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15 hours ago

tour starts on saturday. see u there 🕊 sabrinaclaudio.com/tour

4 days ago

‘THAT’S WHY I LOVE YOU’ visual out now 🍯♥️ @inglewoodsir

2 weeks ago

in good hands...♥️

2 weeks ago

blessed to be a part of this one’s upcoming album 💚 ‘COMPROMISE’ song/visual out now. we’ll see you on tour starting in a couple weeks ; ) @sogallant

2 weeks ago

i’m a perfectionist & stubborn af. i’m introverted & have a difficult time feeling outloud. i’m loyal. i prefer to nurture others more than i do myself. i’m my biggest critic & my biggest fan. i’m goal driven. i’m a home body & like 89 years old in my mind. i know what i want 97% of the time. i’m THE most private person i know, i have really bad paranoia. i’m sensitive as hell but my exterior is as hard as a rock (i wish i could change that ). i want to see everyone around me win & i find fulfillment in pushing them til they do. i have an attitude but would rather be hurt than hurt someone. i have terrible trust issues. i love animals, food, & the people in my life...like a lot. from age 0 to maybe 17, i was the most insecure person in the world. literally found who i was as a woman like 4 years ago. i’m prideful, my answer will always be “yeah i’m fine”. i love you & i wish it was easier for me to just fckn say it. i’m kinda crazy af. i really enjoy crying (psycho ) & would kill for the people i love. a little bit about me...what’s ur sign lol

3 weeks ago

honored & grateful. thank you @inglewoodsir for having me on your album 🖤 go stream “Chasing Summer”

4 weeks ago

“ON MY SHOULDERS” visual out now. link in bio. which one’s your mood? 🔪 song produced by @sadmoney & @govi 🖤

4 weeks ago

little devil 🖤 “ON MY SHOULDERS” visual out now. link in bio. did you watch yet?

4 weeks ago

“ON MY SHOULDERS” visual out now. link in bio directed by myself with help from @coreycwaters & amazing team. this was a passion project for me as i relate to this on a whoooole ‘nother level. conceptually about fighting our own demons, no matter how tempting & convincing they can be, in order to believe that we are worthy of love. in other words, i got mad trust issues...

4 weeks ago

🇨🇺 & 🇵🇷

last month

tour starts next month 🧚‍♂️🧜‍♂️ what city am i seeing you in? sabrinaclaudio.com/tour

last month

“HOLDING THE GUN” behind the scenes now on youtube.com/sabrinaclaudio 🖤💀

last month

a piece of a story i’ve written. listen

last month

what’s a cute green emoji 🥝

last month

“HOLDING THE GUN” OUT NOW 🖤💀 link in bio. Thank you to every single person involved in creating this visual- you’re all so very important to me. I’m so freakin proud of this you have no idea!! @ozziep thanks for being my absolute fav person ever. @govi we did THAT!!! Let me know what you guys think 🖤💀🖤

last month

“HOLDING THE GUN” SONG & VISUAL OUT TOMORROW 1PM EST/10AM PST 🖤💀 click the link in my bio before that time to join the countdown...i might just be in the chat ; )

last month

when in korea... @cosmopolitankorea

last month

last stop in our asia run...what a way to end. I’m on a high for the rest of my life ♥️ thank you. s/o to the boys & my team for being on this journey with me

last month

Last night i was reminded of my purpose yet again. My music travels across the world y’all...my first time out of north america & this is my welcome. I’m blessed & humbled. almost broke down in tears, had to keep it together, girl! life is craaazyyyy. INDONESIA!!!!!! ♥️🌎

July 2019

my love for you is infinite...i’d ride & die & live in it

July 2019

i’d take your bullets even if it were you holding the gun

July 2019

mood cause i’ve released an extra 200 tickets for my show at the WILTERN in LA...oh & i’m adding a SECOND LA show at the WILTERN 🧜‍♀️💕 tickets to the full tour in my bio. i love you, see you in your city

June 2019

TOUR TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW YAAAAY 🖤🖤🖤 link in bio! meet & greets are AVAILABLE. If you already purchased your tickets, you can UPGRADE them!! Can’t wait give you life, & sing our hearts out together. 🖤 what songs should i put in the set list tho...let me know

June 2019

USA/CANADA/UK/EUROPE i’m coming for youuu this fall 🖤 sign up for my mailing list NOW to get your presale tickets TOMORROW at sabrinaclaudio.com/mailing-list 🖤 General tickets on sale FRIDAY 10am local

June 2019

“As long as you’re asleep” out on soundcloud & youtube. link in bio 💕 thank you for the abundance of love. i hope you sing your heart out the same way i do everytime. damn, i can’t wait to sing this with y’all in person (soon😉 )!!!!

June 2019

“As Long As You’re Asleep” out now only on soundcloud & youtube. link in bio 🖤 i’m taking it back to my roots. My love for singing started on youtube making covers & my career started on soundcloud when i made the decision to finally release my original music. This song gives me that feeling i had when i first discovered my love for what i do. I wrote this with @harloemusic the first time we met. Feels like that day was absolutely meant to be. Harloe, i thank you for opening up to me & allowing me to be your diary. For spilling your heart out & giving me this story that is now written into “As Long As You’re Asleep”. Thank you to @mikewoodss & @sadmoneymusic for creating the soundtrack to our new love story & to @dannydoesmusic for catching the essence of every emotion. One of my favs ever 🖤 i hope you guys love it, too.

June 2019

was thinking of dropping this on friday maybe...

June 2019

hiiii, have you heard “all my love” by @wale & i yet? 💌 s/o to @yungxansei & @iamivoryscott so proud to be a part of this!!

June 2019

sir 🖤

June 2019

i’ve been in my head. i think i’m ready to come out now

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