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3 days ago

When I first began my Mountain Leader training I read in a manual that Llyn Idwal was an Aladdins cave of geology and flora and fauna. That was 18 months ago and I promised myself I'd visit and study the area. On Saturday full of excitement I finally got to visit, but was too knackered from scrambling Tryfan and Glyder Fach that all i could think of was pizza and beer post walk! Anyway, Llyn Idwal is a beautiful place that I will go back and study in depth soon. In the meantime I highly recommend the goats cheese pizza from the pub in Betws-y-coed ⛰🍕🍺 📸 @rosemarie1989

3 weeks ago

She was chaos and beauty intertwined. A tornado of roses from divine ❤

last month

Back from a fab holiday in the Scottish Highlands last week. Lots of walking and scrambling (need another holiday! ) AAA is open for business again. Get in touch for guided walks, scrambling, navigation training and wild camping experiences ⛰⛰⛰ . Link in bio #adventureawaitsall #mountainleader

last month

A happy client cooling off at Sour Milk Gill in Easedale 👍 #adventureawaitsall #mountainleader

last month

Beautiful view from Helm Crag from a couple of weeks ago on a 1-2-1 guided walk with a client around the Far Easedale Fells #adventureawaitsall #mountainleader

July 2019

Life is not just about enjoying the sunset, but looking forward to it rising again ❤

July 2019

Beautiful view from Helm Crag last Saturday on our guided walk above Far Easedale. Spending another Saturday in my outdoor office tomorrow! Living the dream ⛰❤ . Have a great weekend guys 👌 . #adventureawaitsall #AAA #mountainleader

July 2019

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have, if only we seek them with eyes open. . . . #adventureawaitsall

July 2019

18 months ago i began the journey to become a Mountain Leader. Today that journey reached its destination as I gained my qualification. I've had help and support from many along the way (to everyone who came on one of my nav courses, thank you for the experience you gave me ) . But three people in particular have gone above and beyond for me. I'd like to thank Stu and Lee ( @stu ridley @ginger_devil09 ) for accompanying me on many walks and telling me I could when I thought I couldn't. And I'd especially like to thank @rosemarie1989 for the support and patience over the last 6 months when I've bored her to tears with facts about plants and clouds. When I needed someone to believe in me, you did that and then some! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me acheive this ❤

June 2019

Just be yourself said the assessor. Not sure he meant right down to performing my usual Instagram pose 😉 (I'm actually navigating here! ) . I did promise myself that I'd not change the way I do things this weekend and that I'd be true to myself. It seems to have gone well 😊 . Half way there 🤞 #mountainleader #assessment

June 2019

After a week of cloudy tops, strong winds and heavy rain in the Highlands it would be rude not to have a wee day out in the lakes!. . . . Bagged 6 Wainwrights taking me to 143/214. . . . . #mountainsmatter #wainwrights #places_wow #landscape #nature #naturegram #wanderlust #thisismyadventure #explorepage #exploremore #getoutside #igerscumbria #igersuk #lakelandhikingcollective #fromlakelandwithlove #raw_uk #adventure #adventureawaitsall #ukhikers #thegreatoutdoors #uk_hiking #photosofengland #visitbritain #loveslakeswalks

June 2019

Pulpit Rock on Scafell Pike taken from Lords Rake! Haven't been up a mountain in absolutely ages, Thankfully I've got a weekend in the lakes followed by a week in Scotland to look forward to soon! . . . . 134/214 Wainwrights (officially counting down ) . . . #mountainsmatter #wainwrights #places_wow #landscape #nature #naturegram #wanderlust #thisismyadventure #explorepage #exploremore #getoutside #igerscumbria #igersuk #lakelandhikingcollective #fromlakelandwithlove #raw_uk #adventure #adventureawaitsall #ukhikers #thegreatoutdoors #uk_hiking #photosofengland #visitbritain #loveslakeswalks

June 2019

It feels like an age ago that I was last in the Lakes having fun. My last few solo trips have been to prepare for my Mountain Leader assessment in a few short weeks! 😬 . I've either had my head buried in a map, been dangling from a rope or getting up close and personal to spaghnum moss 🤣 . Looking forward to getting it done and being able to relax, look up and enjoy the views again 👌

May 2019

Back from a fabulous 3 days in the lakes with @rosemarie1989 We've hiked, kayaked, ate, slept, hiked more and ate more. Plenty of laughs (usually at my expense along the way ) too. . At some point I seem to have worn my shorts and socks to an acceptable manner too! Or did I? 😉 . #taller_in_real_life #GetOutside #ordnancesurvey #osmapping #adventureawaitsall #ukhikers #learnleadinspire #thegreatoutdoors #lakedistrict #lakedistrictnationalpark #lakescollective #igerslakedistrict #igerscumbria #raw_hikes #uk_hiking #thelakelanders #fromlakelandwithlove #loveslakeswalks #capturingbritain #thisismyadventure #visualofbritain #theplacetobe #ukpotd #visitbritain #ig_united_kingdom #photosofengland #wanderlust #canonphotography

May 2019

The smallest hill can create the biggest memories . . . When @rosemarie1989 and I first met we talked about the Wainwright fells, and how I found many of them boring, Binsey being top of the list... . My words were "It'll take something pretty special to get me up that lump" . So yesterday Rose made it special as we celebrated her 100th with a picnic on the summit 👌 . Binsey, I'll never look at you the same again ❤

May 2019

Can I just live in the mountains please... . Barely 12 hours back in the rat race and I want to be back there.. . After 3 days of just mine and the dogs company, I'm beginning to think that is the life for me 😁 . No drama, no stress! Just carefree thoughts of where to walk and what to eat!!

