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@kenzie u should refollow me and @ziecq 🥺💓💘 we love u @kenzie @kenzie @kenzie

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i’m hosting a collab!! rules: 1. mbf me 2. tag 3-4 ACTIVE EDITORS 3. repost on ur story tagging me 5. comment what part u want & who u want to do {with a backup person & backup part} that’s it!! pls be patient & im not just picking my friends i’m picking ppl i wanna work w/, also u don’t have to edit the ppl in the pics..good luck<33

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probably deleting this later but 🤷🏼‍♀️ dt: tagged

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i miss lenzie @kenzie @laurenorlando88 btw, everyone go follow my tik tok bc me and my friend made a bet who gets to 1k followers first so yea thanks ( @///itx.anaa ) ~ ~ #kenzieziegler #johnnyorlando #jenzie #ashannie #asherangel #annieleblanc #ziegler #zody #hayleyleblanc

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|someone to you <3| —————————— Song: Someone To You by: BANNERS Audio: @wolfhardaudios Dt: @missjaydenb @missvitaminc__ @armanijackson @armaniextra @annieleblanc @annieleblancxtra @asherangel @ashersangels @kenzie @isaakpresley and to all of their stans - |repost on story| - |please tag all of them <3|

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Comment a ‘🦋’ if you’re from the explore page Follow @zieglermckz for more aus💞 This isn’t a video. I just wanna see something <3 💘 Ok update even though no one cares lol : High school is actually going pretty well. I do get a lot more homework tho which kinda sucks. And my classmates are actually really nice and I’ve talked to a few of them and made some new friends. Btw is anyone actually reading this? If you are, HI UR AWESOME ❤️ comment a ‘❤️’ if you are reading this right now : ) - Give credits if you repost or recreate this ty and have a good day🥰 Fc: 3,940 - - - - - - - - Ignore tags - - @kenzie @johnnyorlando #jenzie #kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler #johnnyorlando #jenzieisreal #jenzieedits #jenzieforever @thejohnnyhq #nadiaturner #aidanmerwarth #laurenorlando #lenzie #kadia @dalevorlando @melissagisoni @merorlando @maddieziegler #maddieziegler @famousbirthdays @hollywire @imrabid @brat #totaleclipse

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My babies🥺💞 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @kenzie @isaakpresley #kensaak #kenzieziegler #mackenzieziegler #isaakpresley

14 minutes ago

you are still my favourite chapter that i keep on re-reading night after night, till my eyes are red with tears and my heart hurts from the memories of your lost touch.

16 minutes ago

she said “ ✊ and i said “ 🤰” dt everyone

16 minutes ago

my bd is officially in 5 DAYS I’m getting so annoying abt that sorry.👉🏻👈🏻😔( no one cares but whY not ) #johnnyorlando

20 minutes ago

fuck now i miss her blonde hair. she’s too beautiful for this world. i got this from @madlsonzieglers

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My heart is getting sick 🌙 Dt :tagged Ac : no idea Please tag kenz and repost on your story , i want this to be my first notice from kenz!!☁️ @kenzie @kenzie @kenzie #kenzie #kensaak #kenzieziegler #kenzieleaked #kenzieedits #kenzedits #kenzieziegleredit #kenziefandom

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(Spam for a spam back ) Oscar 19yr.single.watching movies and playing soccer. has an a1 reply game. will give you his hoodies. goofy. loyal as fuck. very random. funny and kind to most people. good vibes. always listening to mexican music. brutally honest. only dry if you’re dry. hmu to be friends.

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i miss them and i bet u miss them too. - - @laurenorlando88 @kenzie #mackenzieziegler #kenzieziegler #laurenorlando #lenzie #omgpage #explorepage

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HAHAHA #kenzieziegler

23 minutes ago

im pretty proud of this🥺🤷🏻‍♀️ i loved this audio❣️ • @johnnyorlando • tag him : )

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babey ✨ — ac anniesvisuals cc me this is bad ngl [ #omgpage #explorepage #annieleblanc #annieleblancedit ]

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lets be honest, you kind’ve knew this was coming😂 •ac: i forgot •dt: juliana, chloe and tagged💘

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let’s start a cult #ReactivateRoseybartels rm bianca’s come back edit 🥺 fc 1,408 dt tagged @missjaydenb

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don’t you stand there staring honey 🍯 ——————————♡ —————————— omg this edit took forever only because i had to do it increments so my mom didn’t find out i had my phone 😪 ———————♡ ——————— tag them please omg

30 minutes ago

I GOT MY VS BACK!! Nobody can describe how happy I’m to “edit” again ahhhh ❥ — This suck tho haha — @kenzie #kenzieziegler

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BEFORE ZOE STANS ATTACK ME i made this so long ago i just now found it in all my old video star projects- and i just now added my wm to it I DONT HATE ZOE ANYMORE DO DONT ATTACK ME I JUST HAD NOTHING TO POST- (deleting when i finish my edit of darianka ) tag them if you want to-

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Idk if it’s just my school, BUT EVERYONE IS GETTING SICK. half of my classmates are out sick rn. Anyways enjoy this random video haha

