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5 hours ago

Great couple! 💛 @kennedyxfaith

10 hours ago

Wunderbar wandelbar. Model: @isabellebellamodel Dessous: @komfortzonebrafitting MuA: @serafina5815 Foto: @jhphotography_ch

18 hours ago

Not gonna lie, but missing the snow right now. Can't wait to be back sliding around in the wintery goodness ☺️

18 hours ago

Stay #noiso


✨Whaaaat ✨2 years of Marriage with you.💛where do I even begin? WOWIEEE what a journey. Marriage is a gift, one of the most beautiful gifts you can get. You get to live your life side by side with your favorite person. With that, marriage is one of the hardest things to do perfectly... but to be honest with you, the part that makes marriage the most beautiful thing is that it isn’t perfect, your partner isn’t perfect, and everything you try and do will not be perfect. WHY?! because marriage is about CHOOSING to love and be with the person that you vowed to stand by no matter what would happen. If I’m being honest, there have been days where I’ve had to lean on my vow and my covenant To Blake because of hard times, because we didn’t understand each other 100% of the time and because there have been disappointments. Fact is, when you get Married chances are they will be different then you are 😉 and that’s okay! I never thought I would say this in the hard moments but I LOVE BEING MARRIED TO SOMEONE WHO IS COMPLETELY OPPOSITE THEN ME! 🤪😅 haha! I love being able to recognize and learn about an entire different side and perspective that I never noticed before. His strengths have often been my weaknesses and His weaknesses have often been my strength, GO TEAM BEAVER AM I RIGHT!! 😂💛 anyways! I just wanted to share a small piece of what I have learned about marriage in the past 2 years! I am so so thankful to have been blessed with Blake Beaver and I truly could not think or choose anyone else to do this marriage thing with 💛 ahhh all the laughs, jokes, tears, road trips, travels, new friends, new living environments and hardships we have faced together have created a beautiful life that I could thank God every day for it. Thank you for choosing me to be your forever wife Blake ❤️❤️❤️ • • • ✨Photographer: @ponke ✨Makeup: @laurenlumbardxoxo @dollupbeautyco ✨Hair: @lauramcgaw12 ✨ Dress: @miosabride


In the background we can see a rainstorm

2 days ago

•|Sunrise from Kunanyi, my fave place in the world. It is a privilege to see this view, not a right. Don’t let them cut her, drill into her and scar her for profit. Don’t let them invade the homes of our wildlife #nocablecar |• • [image description: looking out from the top of a mountain, the sun is rising in the distance from behind the horizon to the middle left of the image. There is a city at the base of the mountain with a river running through the centre of it. The city lights are still on and glowing gold. The sky is dark blue with orange colours coming in from the sun]

2 days ago

Brooklyn Bridge 👭📍⠀ 📸| @raylivez

2 days ago

Probably the coolest hostel in the French alps ⛰️

2 days ago

Fun, Comfort, Affordable: HALA ROOMS at Jarrdin Apartment Cihampelas . "Cari penginapan di sentra wisata belanja & kuliner favorit kota Bandung dengan fasilitas bintang lima tapi harga terjangkau...??" .. 👉 Book Now! 📱Phone/WA/SMS: +62 822 1859-5800 🖱www.hala-holiday.com 🖱Traveloka: Hala Rooms at Jarrdin Apartment Cihampelas .... 👉 Location: Jalan Cihampelas, Bandung (dekat Ciwalk Mall & Teras Cihampelas Skywalk ) ..... 👉 Condition: Full furnished mewah. Brand new, cute and cozy interior. TV LED 32", AC, kitchen set, kulkas, water heater, wardrobe, free extra bed, sofa bed, welcome drink, toiletries ...... 👉 Facility: Swimming pool, Mini Market, security 24 jam, Cafe & Restaurant, Beauty salon, Gym, Laundry services, dan parkir Auto Park ....... 👉Additional Info: - Lokasi super strategis, akses dekat via Tol Pasteur, Stasiun KA & Bandung Airport - Sangat dekat dengan Cihampelas Walk Shopping & Culinary Arcade (Ciwalk ), Teras Cihampelas Skywalk, Bandung Princess Cake, Mangkok Manis, dll. - Akses mudah ditempuh, karena banyak travel seperti: Xtrans, Day Trans, Cipaganti Travel, dsb - Akses mudah & dekat ke sentra Factory Outlet & wisata kuliner Jalan Dago, Jalan Riau, Lembang - Akses kendaraan umum 24 jam, dekat RS Advent, RS Hasan Sadikin Bandung, RS Paru Rotinsulu - Dekat kampus ITB, STBA Yapari, Maranatha, Unpad, Sabuga ........ 👉 Room Rates mulai dari IDR 250.000,- 👉 Availabe untuk sewa Harian, Mingguan & Bulanan 👉 Tersedia layanan antar-jemput, rental mobil + driver/ guide & paket Bandung City Tour ........ #traveloka #travelokabandung #wanderlust #instatravel #forumtraveller #earthgrammer #traveller #traveldiary #jalancihampelas #jalanjalan #liburanseru #hobijalan2 #liburankeluarga #ngisiliburan #dolandolan #belanja #shopping #liburandibandung #backpacking #traveling #flashpacking #bandungzoo #familyholiday #thejarrdinapartment #cihampelaswalk #terascihampelas #rumahmode #pvjmallbandung #halarooms #bandunghalaholiday

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Central Park is an urban park in Manhattan, New York City. It is located between the Upper West Side and Upper East Side, roughly bounded by Fifth Avenue on the east, Central Park West (Eighth Avenue ) on the west, Central Park South (59th Street ) on the south, and Central Park North (110th Street ) on the north. Central Park is the most visited urban park in the United States, with an estimated 37–38 million visitors annually, and one of the most filmed locations in the world. In terms of area, Central Park is the fifth largest park in New York City, covering 843 acres! Enjoy!! ================================= 📷 Shot Info📷 📍Shutter: 1/125s 📍Aperture: F/ 7.1 📍Iso: 50 ================================= #amazingdestination #earthgrammer #earthfocus #EarthVibe #OurLonelyPlanet #OurPlanetDaily #thegreatoutdoors #grimace_586 #magicpict #ig_exquisite #thebest_capture #earthofficial #thebestdestinations #wonderful_places #nature_good #amazing_pictures #beautifulearthpix #aroundtheworldpix #welivetoexplore #ourspectacularearth #tourtheplanet #wildernessculture #watchthisinstagoody

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Even if you are unsure where this deeper place will lead, and even if you cannot articulate where it is you want to be, you are still free to take your time here, and come alive here on the journey, learning as you go, in a gentle, steady pace. #enjoytheride ☄️

3 days ago

“You get use to someone—start to like them even—and they leave. In the end, everyone leaves.” ― Rachel Ward, Numbers

2 weeks ago

• my mom told me once that when you're afraid of something, what you want more than anything else is to make it go away. you want your life back to the way it was before you found out that there was something to be afraid of. you want to build a high wall and live your old life behind it. but nothing ever stays the same. that's not your old life at all. that's your new life with a wall around it. your choice is not about going back to the way things were. your choice is about hiding, or about going right to the heart of the thing that scares you • ______________________________________________

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