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if 💛 was a girl btw, I was looking at @cutetrendyedits feed and saw her edit “Sunflower” I believe it was called. I loved it sm so credits to her ❣️ - just felt like posting today! not much to write for a bio, so I guess I’ll do a riddle! btw, me and moon decided to do maybe once/ a few times a week? still deciding! riddle: I am the king's, given by the the people; Used by the king, on the people who gave him; everyone obeys him because he has me. What am I? answer will be revealed on my next post! -mystic // tags #💛 #aesthetic #edits #edit #yellow #winniethepooh #smile #pikachu #pizza #fanta #behappy


HMM this is a hard riddle! Is the answer a crown?

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💜 If you repost tag me 💜

I love this 😍😍😍

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