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33 minutes ago

Lake Bled, one of the many picturesque places Slovenia has to offer.

43 minutes ago

A little reminder of all the magic that surrounds us 🌝

2 hours ago

Hagia Sophia - This byzantine beauty is better than baklava. 😍

4 hours ago

Phaya naga are mythical serpents that are believed to live in the Mekong river and other waterways of Laos. . A protector of the Lao people, Naga are particularly revered by those who live by rivers and waterways. Before any outing, boatmen will pray to the Naga and give offerings and during boat racing season, participants will bow in unison to the Naga before participating in a race. . The belief in naga is shown in many other ways throughout Laos. Body tattoos of the naga are popular among elderly men; Tai-daeng people avoid wrapping their heads in red cloth so as not to offend the Naga (as he himself has a red crest ) and Naga patterns are seen in many traditional Lao weaving designs. . This gorgeous wooden carved Naga resides at Wat Sisaket in Vientiane capital.

5 hours ago

Family history is something I’ve been curious about for as long as I can remember. Over time, I’ve collected pieces of my mom’s and her parents’ immigration story by asking them questions whenever I found a gap that needed to be filled. I thought I had all of the pieces of the puzzle, that there was nothing else to learn. Then I did 23andme in January, and it sparked a new chapter of curiosity. Not because my ancestry results were surprising (I am a true child of the Mediterranean 🙌🏼 ), but because it reminded me how much more there still was to learn. ⁣ 〰️ ⁣ The time we spent in Campania this July was a way for me to reconnect with the land where my mom and her parents came from and my family still living there. It felt new; it felt familiar. ⁣I picked up a few pieces of history from my cousins despite the language barrier, and even more from my Aunt Mary in Switzerland that I never imagined were part of the story. I’ll get to that, later.⁣ 〰️⁣ Our trip to Europe started conversations that are filling in some of the gaps on my mom’s side, but my dad’s family history is a vacuum. All I know is some of his relatives came from Calabria, but I don’t know exactly where or who or when. He only had one grandparent as a kid and didn’t ask questions. After today, I know there will be many gaps I can never fill. My Great Uncle Joe had some of the answers, and I had been meaning to ask if I could talk to him. But I kept putting it off, assuming there would always be time. He was diagnosed with metastatic cancer last week after not feeling well for months. Today, he died. He was the kind of person who would light you up whenever you saw him.⁣ 〰️⁣ This is all to say, if you have important questions to ask, or connections to make, don’t keep shoving it off until it’s convenient. I’ve always wanted to learn to cook old family recipes that aren’t written down, and I hope I can do that the next time I see my grandparents I do have. Tomorrow is never certain.

6 hours ago

📷 @_charyse ・S O U N D O N・ “A baby whale floated to the surface turning over to come and say hello to me, then making a pass around the group before heading back down to its mother.”

6 hours ago

A baby whale floated to the surface turning over to come and say hello to me, then making a pass around the group before heading back down to its mother.

6 hours ago

Old planes, young pilots, weather delays, short runways nestled deep in valleys and high on ridges, incredible views, cotton balls passed out on takeoff to protect passenger’s ears from the roaring of the engines. I could definitely shoot a whole project on domestic air-travel in Nepal.

4 hours ago

Nighttime ritual. Sweat dreams are made of these freshly baked treats delivered at turndown. #MacArthurPlace

7 hours ago

• Please treat with care.

7 hours ago

‘This is a private institution and we don’t let visitors in our libraries.’ Then what is this Visitor Registration Kiosk, I point to a nearby registration desk. ‘Oh, it’s for visitors who are here for research.’ Well, I happen to be a renowned researcher in my village, and I must research posthaste. Really, library lady at Stanford? • • • #waqlibrarytour #visitcalifornia #sfpulse #paloalto

8 hours ago

Google reminded me that 8 years ago I went on a bike tour along the Appian Way to the incredible Parco degli Acquedotti with @topbikerental in #Rome 🚴‍♀️ I learned the hard way that the saying “it’s just like riding a bike” is not always true. 🤦‍♀️ At least there was a good story to tell. Link in profile to read more. #travel

8 hours ago

Los Chidos

8 hours ago

Once Upon a Time in Porto 🇵🇹

9 hours ago

n.b. Not in Italy, just living in the past ☀️ @galleriagiorgiofranchetti

10 hours ago

Take-out Happy Hour starts in 1 hour 🥡 📷: Pancit Bihon 🇵🇭 ・ From 5pm - 6pm 》10% off $25, 15% off $50, 20% off $75 》 Call (307 ) 200-6436

