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2 days ago

Anybody that’s knows me, knows I love 💐

July 2019

Love 💐

April 2019

Someone did something very nice for me this morning after coming from the lake. I really needed it. Do something nice for someone even if it's saying you appreciate them, that's all🤗

July 2018

Allergies 🤦 with me, but its all good, pre 4th July kick it! #4ofjuly #declarationof independence #wedeserveit

February 2018

Just came across this pic when i graduated from college. This lady right right Mrs.Paradise help me so much. I started to reminense about those days and staying up tell 2-3 in the morning, studying for mid terms, and finals wanting to quit, wanting to give up. She said no Im not letting you give up, cause I know your stronger then that and I know that this is what you really want and it was 100% the truth. Where I come they aspect us women T.O live off the system or a street n****. I know that I wanted to go to college and graudate with a degree. I have work for Dillards, to working for Saks Fifth Avenue. Im still hustling and working on something big for the future of my daughters. I just take Mrs. Paradise for believing in me truely! Thank you!❤❤

August 2017

It feels good giving back to my community! #creatingdestinations

August 2017

Forgiveness takes time, but its all about the ending then the beginning. #movefowardinpeace

August 2017

I pray every morning, and ask God to help me maintain my strength and faith, through him everything is possible. #blessed #alive #strive #conqour #hustle #nowahomeower #mother #friend #loyaltowholoyaltome #fuckwhatyoutalkingabout #donthavetogothere #alllovenohate #congratulate #success #lessonslearn #godshowyouthroughconquences #actions #cantkillmyvide !!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2017

May 2017

Happy mothers day to my mom @ms j711 we have been thru alot, got thru alot, and our relationship will never stop. Since day 1 you have provided, and installed the best in all 3 of your daughters. So many beautiful tears that it would feel a river of waters. I can say that I am the woman I am today because of my beautiful mother. Love you mom and happy mothers day!

May 2017

Class of 2015, this was another one of the happiest days of my life # throwback Thursday #achivements # goals #college