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2 weeks ago

BEWARE: FAST IMAGERY!!!🖤🖤. "If you hate me so much, leave, just go" 😜🤬🔥 // @lifestruck @xepherwolf Idol: @xepherwolf @lifestruck #lifestruck #lifestruckedit #lifestructure #lifestruckedits #falkostrucklife #xepherwolfedit #xepherwolf #xepher #xepherwolfedits #xepheredit #xepherscubs #xephercult #xepheredits #xaddy #xaddyxephrevamped #xaddyxephrecruit #xaddyxeph #thetraphouse #traphouse @xepherwolf @lifestruck @xepherwolf @lifestruck Also a big thank you to everyone who participated with the hate comments 🖤🖤 She liked🖤

2 weeks ago

Chapter 5 "Will you be my girlfriend?" Those words sent shivers through my whole body. Never in my life did I think Jake would ask me out. Especially with what went one the past couple years, "I would love to be!" I said giving Jake a hug. I felt so happy, Happier then ive been in years. I let go of Jake but he pulled me on top of him to where i was sitting on his lap. I smiled at him and blushed. He looked into my eyes then put his hand on the side of my face kissing me passionately. The kiss seemed to last for ever, and I wanted it too. But Jakes phone started ringing. He pulled away and I whined. He let out a chuckle "Ill be right back then we can continue" "Ok" I said smiling. Jakes phone call ??: Dude where are you? Jake: Im next door at Brookes house why? ??: Dude why are you at that losers house?! Jake: She's my girlfriend, Blake, that's why and shes not a fucking loser Blake: Girlfriend? Oh wow Jake, You have no taste. Jake: Blake shut the fuck up. You know nothing about Brooke so you cant talk about her. Blake: Are you really standind up for her? Jake: Yes. I am. So I suggest you shut up or I'll best your ass like I beat Mason's End call I sat on my bed waiting for Jake, I heard him yelling a bit but it wasnt ny business, He came back up stairs and sat back down, pulling me back onto his lap. "Now, where were we." - - - - - - - ignore #colbybrock #colbybrockedits #colerobert Brock #colebrock #samgolbach #samgolbachedits #xepherwolf #xepherwolfedits #lifestruck #lifestruckedits #coreyscherer #coreyschereredits #devynlundy #devynlundyedits #mikesdead #mikesdeadedits #colbybrockimagines #samgolbachimagines #xepherwolfimagines #mimesdeadimagines #jakewebber #jakewebberedits #xplr #nevernormal #beyondthenorm #takechances #tfil

3 weeks ago

The bully chapter 3 i pulled into the parking lot in front of Red Robin, we got out of the car and went inside. "Hi how many?" A waiter asked us, "2" Jake said politely. He's acting so nice its really weird, "maybe he has changed" i thought to myself. We followed out waiter to a booth, we sat down ordered our drinks then the waiter left. My curiosity got the best of me "Can i ask you something? I asked Jake. He looked up at me and nodded, "Why are you being so nice all of a sudden, i mean it is nice to be hanging out with you again but why suddenly the change of heart?" I really did want to know why he was acting so different all of a sudden, He didnt say anything for a minute. "Im still the same Jake you deal with at school, you're still the same brooke you where last year, My friend ditched me and i needed a ride, then I got hungry. Im not being nice Im being me." For some reason what he said made me sad, i felt tears stinging my eyes "I need to use the restroom ill be back." I got up and walked off to the bathroom, i started crying. I stood in there for 20 minutes crying until a waitress came in the bathroom, "Hey you must be brooke, The man you where with Jake, he wanted me to tell you he had to leave, he payed the bill and left i- ma'am are you ok?" I nodded my head "Yeah im ok thank you for letting me know." She nodded and walked out. I took a couple deep breathes and walked out. I went out to my car and drove off. I got home and saw jake sitting outside, he looked over at me and smiled but his smile faded as more tears fell down my face. "I can't believe i let myself like him from him being nice for a fucking day" I grabbed my stuff out of my car and looked up and saw jake walking over to me. I slammed my car door and walked inside. I went straight to my room and slide down the wall with my head in my hands. I heard someone knock on the front door then muffled talking. I heard someone running up the stairs and then a knock at my door. Going back to this format i like it better. - - - - - - - ignore #colbybrock #colbybrockedits #colerobert Brock #colebrock #samgolbach #samgolbachedits #xepherwolf #xepherwolfedits #lifestruck #lifestruckedits #coreyscherer #coreysch

6 days ago

S2 Chapter 18 Your pov Jake led us outside and around the woods and broken crumbling buildings to a car. "Go" He said giving us the keys. "Will is dead, y/n drained him. You guys are safe now" "Thank you so much Jake" i said. "Anything for you" With that he walked off. We drove back to Sam and Kats apartment and we went and knockdd on the door. "Auntie kat someone is at the-" A 10 or so old looking boy answerd the door. "Luke" I saw running over and grabbing him "Mommy?" "Yes baby mommys back" I started to cry again. "I love you sweet boy" I said to him. "I love you to momma" I sat him down and colby grabbed him. Kat ran to the door and hugged me, "Where the fuck havs you been Y/n we've been worried sick!" I explained everything to her and she pulled me into another hug. "We've missed you, you where gone so long." "How long wherr we gone???" I was confused i thought i was only gone for 3 days. "You where gone for 6 months" I was shocked. But it didnt matter i was with everyone i loved again and thats all i care about. -Time skip 3 years- Colby and I are married Now. Luke has stopped growing unnaturally and hes in 8th grade. Sam and kat are still together and even tho he kidnapped us Jake became one of our closest friends. Everything is amazing i have the life id always dreamed about. No more drama has happened and surprisingly we made Sam and Kat lukes godfather and godmother. I hope nothing happens to us because if so this kid will be traumatized with pranks This is the last part of bitten. For now😈. i hope you guys enjoyed the series! ive gained so much from this story including followers and ive even made friends because of it. Thank you for all - - - - - - - ignore #colbybrock #colbybrockedits #colerobert Brock #colebrock #samgolbach #samgolbachedits #xepherwolf #xepherwolfedits #lifestruck #lifestruckedits #coreyscherer #coreyschereredits #devynlundy #devynlundyedits #mikesdead #mikesdeadedits #colbybrockimagines #samgolbachimagines #xepherwolfimagines #mimesdeadimagines #jakewebber #jakewebberedits #xplr #nevernormal #beyondthenorm #takechances #tfil

3 weeks ago

S2 Chapter 17 pt 2 "Hes the reason im here, Your brother gave him orders to kidnap us both. make you think i was dead have you fall for him then kill you." i gasped. "When Jake realized that you where willing to do anything for me he realized it was a stupid thing to take me away from you so once you called him he figured he'd bring us back together" I ran over to jake and hugged him "Thank you" i said crying. one more part😌 - - - - - - - ignore #colbybrock #colbybrockedits #colerobert Brock #colebrock #samgolbach #samgolbachedits #xepherwolf #xepherwolfedits #lifestruck #lifestruckedits #coreyscherer #coreyschereredits #devynlundy #devynlundyedits #mikesdead #mikesdeadedits #colbybrockimagines #samgolbachimagines #xepherwolfimagines #mimesdeadimagines #jakewebber #jakewebberedits #xplr #nevernormal #beyondthenorm #takechances #tfil

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