11 hours ago

Summer nights

12 hours ago

Mexico, Nevado de Toluca (4680 m ) Все-таки фотографию во многом делает свет. Согласны? ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #thegreatoutdoors #iamatraveler #traveldeeper #roamtravels #nikonnofilter #bbctravel #afarmag #volcano #nevadodetoluca #mexico #mountain_quest_mexico

10 hours ago

A few minutes after some kids ran zigzagging down the beach, dragging their driftwood sticks in the sand 👌🏼 I used to love doing this as a kid! (On very different beaches, though ) 🙃

14 hours ago

Summer memories... Cudillero, a coastal village in Asturias is one of the prettiest places I've visited this summer. And what about you? Which places you've been to, you liked the most? *** Letnie wspomnienia... Cudillero, nadmorskie miasteczko w Asturii to bez wątpienia jedno z najpiękniejszych miejsc, jakie odwiedziłam tego lata. A wy które odwiedzone w tym roku miejsce wspominacie najlepiej? *** #cudillero #cudilleroasturias #asturias #ok_asturias #ok_spain #world_spain #travel_magazine #visitspain #spain_vacations #culturetrip #afarmag #departuresmag #iamatraveler #passionpassport #PPSummerPostcard #postcardfromtheworld #hello_worldpics #alluring_villages #kings_villages #map_of_europe #travel_drops_ #prettylittletrips #traveleroftheweek #discoverunder10k #suitcasetravels #cbviews #blogpodróżniczy #kochampodroze #prostozpodrozy #polishtravelbloggers

15 hours ago

Laughter is a universal language. This is one of the sweetest women we met on our trek through Panpet. When our words fell short (even with a guide ) we were comforted by a contagious laughter. #panpet #loikaw #myanmar #gingersexplore

15 hours ago

ⴾ all the feels for the tile goodness today by @anitabursheh in Amman♦️ #nomadandjules

15 hours ago

this little island was our last stop in croatia. korčula has some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, rolling vineyards, and charming little villages built up along the seaside cliffs. read more about our time here on my blog on the adriatic coast! link in bio. 💙

16 hours ago

Take me back 🎈🇹🇷

16 hours ago

you can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather Ms.Jackson

17 hours ago

Learning etymologies and origins of names definitely add more dimensions to your travel experience •• As with any natural formations that look less ordinary than others, we found a certain rock formation named ‘Irish Lady’ to be of a particularly interesting story: An Irish shipwreck from a storm had caused all those aboard to perish in the sea except for a lady. She somehow barely survived on top of this rock formation, but soon she succumbed her life to the sea and the locals watched helplessly as her body was washed away. •• Legend has it that fishermen would see the Irish Lady when the winds and waves are high. —— 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 coastal beauties of cornwall 📝 clockwisetravel.com —— #clockwisetravel #travelwriter #travelingblogger #newblogposts #ppsummerpostcard #rgphoto #instabritain #traveldeeper #fodorsonthego #walkingcornwall #explore_britain #pathport #afarmag #iamatraveler #tlpicks #mytinyatlas #britishseasides #travelgram #lovegreatbritain #culturetrip #travellingthroughtheworld #ricksteveseurope #bbctravel #bradttravels #ocean #coast #explorecornwall #travelengland #travelgreatbritain #landsend

6 hours ago

Coasting near #santacruzisland / #afarmag #travel

18 hours ago

Going through my summer pictures and found this beauty from our quick stop in Brussels. We were jet lagged and happy to be in the capital of Europe.

18 hours ago

kebabs and jumpers

18 hours ago

It's the FINAL DAY! Don't forget to submit your photos to the #AFARphotoawards for the chance to win $5,000 in cash, publication in AFAR, United Polaris business class tickets, and MORE. Head to the link in our bio to enter by tonight, or tag a friend who just might win. It's just $10 for the first 3 entries. Enter now. Photo submitted by @adelethomas_photo #afarmag #traveldeeper

19 hours ago

Ruling over the kingdom 👑

20 hours ago

The Pak Ou Caves north of Luang Prabang are home to thousands of Buddha statues ranging from the size of a thumb, to meters tall.

19 hours ago

A Room with a View Tag a friend who would like this view! . While Hotel Miramalfi doesn't have the largest rooms, it does have one amazing thing - a spectacular location up and on the edge of the water with stunning views that look back towards Amalfi Coast . Here I am on the balcony catching the glorious scene during blue hour. Being a bit away from the town center, it has views and spaces that open up to the breezes and sea, making the journey there really worth it . . . . . . #amalfi #ocean #bluehour #miramalfi #miramalfihotel #amalficoast #visitamalficoast #beautiful__travel #travelphotography #igtravel #italy_vacations #bestplacesmagazine #best_amalficoast #ig_amalficoast #amalficoast_ #theprettycities #igersitalia #rsa_main #tv_aqua #destination_amalficoast #jj_seasons #raw_italy #raw_waters #raw_mod #raw_community_members #yourshotphotographer #traveldeeper #culturetrip #afarmag #raw_members_travel

