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🇲🇾🇸🇬 新谣作词作曲者兼小歌手 A boy who likes to compose💕 马来西亚参与电影 - 《钟老师与魔鬼班》 Vote for C02 and W02 !! ⬇️

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December 2018

All I want for 🎄Christmas🎄 is to be step. 😎

February 2018

Top 6 in 2018? No worries. Top 3 in 2019!

February 2018

🐶 初三快乐哟!

August 2017

Last but not least. A big grp picture 💕 #cpcll

June 2017

Really ah no pics to post ah anyhow post ah. U guys also can anyhow like de ah . #TbGenting

May 2017

What is love at the first sight. When I was a newborn child. When it was my first time to open my eyes. She was the first one I look at. She is so fabulous. She has those big and sparkling eyes. Her beautiful voice always wakes me up every single morning. It's been fifteen years... It is time for me to hold your hands like you did when I was young... It is time for me to cook a meal for you like you did whenever I am hungry. You are tired, I know . It is time for me to take care of you 😊 Happy Mother's Day , Mom. ❤ #MothersDay #140517💕 #ILUMom

March 2017

So this is a story about a girl. 14 years ago, there was an amazing girl being brought to this world. She is so great that I cannot forget about her as everytime the only thing she gives to me is fun and happiness ! Her cuteness 😊 and kindness make me feel comfortable to talk to her. Haizzz, recall back to primary school , I everyday make you angry 😂😂😂 HAHAHAHAHAHA and childish things happened lol HAHAHAH . Until the last day of school, the Friendship High Tea... I regretted so much that I did not take a proper photo with you ! However I feel so blessed you never forget me until now and still willing to "date" me everytime 😄😄 . Today , its your birthday ! Thanks for all your nonsense 😂 and your late presents ! The cap is really nice! Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ,STELLA ☺✨💝🎉

March 2017

Happy Birthday to myselff! @justdamien_ @not_the_official_jk @_kenkaori @berrnicezzz @tonggxinn Thanksss for the presenttt! @buibuikiat Its ok lah don need buy for me ! At least U wished me a Happy Birthday! @cryhappily Thanks for yr 5 dollars emoji soft toy ! 😂😂😂 Lol . Haizzz I love u guys so much tsk ! Best day ever! #010317 #BestBdayEVERR

January 2017

Chor 1 新年快乐! Later watching KungFuYoGa! #KUNGFUYOGA #JACKIECHAN #CHOR1 #happynewyear 🎉

January 2017

We met again ☺😃😃

December 2016

在此告一个段落, 我们有缘再见 ☺ #SchoolHero7 #XtraShooting #KILLgreeeeeeen

December 2016

真的~ 四年了。。。 四年前的我只能靠在您的肩膀。。。 四年后,我们又见面了! 非常高兴又能和您合作! 您的教导让我能更加专业! 谢谢您! #SchoolHero7 #校园小先锋系列7 #四年前四年后

November 2016

"Kungfu Panda 4" coming soon... Only in cinema ! 🎥🎬😂

October 2016

Last family photo before we leave each other for two months.😞☺ #271016💕

September 2016

Hehe last post here . Happy Birthday to @samantha_peh ! Next time free again can have gatherings too! Hahaha my girls my boys , happy to see u all grew up! Love u guys ! #160916 #happysquad 😘

June 2016

Thanks dad! Thanks for working so hard everyday just to give me a better life! I love u dad! Happy Father's Day! #GENTINGHIGHLAND #FATHERSDAY #190616💗

June 2016

Like what I said, no matter where we go... Our hearts are always together! Specially thanks to @hiseutella for charging me so much for the popcorn😂😂 #AlphaTeam #Young &Fabulous #ExWRPS #WeAreAwesome

May 2016

"Someday, I'll be, living in a big old city~" MEAN- Taylor Swift.

May 2016

Happy Mother's Day!!! Thank you mummy for being such a patient mom through all these years. I know you are tired and that is why there is festival called, Mother's Day! It's your day, mom, I love you. #HAPPYMOTHERSDAY #UMISUSHI