40 minutes ago

stan kz + isaak & ashannie for clear skin 🥺💕 - @kenzie @isaakpresley @asherangel @annieleblanc (idk what kenzie and isaaks ship name is OOPS ) ——————————————————— ac. sy.mpathy dt. @kenzieleblanx @anns donut @starcoziegs @duh itsjenzie @ziegsarg 2 @okaymaes @jenzayyy @simplybartels @bobavids + the reverse gc 🥰 ——————————————————— #mackenzieziegler #kenzieziegler #kenzieziegleredit #kenzie #kenzieedits #kenzedits #selfiesforkz #youunfollowedlol #followmekenz #maddieziegler #kashton #jenzie #jenzieedits #johnnyorlando #dayandnighttour #selfiesforjvo #johnnyorlandoedit #mackannie #kayden #hannie #hannieedits #hanniefanfic #annieleblanc #annieleblancedits #annieleblancintro #explorepage #maddieziegleredit #omgpage

45 minutes ago

i felt like I haven’t posted all day lol

45 minutes ago

my bestfriend’s brother: chapter 3 Kenzie’s pov: ew, what does johnny see in her ——————————————— (Skips to lunch ) Kenzie’s pov: the whole cafeteria was full, i sat at a small table on the right corner of the cafeteria waiting for Lauren to get her food. *lauren walks towards Kenzie with a salad and pasta* K: -why does that actually look good *lauren takes a seat* L: -because it’s not the food they serve here, it’s my food i made it earlier today K: -why L: -because I’m on a diet remember *she takes a bite from her salad* K: -Lauren give me that *kenzie grabs the salad* K: -you’re already super skinny and beautiful, you don’t have to go on a diet go order two hamburgers one for me and one for you okay *lauren smiles* Lauren’s pov: see that’s what i love about Kenzie.. she cares, about what i do and how i eat. she cares about everything about me, i love her for that. as i was waiting in line to order the hamburgers Annie was standing right behind me, even listening to her breathe is annoying. A: -excuse me could you just move a little faster *lauren turns around* L: -can you just shut up for one second please? A: -who do you think you are L: -I’m Lauren A: -i can literally destroy you! *annie turns her back at Lauren and walks up to the table where johnny were sitting* Lauren’s pov: i ignored her, got my hamburgers and took a seat at me and Kenzie’s table. *kenzie grabs her hamburger and throws some money at Lauren* K: -there you go L: -thanks, ugh annie is annoying the shit outta me K: -i know what you’re talking about now, i bumped into her on accident in the hallway and she totally lost it L: -she’s talking shit about me to Johnny right now i can see it K: -just ignore her ass L: -yeahh.. anyways you wanna hang out after school? K: -always L: -eyy (skips to after school ) Kenzie’s pov: i was standing at my locker picking out some books and i put them in my backpack. then someone poked my shoulder, i turned around and it was Lauren. L: -ready to go? K: -yess (they arrive to Lauren’s house ) Kenzie’s pov: Lauren opened the door and we walked in, it was quiet at first but then johnny came towards us in sweats and Doritos. J: -hey

46 minutes ago

I’m bored and need friends so if u want to be in a gc comment below 🤩

41 minutes ago

i have an idea. anyone who’s going through shit right now or has a problem or needs advice can talk about it in the comments (if they feel comfortable doing so ) and everyone in the comments can respond giving advice, motivation, and uplifting messages. i bet most of us are going through some of the same stuff whether it’s about school, love, friends, family etc. and can relate to eachother. i feel like it would be nice to get some motivation and advice because when i’m sad that’s literally all i want. (you can also always dm me if you wanna talk privately i love helping people )

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-ッ- jaynnie excellence 😚 —— ac: idek lol fc: 2625💌 cc: vscolorin for: tagged 💫 —— #bratayley #jaynnie #annieleblanc #jaydenbartels @annieleblanc @jaydenbartels @missvitaminc_ @annieleblancxtra

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she’s so gorgeousss🥺 {🌷} 𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘰 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘰𝘸𝘦𝘥, 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘯𝘰𝘵 𝘭𝘰𝘢𝘥𝘴 {☁️} 𝘧𝘤, 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦 𝘩𝘶𝘯𝘥𝘳𝘦𝘥 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘵𝘸𝘰 ______________________________ #kenzieziegler #kenzieziegleredit #kenzieziegleredits #nadiaturner #laurenorlando #totaleclipse #annieleblanc #milliebobbybrown #garden #lfl #lforl #likeforlikes #likeforlikeback #fff #fforf #followforfollows #followforfollowback

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beyond excited for this

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@kenzie ॱ ̥* hey guys soo i've decided that i will continue to be a filter account but i probably won't be very active so yeah haha - #kenzieziegler #maddieziegler #isaakpresley #dancemoms #filter #omgpage #explorepage #gaintrick #gainpost

57 minutes ago

She block me or maybe it was her mom they obviously didn't like my opinion but I was never hating on Dani cuz at the end she is the victim of her mother's actions

58 minutes ago

— she really is the best😌 [ @annieleblanc ] — ac; my.audixs cc; me dt; annie and tagged app; video star

1 hour ago

me when my alarm sounds at 5 am:

1 hour ago

ugh tomorrow i have a speech contest and i hate speaking in public

1 hour ago

can i hold u millie omygosh 🥺💛 she’s so soft and adorable and just sweet and perfect ! 🙈💌

1 hour ago

mirror selfie queennn

1 hour ago

ughh i want to change my pfp @annieleblanc @kenzie please meet up ty

1 hour ago

you make me want to be romantic ac- idk dt- tagged

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