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Shoot📽-Edit🎨-Repeat🔁 Media Director @worldofdance & @miamidancelife

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4 days ago

#AnothaOne for the #DanceVideoTour with dancer/choreographer/editor @alexaolivier_ Thank you for everything 🤗🔥 #beast Song: @mattmaeson #cringe Studio: @showstoppermiami Film/edit: @strictlymedia @alexaolivier_

6 days ago

These guys drove an hour and a half for our event🔥🔥🔥. I'll make sure to bring the #DanceVideoTour to your city soon bro!🔥👊🏼 Choreo by @kyle_steven_coleman Dancers: @kyle_steven_coleman @dancin_dobby @donald_02_ Studio: @showstoppermiami Filmed/edit by @strictlymedia @alexaolivier_ #strictlymedia

6 days ago

Dancer: @biancarobinson_ Thank you for stopping by yesterday #killedit 👊🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌 Song: @maluma #TuVecina @tydollasign Studio: @showstoppermiami Video by @strictlymedia x @alexaolivier_ #maluma #DanceVideoTour #strictlymedia #miamidancers

1 weeks ago

Yesterday was a success! Thank you everyone that came through to our first stop in our #DanceVideoTour at @showstoppermiami And special thanks to my team behind the scenes! I could not have done it without y'all 🙌🙏🙌🙏 Dancer: @aoife porter 🔥🔥 Choreography by @itscultura Song: #SayMyName @beyonce @destinyschild

3 weeks ago

Come and get your solo filmed at the #DanceVideoTour ! ----------- 🗓June 8th at @showstoppermiam 🗓June 15th at @focalpointdance Starting at just $45 for an edited video! Check out my last post for more info or DM me! See you guys there!🤪 Choreography/dance: @itsdianapombo You're awesome! 🔥🙌 Studio: @focalpointdance Video: @strictlymedia

3 weeks ago

🎥 🚨 We are excited to present our FIRST-EVER Dance Video Tour! Buckle up! These events are a great opportunity for dancers in South Florida to get their choreography, freestyles, and overall talents professionally filmed starting at $45 for solos! SAVE THE DATE! @showstoppermiami @focalpointdance Booking Link in BIO #dance #miamidancers #dancevideo #dancers #dancestudio #creativecontent #creative #miami #miamidancelife

4 weeks ago

The homie @pxtn doing big things make sure to get his new single or you're LAME!(did that work? Are you buying it? Nice.. you're not actually lame.. ily ) 🎥 by @strictlymedia Thank you @sonja_edel for holding the reflector and then just sitting on your phone for 30 min ----------------------------------- *the following is unrelated to post* Just touched down in Miami! Announcing event details this week so stay tuned 😯 (June 8th & 15th, other dates TBA ) Until then head over to @miamidancelife and @unmutedbrand for events already announced in June! I'm excited for you guys🔥🔥🔥

last month

HEY! I want to take this time to let you all know where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. Back in October I moved out of Miami, though I've been back a couple of weekends here and there for certain gigs, being away has been a tough yet much needed experience. I’ve had a lot going on with new types of work as well as my own personal growth. In the process I’ve had to disconnect from social media and just about any form of communication especially at the beginning, which was awesome, but also bad because as a result I had to drop some clients 💔🙏. I'm usually quick to break my comfort zones, especially if it's going to help in the long run. That said, leaving was definitely a sacrifice but I was willing to make it because I knew it would benefit everyone (meaning me and all of you ). Right now I’m excited for two reasons: 👆Soon I’ll be showing you why I felt this 8-month change deserved my undivided attention. ✌I will be back in MIAMI at the end of THIS MONTH and staying for the summer! While back, I’m planning some EXCITING events in South Florida catered specifically to you- the dancers, choreographers, studios/owners, and of course, the kings and queens of it all, the parents, this ones for you #STAYTUNED for announcement next week❤🔥 Oh and hit up @strictlymedia for any media needs this summer. 👊🏼 #letsGetIt

last month

Follow @miamidancelife and stay tuned for upcoming events!! Let the #takeover begin! Highlight of the battle portion of our night @miamidancelife @worldofdance nothing but 🔥🔥🔥 Shoutout to everyone who came out to @showstoppermiami for the #WODTakeover and made this event #epic and a special thanks to the crew behind the scenes yall killed it loved working with you guys. Stay tuned, #Miami #wodtakeover #mdl #wod #worldofdancemiami

last month

Professional shoe wearer @aoife porter rocking the yellow @vans for @journeys Shot/Edit by @strictlymedia #journeys #vans #strictlymedia #unknownperspectives

last month

First international music video I had the privilege of shooting for 2 weeks ago for @cliqme 🔥🙌 Song: #LastCall #thirrjafundit *Out Now* dancer: @muriellejoy_ you're a beast, sorry for making you dance in a dirty canal lol 🙌👊🏼 #worthIt And ofc @alexaolivier_ @doc2ord for assisting me on set, would not have been able to get those dance shots without you there. #WhatAMission lol Special thanks to @seangreensdf 🤝🏼👍🏼

