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2 days ago

Dudeeee... my friend and Ole lady went kayaking been gone since like 2pm it’s now 9... we got ate up by mosquitoes,tipped MULTIPLE times, lost all the beer, we were all frustrated asf well we got out at a bridge & this Chevy was driving down the road & this dude took us to my truck THANK GOD! We’d still be stranded in the middle of the sticks on the river... come to find out HES MY FUCKIMG FAN, loves my music that shits crazy I STAY REPPING MONGO,INDIANA MUTHA FUCKAAA🤙🏻 thanks dude my girlfriend was complaining about how cold/hungry she was & all my friends were frustrated as well aha much love skinnnnn💯God bless boe🤘🏻

5 weeks ago

Working on 2 new country songs “Games & Beer:30” Some lyrics 👇🏻 (Girl I cant play these games, when you & me don’t feel the same you can’t have us both you gotta pick one ) X (it’s beer thirty, This job has me stressed & thirsty put one in my hand one in my lap boss said you’re fired I said good cuz I ain’t coming back ) #GrCountryMusic 🎙

last month

LIKE/COMMENT if you’re ready for my new song”Underdogs” I’m sooooo proud of this song! This is for all my underdogs & folks that are chasing a dream. If someone says you’ll never make it PROVE THEM WRONG. NOTHINGS impossible because in impossible it says IM-POSSIBLE. If I can do it ANYONE can do it! This will be the song that blows me up/gets me Famous! We’re shooting a music video to it within a week or two. Thank you for never giving up on me I love every single one of y’all❤️ I know some of y’all get frustrated because I don’t message you but it’s because i get 1000’s of messages it’s so hard to reply just know I appreciate all of you🤙🏻 #GrCountryMusic

last month

No matter how Famous I get I’ll always drive on these backroads🌾 My brother & I used to raise hell without a license in our beat up trucks blasting “flying down a backroad” today I took a drive since I got a new truck, just pictured us chewing redman seeing how fast we could go & laughing... crazy to think people look up to me,listen to my music,want autographs,pictures from just a small town country boy like myself.

last month

Get ya a Country boy 🤠🚜🌾

last month

In my Redneck zone 🔧 I’ll fix your vehicle & heart❤️😏 i love to fix broken things & make it work again. That’s a accomplishment for me 👨‍🔧 🧰 kinda like life,if you make mistakes you can always fix them never live on the past🗣 Life’s to short to live on yesterday.Because you’ll never get yesterday back but only YOU can make your future better🙏🏻 #MechanicShit 🤙🏻

April 2019

Happy Easter skins🤘🏻 I ain’t got family that cares about me so I always got myself & fishing 🎣 S/O to the ones that got my back💯 Y’all know who you are you’re more family than my actual blood❤️ #HappyEaster 🐰

April 2019

I Don’t talk it,I live it son🤙🏻🚜💯

April 2019

Truly Blessed to open my eyes another day🙏🏻 it’s crazy to think one day we ALL will die. So live life to the fullest because tomorrow isn’t promised & when I die remember me by always standing my ground,speaking what was on my mind,standing up for what I believed in no matter what the consequences were. I never let ANYONE walk all over me & I stood up for everyone who got bullied. ALWAYS be yourself no matter how much people don’t like it never change unless it’s for the better! Much love fam❤️ ~Gabriel~

April 2019

Just a blue collar man busting my ass everyday for a check 👨🏼‍🏭🇺🇸 #DirtyHandsCleanMoney

April 2019

Country Boy SHIIITTTT 🍻🎣🌲

March 2019

When life tries to knock you down smile & say you hit like a bitch👊🏻😈⚡️

March 2019

Just an ole Country boy 🌽🚜🇺🇸

February 2019

Ladies love country boys 🐂🤠😏

February 2019


January 2019

NEVER give up... I’ve been told I sucked, to give up, stop trynna be a country artist, just work like the rest of America. Quit jobs for music,risked paying rent for studio time, lost multiple “friendships” over music because of jealousy, gettin noticed everywhere I go, spent over thousands of dollars on beats,music videos, I’ve been on the biggest stages,hungout/shared stages with talented artists,signed thousands of autographs,took thousands of pictures with my fans, etc & I’ve NEVER given up & I NEVER will weather its music or life nothing will EVER stop me. I have the heart of a lion & im very driven/dedicated I’ve risked a lot for music but as far as I’m concerned i made it! Not bad for a country dude from a small town! #GrCountryMusic 🎸

January 2019

The hardest walk you can make, is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest.

