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🌐🌐PHOTO OF THE DAY🌐🌐 🅒 🅞 🅝 🅖 🅡 🅐 🅣 🅤 🅛 🅐 🅣 🅘 🅞 🅝 🅢 👉 PHOTOGRAPHER: 🏆 @jeremyaustiin 👈 🌍 LOCATION : 📍 #borabora 📸 SELECTED BY @dany effe 👍 🚶 FOLLOW 👉 @worldstyle5 ✔ HASHTAG 👉 #worldstyle5 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👤 Founder/Admin: @chrisma1105 🚫 WEB PHOTOS 🚫 STOLEN PHOTOS 📨 Gradito repost - repost or screen #Best_worldplaces #japone #lonelyplanet #oldtown #square #travels #architecture #europe #globalcapture #monument #wanderers #instatravel #Earth_Shotz #EarthPix #france #fantastic_earth #earthofficial #awesomeearth #bestdiscovery #destinationearth #ourplanetdaily #earthfocus #places #earthlandscape #treasures #depthsofearth #wildlife #maps

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🌐🌐PHOTO OF THE DAY🌐🌐 🅒 🅞 🅝 🅖 🅡 🅐 🅣 🅤 🅛 🅐 🅣 🅘 🅞 🅝 🅢 👉 PHOTOGRAPHER: 🏆 @be_bess 👈 🌍 LOCATION : 📍 #italy 📸 SELECTED BY @dany effe 👍 🚶 FOLLOW 👉 @worldstyle5 ✔ HASHTAG 👉 #worldstyle5 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👤 Founder/Admin: @chrisma1105 🚫 WEB PHOTOS 🚫 STOLEN PHOTOS 📨 Gradito repost - repost or screen #Best_worldplaces #japone #lonelyplanet #oldtown #square #travels #architecture #europe #globalcapture #monument #wanderers #instatravel #Earth_Shotz #EarthPix #france #fantastic_earth #earthofficial #awesomeearth #bestdiscovery #destinationearth #ourplanetdaily #earthfocus #places #earthlandscape #treasures #depthsofearth #wildlife #maps

7 minutes ago

On of the strengths of nature

8 minutes ago

Flowery house of South Kensington 💜 London, United Kingdom. Photo by @jesstudd

9 minutes ago

Breakfast in a nest 😍 Koh Kood Island, Thailand. Photo by @paigunna

9 minutes ago

Magical land 🤩 Taj Mahal, India. Photo by @s1ef4n

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10 minutes ago

Peaceful @nature spot 🍃 Tag someone you love! 💦 Fethiye, Turkey. Photo by @gozdepekin

10 minutes ago

How epic is this!? Swiss Alps view for a nap! 🐶🏔⛺️ Fiesch, Switzerland. Photo by @dogswiss

10 minutes ago

What a perfect composition! 🌕✨ Véroia, Greece. Photo by @argiris_karamouzas

10 minutes ago

Not too much snow? It's not a problem! 🏂 Who would you try this with? 💨 Iquique, Chile. Video by @jose_martinez_sandboard w/ @ilanpablomartinez

10 minutes ago

Furong Town in the Hunan Province of China has a beautiful natural landscape, rich Tujia ethnic folk customs and is also a perfect place to explore a lot of protected cultural relics and records of Tujia political and military history! 🇨🇳 Who would you want to go there with? Tag them! Video by @myaqua102

7 minutes ago

Blue hour. West Fjords. Iceland. Now that’s a house I could live in...

10 minutes ago

Colorful lavender fields 💜 Lavanta Kokulu Köy, Turkey. Photo by @adamaxoi

11 minutes ago

Puma’s love 😍 Torres del Paine, Chile. Photo by @tiotuyin

11 minutes ago

Swinging in paradise 🌊☀️Who would you with? 💙 Exuma, Bahamas. Video by @anastasiya_gr7

11 minutes ago

Frontyards in Cordoba 😍 Spain. Photo by @fabisverige

11 minutes ago

What a @nature view! 🌳🍃💦 Would you like to stay here? ⛰ Rize, Turkey. Video by @zeyneleskicii

11 minutes ago

Running along the beautiful Seceda mountains in South Tyrol, Italy must be an incredible experience! ⛰😍 Who would you want to do this with? Tag them! Video by @shirley films

11 minutes ago

Time for a bath 💦 Lavertezzo, Switzerland. Photo by @chrisburkard Tag who you’d like to enjoy this summer spot with ⛰

11 minutes ago

Sunset vibes 🧡 Aland Islands, Finland. Photo by @winge fi

11 minutes ago

Diving in and exploring this ancient underwater world 😍 Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. Photo by @alexkyddphoto

12 minutes ago

This past week, I learned a lot about my own physical capabilities and limits. I ventured out on the John Muir trail with a nearly 45 pound backpack, which I haven’t done before, and it was too heavy. That’s almost half of my body weight, and carrying it was starting to injure my back, hips and legs. I spent weeks narrowing down gear, bringing as little as possible while still being comfortable, but the weight of carrying 7 days worth of food in a legally required 3 pound bear canister on top of my sleeping bag, pad, tent, fuel, and warm clothes for the 25° nights was too heavy. It’s not worth permanently injuring myself to do something that I can always do next year, so I’ve decided since this is in my own backyard basically, I’ll try again next summer and do the trail in shorter, 4-5 day sections instead of 2.5 weeks straight. This experience honestly just strengthened my love for the mountains. We did succeed in hiking all the way from Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite to Mammoth Mountain which I feel is a huge accomplishment in itself. We hiked over an 11,000ft pass carrying almost 1/2 our body weight on our backs. The scenery we saw was epic, I got to see this lake which I had been wanting to see for the past 2 years. I’m not sure I’m quite done with the Sierras yet for this summer, might plan something for Labor Day weekend! Also, I managed to take public transportation the entire 300 mile journey from Mammoth back to San Francisco which is pretty awesome. Grateful that California has so much public transportation!

14 minutes ago

No ski doesn’t always mean no fun. 🎿🚫🌈. . . . . @gracepenman 📸

18 minutes ago

“Sia-sia adalah jika waktu berhargamu digunakan untuk mengomentari orang lain” . . . 📍Candi Arjuna

19 minutes ago

#repost @dope4travel

19 minutes ago

Evening walk in Drammen

17 minutes ago

Good afternoon🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 Could not find a better place. But ok here.👍👍 Добрый день🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 Не смог найти лучшего места. Но хорошо здесь.👍👍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #beautiful_captures #beautiful #nature #naturephotography #goodmorning #pic #picoftheday #picture #pictureoftheday #photography #insta #instagood #instagram #instadaily #travel #travelgram #travelblogger #awesome #amazing #awesomeearth #selfie #follow #love #exploremore #reebok #sport #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #follow4followback #follow

May 2019

Pralongia-Dolomites, Italy

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