May 2019

I'm heading deep into the mountains for the next few days. I'm on the 3 network so don't anticipate having any phone signal. I hope the 5 followers who still engage with me don't miss my content too much 😉 Have a good Bank Holiday if you're up on the hills ⛰

April 2019

Here's a shot from a few weeks ago when I wasn't dying of severe man flu!! 🤧😷 . . . Yes this is a sympathy post 😉

April 2019

This time last week believe it or not!! The start of a lovely long weekend in the Lake District. . Not as optimistic about this one 🌧 Anyway have a good one if you're out ⛰

April 2019

This one is from Friday when I'd just finished a security on steep ground workshop in Langdale Valley. It was stifling hot but I decided on a hike up Pike of Blisco to finish the day off. I don't mind saying I was knackered on the way up. I really had to dig deep and roll up my trouser legs (see pic ). . At one point I stopped and was ready to admit defeat and retreat to the shade of the valley (the pub ) below, until a 5 year old boy ran past me with a 30L rucksack on his back on his way to wildcamp on the summit! I thought I was hallucinating due to heat exhaustion until I saw his parents appear too! . We can learn a lot from a child's energy and enthusiasm....he wasn't a bad photographer either 👌 📸 Toby 😉

April 2019

Jack's Rake and Easy Gully on Pavey Ark . Saw a group wildcamping just below here on the shores of Stickle Tarn on Saturday. . Got me excited for upcoming wildcamps with @ginger_devil09 & @stu ridley 👊 . This one is on the cards for sure 👌

April 2019

A spontaneous decision to bag 3 Wainwrights at 5pm last night with @rosemarie1989 and what a great decision it was. Such a beautiful night. . I love this photo Rose candidly got of me, lumps bumps and all 😉 . I may not be in the best shape of my life, but I love the way my life is shaping 👌 #graycrag #stonycovepike #hartsopdodd #wainwrights

April 2019

Since asking if Herdy Thursday was still a thing last week (Thursday ), I've been swamped with requests from herdies wanting to be featured. On Saturday I went and met this weeks feature, Gregory, who resides in Grisedale Valley. A quite cautious chap he soon warmed to me when I assured him I wasn't Welsh. I devised a simple communication system to answer questions. One chew on the grass for yes, and two chews for no. I asked Gregory if he understood this? He chewed once... Gregory began to ask me questions as I chewed on the grass...No wait, I asked the questions and he chewed on the grass! . I asked Gregory if it was wise of me to write this caption after a nightshift and being deprived of sleep as it would probably make no sense? He chewed twice and also shook his head. . I regretted not using this method of nod/shake for the yes/no questions, although he really was enjoying that grass, so.... . I thanked Gregory for his time and we went our separate ways... . Next Thursday I'll be chewing the grass with Lenny from the Langdales...Unless he can nod too? Ok Goodnight 😴

April 2019

Hello again Monday!! It soon comes around doesn't it!! What a weekend it was though. From exploring Ingleton waterfalls on Friday, to a wildcamp with Rocky Roo on Saturday, then an impromptu trip to Loughrigg Fell and Rydal caves on Sunday. Arrived home at 6pm last night and was in work for 10pm!! 😴 So worth it though. Peak District next weekend for more Nav training 👍 #liveforthenow

April 2019

"Lost in a world that doesn't exist" . Although this does exist so I'm not quite sure where I was going with that one?! 🤔 . Anyways, This is Thornton Force on the Ingleton waterfalls walk. . It has a Jurassic feel to it on parts of this route, and at £7 a head to get in, I'd have liked to have seen a brontasaurus or two 🦕 . Still a nice day out, a great one for kids too with lots of flora and fauna to see....but no dinosaurs 👍

April 2019

Hey you guys... . I'm back after a little break whilst I've been studying for my Mountain Leader assessment. Got lots done over the last week! Micro navigation near Haweswater on Saturday and lots of bedtime reading on flora and fauna, nature and the environment 😊 . I was going to take a longer break but then it struck me that quite a few people I follow are also going through this journey that i am on. So why not share experiences and knowledge? . I will be creating a highlights tab on my stories that will have all of my ML stuff to date in. I will also be doing fun quizzes and polls. Feel free to get involved even if you're not in training. . I can give you tips if youre just starting out, or you can give me tips on assessment advice. . Hope to hear from you all soon.... PS...I've missed you all ❤

