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#PUBG goes mobile! The original Battle Royale game is now available on your device! Download #pubgmobile on iOS or Android and check out new trailer 🔻

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12 hours ago

Things are heating up this summer, so party on with us in PUBG MOBILE with the release of Royale Pass Season 8! Collect new Outfits, Weapon Finishes, Emotes, and much, much more! It's live now, get in game!

15 hours ago

It was amazing to get out to Anime Expo 2019, meet PUBG MOBILE fans, and introduce a lot of new folks to our amazing game. Where should we go next?

20 hours ago

RRQ and ELG are two top teams, but they'll be facing an array of other elite organizations assembled in the PUBG MOBILE Club Open Global Finals sponsored by vivo. Will one of these teams take the final chicken dinner in Berlin?


We've got update notes available for 0.13.5 so you can see all the goodies that are coming! Check out the news section on


The PUBG MOBILE CLUB OPEN Finals in Berlin sponsored by @vivo_global are going to be absolutely huge! Catch them streaming online, or go to the three-day event to witness in person the best in the world face off! Http://


We continue to remove cheating players from PUBG MOBILE. Visit our website for a partial list of players banned between July 9 and July 15, and please keep reporting cheaters! Mobile: PC:


Royale Pass Season 7 is done, which means RP Season 8 will be here before you know it! There is an ocean of speculation floating around on what it will contain, what are you most looking forward to?

3 days ago

Are you ready to party on with PUBG MOBILE this summer? Season 8 Royale Pass is coming with new missions, new rewards, and a lot of new fun!

4 days ago

The Night Dancer is sleek and svelte, and expresses themself with a sparkling flair. Get this Outfit now in the Store!

4 days ago

A great sniper is a huge asset to any team, and SSG_Karnage was able to get the longest shot of any player in the #PMCO2019 ! Will he be a difference maker in the PMCO 2019 Finals sponsored by @vivo_global !

4 days ago

Laundry day is boring, but we're here to help! When you get a short break, you can always jump into PUBG MOBILE and play a quick round of 4v4 TDM! Play now:

5 days ago

Be sure to keep an eye on the latest #PUBGMTEAMUPMissions , you don't want to miss out on the chance to earn rewards and votes for your favorite PUBG MOBILE content creators!

6 days ago

With a cyberpunk vibe, the Elite Forces Set is a great choice for the future facing operator looking to get in and make an impact. Get it now in Classic Crates, along with the Marsh Green - QBZ!

6 days ago

Keep pushing for rank in Royale Pass Season 7, Royale Pass Season 8 will be dropping in before you know it! What were your favorite items in RP 7, and what are you looking to get in RP 8?

1 weeks ago

One of the best elements of PUBG MOBILE is you aren't tied to your keyboard anymore. You can play PUBG MOBILE anytime, anywhere. Take our new 4v4 TDM mode on the go, and play where YOU want!

1 weeks ago

The PUBG MOBILE Club Open is all about determining who the best team is, and now you have a chance to share your opinion on who the best player in the #PMCO2019 is. Vote now and earn a chance to win rewards!

2 weeks ago

The first round of voting is done for the PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge, and a few fan favorites have emerged. Don't sleep on the other creators though, there are tons of amazing talent taking part! Take a look at these finalists channels, and check out our video of their reactions to our mystery boxes over at YouTube : #PMSC2019

2 weeks ago

Sultry and savage, the Seduction Set lets all who see you know you are both beautiful and deadly. Available in the shop for a limited time, get this outfit today!

2 weeks ago

16 Teams are in the Prelims and ready to take the challenge to fight for the last 5 spots the PMCO Spring Split GLOBAL FINAL in Berlin! Which 5 teams you think will battle their way to a chance for supremacy?

2 weeks ago

Reserve your tickets now to see the best in the world strive to be #1/100 in the PUBG MOBILE Club Open Spring Split Global Finals. Join us in Berlin on July 26 - 28, prices are going up soon! For more info visit Http://

2 weeks ago

‪Season 7 Royale Pass is coming to an end, so keep an eye out for news and rumors! Do you have what it takes to persevere and conquer? All new rewards are coming, including some amazing weapon skins!‬

2 weeks ago

Team Up is here! PUBG MOBILE is about teamwork, & this summer we're teaming up with personalities from around the globe. Vote now for your favorite players, & keep an eye out for more exciting #PUBGMTEAMUP announcements. Together we conquer!

2 weeks ago

Who will be the #PUBGMTEAMUP MVP? We've scoured the globe for the celebrity who best epitomizes teamwork and competitive spirit; who do you think is worthy to represent PUBG MOBILE? Let us know!

2 weeks ago

It's going to be an exciting summer for us, with a ton of amazing partnerships! Who do you want to see Team Up with PUBG MOBILE? Check the page to vote for your favourite players and win ingame gifts! #PUBGMTEAMUP

2 weeks ago

Going to be in the Los Angeles area on July 5? Want to come to a PUBG MOBILE Party and hang out with streamers, members of the PUBG MOBILE Team, and PUBG MOBILE Cosplayers? Like free food and beverages? Well join us at the Elevate Lounge, from 6 to 9 PM. See you there!

2 weeks ago

Congrats Spacestation Gaming for your momentous victory in the #pmco2019 NA Regional Finals! The Pittsburg Knights and Lights Out are still in it as well, with a chance to qualify via the Prelims. Best of luck to all, you are facing some tough competition!

3 weeks ago

Our crackdown on cheaters in PUBG MOBILE continues. Visit our website for a partial list of players banned between June 25 and July 1, and please keep reporting cheaters! Mobile: PC:

3 weeks ago

Travel from the future with the Time Traveler Set, including a unique emote. Don't wait, get this one today in Premium Crates before it slips into yesterday!

3 weeks ago

[PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019] The road to stardom. Your vote, your voice. From July 1st to July 7th, vote for your star and make them shine! Click the link to vote: #PMSC2019 #VoteForMyStar

3 weeks ago

Demure and deceptive, no one expects the Milkmaid to be dangerous. Get this limited time outfit in the Shop, and surprise your foes with aggressive action!

3 weeks ago

Some of the teams in the PUBG MOBILE Club Open NA Finals shared their favorite drops with us. Tell us which drops you think will be most popular in the tournament!

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