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1 hour ago

Why #Singham is avoiding Marriage... Nikki ne Gym Jaan ni Dea Karna...

4 hours ago

Singham Endgame #FirstLook Releasing on 9th August 2050... Pre-Book tickets now and remember to Buy tickets for your Unborn Children....


Karna hi ay te Banda GYM karle, Love Shove Karna Bekaar Kudiye... kiween lagea #Demand sareyan nu ?

2 days ago

#Demand Out On Youtube Now LINK IN BIO. Movie Worldwide Releasing on 9th August. Music @desi_crew Lyrics @rajranjodhji Singers @goldydesicrew and @theshipragoyal @parmishverma @sonambajwa @ajaydevgn #ADFFilms @kumarmangatpathak @abhishekpathakk @panorama_studios @tseries official #BhushanKumar @omjeegroup @munishomjee

3 days ago

#Singham Khurd Di Date, Chaa Biscuit te Pind Da Sunset. #Demand Releasing tomorrow afternoon 💖💥 @parmishverma @sonambajwa @ajaydevgn #ADFFilms @kumarmangatpathak @abhishekpathakk @panorama_studios @tseries official #bhushankumar @omjeegroup @munishomjee

4 days ago

#bottlecapchallenge #Singham Style Kyon Paindi aa DhaKk !

4 days ago

First Song from #Singham is Coming out on the 15th. #Demand Written by my Brother @rajranjodhji Beautifully sung by @theshipragoyal and @goldydesicrew Music By @desi_crew Movie Worldwide Releasing on #9thAug @ajaydevgn @parmishverma @sonambajwa @kartarcheema @its_bhushankumar @ADF @panorama_studios Distribution @omjeegroup @AbhishekPathakk @KumarMangatpathakk T Series

5 days ago

Happy Birthday Chacha I LOVE YOU 🐯 Baby #Singham Fever all Over.

6 days ago

Like if you’re Excited for #Singham First Song from the Movie will be out on 15th 💖💖

1 weeks ago

#Respect to all the Real Heroes Working behind the Camera who Make it all Happen. The Stunt teams put their lives on the line to Bring these Death Defying Stunts on the BIG SCREEN. Thank you to #PK sir and His team for Bringing Such a Larger Than Life Cinema Experience. It’s easy to comment non sense but These Guys Literally Shut your Physics up...

2 weeks ago

How’s the #Trailer Guys ? Are you Guys excited ? DROP A COMMENT kiween Lagea #Link in #Bio for #Full #Trailer 💖💖

2 weeks ago

Link in Bio Watch Full #Trailer Released on Youtube. COMMENT YOUR FEEDBACK ON YOUTUBE. and Share if you liked it 💖💖 #Singham

2 weeks ago

Dilsher Singh has arrived. The Roar for justice has begun, Watch the trailer of Singham Punjabi Link in BIO Awaiting you feedback in the Comments section of Youtube A Panorama Studios International & Omjee Star Studios Worldwide Release on 9th August 2019. #SinghamPunjabiTrailer

2 weeks ago

When shows become a House Party. #Jammu is Love !! Thank you Jammu for always loving me.

2 weeks ago

3 Days to Go Trailer Out on 9th July ! Kaun Kaun Wait Kar Reha...

2 weeks ago

Behind every brave man is a strong woman who held it all together.....Presenting Nikki strength of Dilsher #Singham releasing #9th #august thank you for Loving the Teaser @parmishverma @sonambajwa

2 weeks ago

Thank you for your Wishes and love for the teaser #Trending2 #Singham ! Last Night was Lit 🔥

2 weeks ago

#Singham Teaser Out on #Youtube Link in Bio. Best Birthday Ever. Wishes Youtube de Deo Teaser Dekh ke 💖💖 Love you all Worldwide release on 9th August 2019 @ajaydevgn @parmishverma @sonambajwa @kartarcheema @its_bhushankumar @ADF @panorama_studios Distribution @omjeegroup @AbhishekPathakk @KumarMangatpathakk T Series

2 weeks ago

Thank you for your love and Blessings Kal nu 3:00 Waje Singham Da Teaser Yaad Naal dekheyo te SHARE kareyo ohhi Mera Birthday Gift aa 💖 Work is Worship

3 weeks ago

#Singham teaser Tomorrow 3:00 Pm ☄️💥

3 weeks ago

#Teaser of #Singham will out Tomorrow at 3:00 Pm on #Tseries official Channel !! This Video is my excitement level ! Drop a 😀 Emoji if you’re equally Excited

3 weeks ago

Soch te Blood Group Dono Positive, Super talented Aapna Favourite @theamitbhadana 💥☄️

3 weeks ago

Missing My Monkey Majorly !! Ambar Bambar 💓💖

3 weeks ago

I am excited to bring Singham on the big screen once more. Teaser out on 3rd July 2019 and Worldwide release on 9th August 2019 @ajaydevgn @parmishverma @sonambajwa @desi_crew @KartarCheema @navaniatsingh @dheerajrattan @its_bhushankumar @ADF @munishksahni @panorama_studios Distribution @omjeegroup @abhishekpathakk @Kumarmangatpathak

3 weeks ago

On My Birthday 3rd July, #Singham Da #Teaser Aa Reha Hai, Couldn’t have asked for a Better Birthday Present... Movie releasing on #9August

3 weeks ago

Like if you’re waiting for #Singham Teaser Date Will be announced TOMORROW ☄️💥 #DhaKk

4 weeks ago

Bhonkdi Kateerh Karo Time Na Kharaab...

last month

Happiness Comes in Little Smiles 💖💥

last month

Aapne ton Pehla Sadda Mapeya Da Sochida, Kholda Remote Naal Gate Bapu Kothi Da...

last month

Just appreciating little things in Life, Like annoying your Best Friends... thank you for Sending this Video, #FanLove Tag Your Buddies that you Annoy or Get annoyed By !

last month

Buri Nazar Wale #ChalOye 💥

last month

Pass Zindagi School’on Bhaween Pass Hoya Na... #ChalOye

last month

Paindi Wekh DhaKk, Meri EX Nu Mere Naal Pyaar Ho Gia... Main Keha ________ !! 3Million 300K Likes and 15K Comments ! thank you 🙏🏻

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