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10 hours ago

Indigo rose tomatoes in the garden. 4 spots left in our year long gardening intensive course. It meets in person 5 weekends over the course of the year here at Worlds End showing students everything from planning a garden map, soil testing, seed starting, transplanting, maintenance, harvesting and cooking. In between sessions the small group communicates and has questions answered by @farmermeg read all the details on our website and hit me with questions. This new program is going to be life giving!


Bake sale at the @therootcommunity today with these two queens. One more week of residencies upstate and then we spend some time alone planning for the future. 2020 calendar coming in October.

4 days ago

It’s almost obscene

5 days ago

Wrote about the changing landscape of Floristry on the blog this morning so go have at it and leave me your thoughts in the comments. You know I live for them

6 days ago

How lucky are we to have @xinyilimmm here cooking as a test run to our cooking residency program?! Her food is stretching my ideas around how to use our garden vegetables; will show you more as the week goes on. Thank you Xin!

1 weeks ago

Eating out of the garden is one of the best parts of living at (and visiting ) Worlds End. @zoewonfor sourdough crackers too. Are you considering our year long intensive gardening class with @farmermeg but have questions or want a payment plan? Ask here Or email me. This direction of teaching for us is really important.

2 weeks ago

Our yearlong gardening intensive course is up on our website today: spend a year visiting us across the seasons to learn from @farmermeg the Worlds End approach to growing food and flowers. Students work on their own gardens in between sessions and can relay their experiences and questions to the group and Meg weekly. I wanna make gardeners of you all; but it takes time. Let’s do this

2 weeks ago

My sample arrangement from today’s class; choke cherry, foxgloves, sweet peas, lisianthus, nicotiana and amaranthus

2 weeks ago

In a whirlwind here. Small simple pleasures of homegrown carnations and fresh eggs (and my vet tech bucket ) reminding me that scarcity is a frame of mind I have to consciously fight off every minute. New residents arrived tonight and with them more ideas, more support and more opportunities to connect. Connection with each other and nature; our best tools for making change.

3 weeks ago

Coreopsis in the field. I want so many more varieties next year. Why? Because I’m STILL ON A CRUSADE FOR POPULARIZING YELLOW OUT HERE

3 weeks ago

Anyone else looked at this? It’s makes clear what probably so many of us are thinking and feeling. It is reminding me that it’s ok to use business and commerce to make good lives for myself, and the people, plants and animals closest to me. This year on the farm I’ve been so angry at all the injustices inherent in capitalism but it’s just consuming me and feels like drowning.

3 weeks ago

At my desk with a sunflower. People can change after all.

3 weeks ago

India, a beautiful ewe in our flock of Icelandic’s.

3 weeks ago

I wanted to find a way to reuse the hundreds of yards of discarded twine from the hay bales we feed sheep all winter. I wanted something practical that everyone needs. I called @zoewonfor at @fuzzindustries and the pictured string bikini was born. No need to be envious, custom order yours today. Write this down; 1-800-FUZZ

3 weeks ago

Good morning from the garden! We’re planning a home gardening intensive course that takes place over a whole year starting this October. Want you to have this too...

3 weeks ago

Annemarie O’Sullivan teaching A SECOND class here in upstate NY October 12-13...students will make a berry basket. Link in profile. Photo by @aluncallenderphoto

4 weeks ago

Been thinking a lot about decoration and how it happens intentionally and also unintentionally. But aside from that there’s something horrifyingly wrong with this photo. Any guesses??

4 weeks ago

Saipua family portrait tonight.

4 weeks ago

Our olive oil monthly SOAP SUBSCRIPTION is live on the website; for $34/month you get two bars of soap mailed to you - one is wrapped beautifully the other is naked for you to use right away. Use it! Don’t hoard it in your underwear drawer!

5 weeks ago

It would take a lifetime to write about what’s transpired here in the last 6 weeks. If you’ve come, you have a sense of knowing it. Thank you to our coyote cafeteria guests and our residents who make the journey here and most of all to our family, staff and apprentices —thank you for believing in this emerging project and sticking with us through the highs and lows. Making magic is our best defense in these strange times.

last month

Time to slaughter the fattened lamb.

last month

Forget me knots

last month

My favorite coyote

last month

This morning from my studio... Still spots left in Sunday July 28th floral class. You could come for our Supernature party (that Friday ) and stay for the whole weekend. The ULTIMATE SUMMER FANTASY!

last month

Mandy and Steve from @3porchfarm are here this week helping to fulfill my dream of offering space for rest and rejuvenation to hard working farmers in exchange for their good company and ideas ❤️

last month

Wanna take the soapmaking class July 20th? Stay the night as our guest in the tiny heartbreak hotel room. DM for details / one student only

last month


last month

About to launch a new monthly soap subscription; working on direct to consumer soap sales is one way we are hoping to support our new school here; and also if you haven’t tried it; Susan’s olive oil soaps are sublime! I love you mom and I love this thing we’ve been working on together! (Susan also is an amazing bartender and is moonlighting at our SUPERNATURE fundraiser 🍸 )

last month

Centauria imperialis blooming in the field

last month

SUPERNATURE IS OUR FARM DINNER DISCO FUNDRAISER JULY 26TH...Susan’s martini bar! lamb meatball dinner! 40” disco ball! .... take a leap, make the trip, eat and dance with us! link to tickets in profile. 🙏 @njorg for the gif

last month

@floretflower ‘s ‘amazing grey’ poppies. Erin i wish you were closer and we could geek out in the field together. Thank you for knowing what’s good and sorting seed for all of us.

last month

Poppies, campanula, gooseberry, borage from our gardens here. A few spots in July 14th and 28th all day floral study / link in profile. A good opportunity to unravel and rethink how we work with flowers whether it be for pleasure or business.

last month

I can’t believe I get to live here

last month

SUPERNATURE; it’s a lamb-meatball-dinner-disco here at Worlds End July 26; inspired the Cerrone song and the film Climax but without the LSD. LINK IN PROFILE FOR TICKETS! come spend the weekend in paradise and celebrate the potential of our collective future with nature! I want to feed you and dance with you ❤️

last month

On the workbench tonight

last month

Blankets made with 100% worlds end Icelandic wool spun and woven here in NY state! Took us 2 years to make these. In the process I have learned so much about the deep economics of farming and craft and the notion of value - its complicated to price these 12 blankets but eventually we will and then you can buy one here at the gift shop at Worlds End together with a visit to the sheep and an earful from me about shepherding and the weaving industry : )

last month

Imagine! Annemarie O’Sullivan, stateside this autumn teaching basket making here at Worlds End! I’m so excited to host this amazing crafts woman; 6 spots left in her class here in upstate NY October in profile. Photo by @aluncallenderphoto

June 2019

the most exciting secret thing talked about in my circles of friends is the end of 'Floristry', and when I am ready I'll tell you all about it.

June 2019

@nicamille 🙏🙏🙏

June 2019

Pentti. My dad. An elusive, complicated man who has taught me so many strange lessons about life and how to be in the world. He is everything to me tonight.

June 2019

All the ewes tonight on new grass.

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