANO PHOTOGRAPHY

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⠀ 3년만에 다시 만나는데, 여행 기간 내내 비+태풍 소식 그래도 우린 잘해냈어요 😆👍 ⠀ #달링제주_여행스냅 #제주도개인스냅 #제주도여행스냅

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STRIKE A POSE Kid Model: @lina_nachtmann Styling: @beate_deutsch Fashion: @oililyworld KRIS MAISANO PHOTOGRAPHY

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