January 2019

Like/comment if you’re my #1 fan! DELETING EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T LIKE/COMMENT.. Much love to all my fans for all the continuous support❤️ New music coming Sooooon! my goal is to drop atleast 1 song/music video each month, depending on y’all. #GrCountryMusic 🎸

January 2019

LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE🤘🏻 my first cover of @kanebrown_music & @tphillipsmusic song “what’s mine is yours” I’m an upcoming country singer trying to get my name known! SHAREEEE if you like it, Thank you! Love y’all ❤️ #GrCountryArtist 🎸

January 2019

Tonight I’m really thinking about my life 💭 It’s crazy that I have people who follow me,that are my fans. It’s crazy I get messages saying my songs have saved people’s life’s, it’s crazy a guy like me from a small town is making a name for himself in country music, it’s unbelievable that I have tattoos & still get accepted, it’s crazy I write these songs & y’all really listen to them & know every word, it’s crazy everyone in my small town supports me,it’s crazy my songs are on music platforms,it’s crazy I go to Walmart & get noticed for the music & as an artist & take pictures with fans/sign autographs,it’s crazy I have big names artists wanna work with me,Sometime I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not in a dream, as far as I’m concerned I’ve made it! Wow, I’m so blessed I couldn’t be where I am without God,my family,my fans I can’t thank you enough.. I love yall❤️🙏🏻🎸

January 2019

LIKE/COMMENT/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE ❤️ new song “My Ole Man” By: Gabriel Reger Surprise, let’s start 2019 off right🙏🏻 YouTube: Gabe Reger Full song on YouTube! #GrCountryMusic 🎸

December 2018


December 2018

I told y’all I’m on 🔥 this year here’s my next single, I know for a fact y’all will relate to this song! “Whiskey numbs The Pain” 🥃💔😔 #GrCountryMusic 🎸

December 2018

Just wanna say thank you to everyone for all the positive feed back on my first new single “my ole man” & to all the radio stations that are playing it. That’s really huge to me. It’s crazy I’m looked at as being “famous” I can’t even go anywhere without being noticed it’s insane! Im very blessed🙌🏻 I’m a country artist for all y’all! I’m thinking about putting it on YouTube for everyone that can’t afford it can hear it. 2019 is our year! I love y’all & thank you for the continuous support❤️ #GrCountryArtist 🎸

December 2018

NO PAIN 👉🏻 NO GAIN 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️🙏🏻

December 2018

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever💫🙏🏻🇺🇸

December 2018

New song “My ole man” will be released on 12/25/18 on all platforms. Thank you for the continuous support I love all of y’all! This song means a lot to me, and if y’all have/had an ole man you can relate to the words. Much love -Gabriel -

December 2018

I Thank my family/God everyday for changing the boy I was. If I can change anyone can change. The devil will test your faith everyday but you have to punch him in the face & keep on trucking. Another day another dollar, if you want something go get it, don’t make excuses just do it! It’s an amazing feeling being able to work & have nice things! I’m on the path to becoming a man & nobody or anything will stop me🙏🏻 #BlueCollarWorkingMan

December 2018

Dude I’m very blessed to be out of being locked up... I thank god everyday for saving me. Was cleaning the house/weight room/studio & seen this I guess it was a reminder that life moves on & people can change thank you to my family & God 🙏🏻

December 2018

I’m gonna just focus on work for awhile & make money doing what I love. I put out a diss & it back fired. Due to the folks fans & trolls. Nobody listened to what the message was they just hated cuz I dissed their artist/reaction video person. Y’all never have my back on anything but it’s fine I just need god,family,myself. I deleted all my music/social media other than this one because I like insta & i built this from 0-where I am now. I made the right decision for my family. I never want them to be in harms way especially over lyrics/diss track. I had demons in my head & ALOT of hate in my heart now I’m doing better with my life/on the right path & God in my heart. I’ve learnt a lot in music and that’s to not trust anyone your best friend will be the one with their finger on that trigger.. I may never do music again or I might. I just will be more positive with it because I do like to make music. S/O to my actual fans I love y’all but I need a break..Sorry but not gonna have my family threatened over lyrics & to all the haters I still love y’all😘

December 2018

Hard working man🚧👷🏻‍♂️🚧 Clean money 💰🔨💰 Callused Hands🤚🏻 #Blessed 🙏🏻

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