April 2019

Oh. New lens? False. #morningRoutine Thanks @deathwishcoffee for keeping me up during long nights of editing☕👊 #Cheers #deathwishcoffeecompany #CanYouGuysSendMeARealMugThough ? Lol ----------------------------------------------------------- *not recommended as mouthwash* unless you baller af . ------------------------------------------ 📽 by Bryan @strictlymedia

March 2019

@phil_wright_ @ashleyliai wedding #tbt cuz I wasn’t active on here at the time🙌🔥👰🏽🤵🏾💙💙 Thanks again for letting me be a part of capturing this special day 🎥 by @strictlymedia x @alexaolivier_ (thank you so much🙏🏼 ) #philwright #philwrightchoreo 💯 #strictlymedia

March 2019

Who wants one? Lil knick knack I made for my desk #maya #aftereffects #c4d #hologram #ComingSoon #strictlymedia 📽: @strictlymedia

last month

👸🏽 @shanicefernandez_ 👸🏽 @shanicefernandez_ 👸🏽 @shanicefernandez_ I should probably come out of retirement soon. 📹: @strictlymedia #polaroidoriginals #polaroid #polaroidonestep #strictlymedia #unknownperspectives

January 2019

It's been a minute but I'm back on here for a bit🙌 Been real busy and out of town for a couple months working on some stuff🔥🔥so I just now got to finish this video from like Sept or oct🤦‍♂️ (not proud of that ) either way thanks for your patience and understanding to the ones that do🔥🔥 📽 @strictlymedia Dancers: @justmaiko @evan j.smith @epfdance Music: @jeremih @chancetherapper #areYouLive 🎵🎶 #chancetherapper #jeremih

October 2018

Doesnt even scratch the surface of the amount of talent I've had the privilege of capturing here over the last year+ Thank you @mdcdancemiami_ 💥🙌😩 miss you guys 🙌🙌 When I get back though 🔥🔥🔥 #Shoutout to @jxansen for the #dope edit🔥🙌🔥 🎥 @strictlymedia

October 2018

#SneakPeak #ComingSoon Sometimes I feel like my page should be @justmaiko backup account.. hes everywhere.. too #dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Dancers: @justmaiko @evan j.smith @epfdance

October 2018

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them." 📸 @strictlymedia

October 2018

@vanessasanquiz full class video up on @mdcdancemiami_ 📽 by @strictlymedia 🔥🔥 #ICON @c.syresmith #jadensmith #strictlymedia #mdcdance #miamidancers

October 2018

Yall seen my last post yet?! 🔥🔥😛🙋‍♂️ #jbalvin #davidguetta

October 2018

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge @sonja_edel with the vocals🔥 📽 @strictlymedia @jbalvin @davidguetta #saymyname Dancers: @sonja_edel @xander_95 @mykeemoves @vanecia a @sammlugo Choreo by @janethbriceno #strictlymedia #miamidancers #fuego #jbalvin #davidguetta

October 2018

Originally the drone was supposed to come down and through the driver side window and out the passenger window and then through the tunnel... drone went through the driver side window but never came out the other side.. I have propeller marks all over my cars ceiling, windshield, and rear view mirror.. lmao. Worth it. Drones fine as you can see from this 2nd attempt 😂🔥🔥 #WorthAShot #PunIntended 🔃🚀 @alexaolivier_ 🎥 @strictlymedia #djimavicair #dji @djiglobal #mavicair #dronestagram

December 2018

Gator infested waters but anything to get the shot 🔥 @alexaolivier_ #CominSoon (like 12 weeks let’s be real ) 🎥 @strictlymedia

September 2018

Check out the homie @_danijane tonight at @mdcdancemiami_ 🔥🔥🔥 #fefe @6ix9ine @nickiminaj 📽 by @strictlymedia

September 2018

@slipdance @slipdance Yall need to catch him while he's still in MIA Dope class🔥🔥🔥 at @mdcdancemiami_ #TellMe by @bobbyvshow 🎥 @strictlymedia

September 2018

I had to throw my camera really high to get that opening shot w/ @itscultura @justmaiko ☄🌎 📽 @strictlymedia 🎶 #BeBe by @6ix9ine ft. @anuel_2blea #6ix9ine #treyway #tekashi69 #anuelaa #strictlymedia #justmaiko #cultura

September 2018

"Can I get that vid-" No. "Love your work we should collabor-" No. "Hey you're kinda cute wanna grab a-" No.

September 2018

🔥🔥 been a while @gino__cosculluela 🔥🔥 Studio: @focalpointdance 📽: @strictlymedia Edit: @alexaolivier_

September 2018

Many blessing to the newly weds 🙌🙌wishing you guys the best 🙌💘!!💘 @janelleginestra @willdabeast__ 💘 @mdcdancemiami_

August 2018

Yall catch that last post ??🔥🔥🙊 Probably not cuz I posted at midnight lol 🤷‍♂️ @vanessasanquiz @iamyashua #pena @mdcdancemiami_ @strictlymedia

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