22 hours ago

Good morning from Reims! Off to explore the cellars of @champagnepommery

23 hours ago

MOSES. KING OF THE SLAVES & FACTOTUM. ENSLAVED HERE 1762 - 1812. . . . One of the things I deeply appreciate about living and traveling in Connecticut is that every inch of the state is saturated with history. Stories of the past are everywhere, often right under your feet. The Witness Stones Project in Guilford is one way local people have chosen to remember that history. These stones are placed at sites where enslaved African Americans were known to have lived and worked. The idea comes from the German Stolpersteine, or Stumbling Stones, which mark locations where Jews and others murdered by the Nazis once lived. . . . The Guilford stones were placed in downtown sidewalks to “pique the interest of the researcher and viewer of the stones to cause them to find out more about the enslaved persons and slavery.” You can read more about the project, as well as about Moses and other enslaved people in Connecticut, at witnessstones.org. #thesizeofconnecticut

23 hours ago

Postcard from Berlin 💙 #ebrusphotodiary #visitberlin #berlin


99 Problems, But a man ain’t one ☝🏼 @shakeembuns


Finishing a standalone and wishing it were a trilogy📚📚📚


Your laundry = a chore ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Someone else's laundry hanging on a line in some European back alley = an Instagram opportunity


I have this thing for details. And if it involves gilding, well that just makes it even more swoon-worthy! . Detail of a side pagoda at Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang. Built around 1560 by the Lao King Setthathirath, Wat Xieng Khong sits on the tip of the Northern peninsula. . The variety of Lao mosaics and decorations at Wat Xieng Thong is why everyone falls in love with this gorgeous temple complex 💙


Phnom Penh, Cambodia


There is nothing quite like a day in the sun at Waikiki Beach. #HalepunaWaikiki


One of my favorite summer memories — hiking down to this ridiculously awesome waterfall ✨ This one checked all my boxes: clear blue water, in unique surroundings, on a perfectly sunny but cool day, without being ~super~ challenging. Oregon waterfalls WIN.


#hoian #vietnam #thubonriver #nightphotography #nightontheriver #afarmag #travelphotography #resourcetravel #cityoflanterns #kensingtontours #beautifuldestinations #sonymirrorlesscameras #a6500 #sony18 -135lens #southeastasiaphotography #foodieparadise #travelwithfriends #colorsofhoian In over two weeks of travel during the rainy season in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore, this was the only time we experienced rain...and it came down! We waited it out in an upstairs bar after wading through flooded streets. And then it stopped and we wandered through this beautiful city looking for a restaurant that had been recommended to us. Hoi An is an amazing place, and my favorite stop on our trip. Lots of people apparently agree with me.


Who wants to go for a bike ride?! I'm usually a huge walker, but biking around cities is becoming my new must-do activity every place I go, especially at night when fewer tourists are out! And how gorgeous is Krakow's Old Town (Stare Miasto )?!?! It literally stops me in my tracks -- or tires -- every time I see it!! ❤ . . And pop quiz! How much is renting a bike in Poland per hour?! . . A. Less than $.50 B. Less than $1 C. Less than $2 D. Less than $5 . . Guess in the comments! . . #digitalnomad #digitalnomadlife #digitalnomads #travelwriter #travelblogger #travelstoke #traveldeeper #travelgram #passionpassport @visitkrakow #visitkrakow #visitpoland #krakow #krakowpoland #worldnomads #itravelbecause #instatravel #instaadventure #makingalivingliving #wanderlust #workingremotely #solotravel #solofemaletravel #budgettravel #iamatraveler #afarmag #picoftheday #travelersofinstagram #travelersofig @discover krakow

6 hours ago

#TravelTuesday - In the last 365 days I had the opportunity to travel to Indonesia, Qatar, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Cook Islands & New Zealand. And I had never visited 7 out of those 8 countries before this year! I am so grateful for all of my adventures near & especially those that are far 🌍✈️⛵️ Where to in the next 365?! 🤔 ▸ ▸ ▸ ▸ #southafrica #travel #safari #sundowners #wanderlust #safaristyle #grateful #solotravel #solosafari #gamedrive #luxurysafari #sabisabi #sabisands #afternoontea #travelblog #africa #travelblogger #iamatraveler #tlpicks #thisissouthafrica #photooftheday #photography #adventure #traveltips #travelguide #followyourbliss #theadventureconcierge #afarmag

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▸ click the link in my bio to read about my unforgettable elephant interaction at @jabulanisafari 🐘💕 #traveltuesday ▸ ▸ ▸ @swaindest @relaischateaux #afarmag

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