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💥 Gliding Hamstring Curl 💥 . Great exercise to isolate the hamstrings 🍗. What makes this exercise so great is that it requires activation in both the lifting and lowering phase of the movement. Strong hamstrings will improve your overall lower body efficiency 👌🏾. Great to do on its own or even as a warmup before big lifts. Add these in to your routine! . . . . . . #functionaltraining #sportspecific #explosiveworkout #plyometrics #strengthandconditioning #ukfitness #ukfitfam #sportsperformance #athlete #athletic #athleticdevelopment #speedandagility #explosiveness #glidinghamstringcurl #hamstringcurl #hamstringstrength #hamstrings #biomechanics #strength #muscle #letsgetit


Jeremy | Fitness & Sports

This is dope, definitely trying this‼️

2 weeks ago

Nasir Shaikh

You make it look so easy, but when we try to replicate then we realise that’s brother Faris 💪💪💪💪💪💪

2 weeks ago

Youssef, LMT

Nice! Will give it a shot 👊🏽

2 weeks ago

Geo Maddela Traballo

With your elite conditoning you must be good in sports too do you play basketball or 🏀 football 🏈

2 weeks ago

bobby couto


2 weeks ago

-⚡️- SlumAmerican

Never seen this type of movement before. Gonna give it a try tomorrow. 👍🏻

2 weeks ago

Jony Ocana

what in the actual fuck😂

2 weeks ago

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Subscribe 😊

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Sawyer Rachor


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پیج رسمی کمیته بادی بلید فدراسیون همگانی ایران رو حمایت کنید.

1 weeks ago

Maria Elo

@thomastholin vad tror du om denna?💪

6 days ago

James Veal Wrestling 🏴‍☠️

I thought he was gonna bench like that 💀 @reedparker45

5 days ago

Samuela Rokocakau

Why dont you just move the bar to a lower rack and have your feet on the ground?

5 days ago

Brenton Allen

I love this man. What a great alternative to target the hamstrings. Thank you for sharing.

3 days ago