March 2019

Throwback Thursday to heading up for a wildcamp on the Howgill Fells. The weather people said it would rain that night.....and boy were they right 😬 . This was also the camp that I took my son's size 13 waterproof trousers on 🙄 . Everyday is a school day as the say! I now check the weather before each hike, and that I'm not taking children's clothes with me 😏 . . . #GetOutside #ordnancesurvey #osmapping #adventureawaitsall #ukhikers #learnleadinspire #thegreatoutdoors #lakedistrict #lakedistrictnationalpark #lakescollective #igerslakedistrict #igerscumbria #raw_hikes #uk_hiking #thelakelanders #fromlakelandwithlove #loveslakeswalks #capturingbritain #thisismyadventure #visualofbritain #theplacetobe #ukpotd #visitbritain #ig_united_kingdom #photosofengland #wanderlust #canonphotography

March 2019

I wasn't going to post tonight but I've had so many messages over on my story! . I've been guilty in the past of watching my followers grow, even though I knew a lot of them were spam accounts (bots ) . Believing it would make me look popular and an Insta success I watched as it grew and grew... . However, it gets to the point when it begins to work the other way, and you find you have lots of followers but very little engagement! . I've deleted a thousand fake accounts today, and I'll delete a thousand more tomorrow. . Don't get sucked into the followers game! Engage with the accounts that you really like and make them feel appreciated and they will yours too. . It is surely more personal and satisfying to have 80 likes/comments from a 100 followers than it is to have 500 from 10,000+ . Let's make Insta enjoyable again 😊

March 2019

My favourite view of my favourite hill (local ) The place I go to when I need to think or reset. The great outdoors is the best place to clear your mind. Where is your go to place to relax? (Must be outdoors 😂 ) Reply below with where and why... . . . #GetOutside #ordnancesurvey #osmapping #adventureawaitsall #ukhikers #uk_hiking #raw_hikes #learnleadinspire #thegreatoutdoors #capturingbritain #thisismyadventure #visualofbritain #theplacetobe #ukpotd #visitbritain #ig_united_kingdom #photosofengland #wanderlust #canonphotography

March 2019

I couldn't drive so close to the Peak District without a visit to Winnats Pass and Mam Tor (my two favourite locations ) Super windy on top of both!!! . Back in the warmth of the Shrigley Hall Hotel now for dinner with @ordnancesurvey and quite a few of the #GetOutside champions. . How's your Monday been? 😏

March 2019

Great last minute hike up Roseberry Topping with @t3sa86 to catch the sunset tonight. We didn't get the sunset we hoped for, but man did we laugh 😂 . Everyone should have a Tezza in their lives....and a wind up torch 🔦 📸 @t3sa86 #roseberrytopping #northyorkmoors

March 2019

Spent a weekend in the lakes without setting foot on a fell...I felt like one of those touristy types who go to Bowness on Windermere all the time 😂 Anyway, we were having a conversation in the pub about how a GoPro distorts an image and makes everything look bigger. . So I had a look through mine and it's true!!! Look at this image I took of @ginger_devil09 and I crossing Striding Edge. Totally disproportionate....Lee is only 4'1" in real life!!

March 2019

Throwback Thursday to when I could still stand up, string more than two words together, knew my own name and what day it was!!! . Also, I might be milking this night shift a bit 🤣😴 #nightshiftproblems 📸 @rosemarie1989

March 2019

How is it even only Tuesday?! These Night shifts have knocked my body clock way out of sync! It's normally a Thursday by now right? . I'm so tired, this morning I bought a mars bar for energy, opened it and bit into the wrapper as I threw the actual bar in the bin. WTF!! . Who else works nights? Is this normal? . Anyways, here's a shot of happier times. Saturday I think it was? 🙄

March 2019

Climb to new heights... . The 'New Heights' zipped hoodie is fast becoming my favourite item of clothing when out on an adventure!! . Moisture wicking fabric, athletic fit, adjustable hood, and if that's not enough...It has thumb holes 😊 . You won't see me plugging various brands on here as I'm not one to sell myself for free kit. . But @ascendancy apparel is a company I believe in, and happily buy from myself. . Have a look at their website and if you want 10% off anything use SCOTTMAC10 at the checkout 🤙

February 2019

Green and Great Gable from near Innominate Tarn on Haystacks... . Little wonder Alfred Wainwright chose here as his final resting place! . I tell the story every time I'm up here of when I stood and paid my respects to him at the wrong Tarn 🤣 #GetOutside #ordnancesurvey #adventureawaitsall #ukhikers #learnleadinspire #thegreatoutdoors #lakedistrict #lakedistrictnationalpark #lakescollective #igerslakedistrict #igerscumbria #raw_hikes #uk_hiking #thelakelanders #fromlakelandwithlove #loveslakeswalks #capturingbritain #thisismyadventure #visualofbritain #theplacetobe #ukpotd #visitbritain #ig_united_kingdom #photosofengland #wanderlust #canonphotography

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