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"Psalms 27" Single mother of 2 Klinique Klub Inc, Founder💖💚 AKA💖💚 Advocate BCU Graduate BS-Psychology MS-Special Education SeaHAWKS Fan💙💚

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3 days ago

Morning IG! I want to personal say thank to y'all for all the Birthday Blessings on yesterday, I truly felt the love which made my day even more special. Remember to love on one another and be the pusher and encourager in someone's life. ~Hebrews 10:24-25, "And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another and all the more as you see the day drawing near." Love and Blessings~Kendra❤

2 weeks ago

Hey IG! On this day 24 years ago, GOD blessed me with this amazing man you see looking back at you. I thank God for His perseverance through his process. I speak total restoration over him and that ALL will be recovered, in Jesus Name! Let man every man (naysayer ) be a liar but GOD word be true! Facebookers, helped me celebrate my son, Mr. @blessed_malik Happy Birthday Nigel, I love you!!! #Firstborn 💗💗💗 #ProudMom 💗💗💗

May 2019

Hey IG! Late post but never too late. My lovey Mother's Day gift from my son Mr. @blessed_malik my lovely card from his lovely girlfriend @yasminnandrade_ Thank you both for making me feel honored and appreciated. I love you both😘❤❤❤

April 2019

Hey IG! Happy Saturday😊Just sharing Klinique's "Butterflies on the Move" Community Service event that we do every last Saturday of the month. I wore my shirt that stated MY Shoes, MY Story, MY Testimony~Romans 8:28. Facebookers, no one can walk in your shoes, tell your story or give your testimony. This event gave us a chance to minister to the homeless but it also gave me a chance to minister to my lovely ladies. I told them that these people are apart of our community and no one could tell THEIR Story, WALK in their Shoes or TELL their Testimony! Lord I thank you for trusting me with this assignment and YOU will be GLORIFIED through it all!!! Stay true to yourself! Dont abort the Process! Honor God in everything you do!Be Brothers and Sistahs Keepers! Be God's Vessel here on earth! God's is a Promise Keeper! His Promises are YEA and AMEN....COMPLETE!🙏🏽🙌🏽❤ #TEACHABLEMOMENTS #TRUEMINISTRY #SERVENTHOOD #KLINIQUEKLUBONAMISSION #COMMUNIITYSERVICE ✌🏽💪🏽🙏🏽🙌🏽❤

April 2019

Hey IG! I was in convo with the Lord this morning and out of nowhere He simply said, "DON'T DUMMY DOWN TO MET OTHER PEOPLE'S EXPECTATIONS"! This scripture came to my remembrance...I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well. ~Psalm 139-14 NIV. "Walk in your own shoes, don't try to put on anyone else's because it may take you off track"~Kendra Ceasar 🚶🏽‍♀️💃🏽👑 #FEARFULLYANDWONDERFULLYMADE 💋💃🏽 #SPEAKYOURDESTINYSOYOURPROMISEWILLBEFULLFILLED 🙏🏽👑

March 2019

This quote was given to me some months ago from my Principal, after one of my Sistah Talks that myself and @klinique kklub did with our (Lake Worth Community High School ) young ladies. @klinique kklub Sistah Talks are to empower, enhance and discover the being from within. Today, I read it again and it spoke volumes to me even thou I had read it previously. God dropped this scripture in spirit to remind me that He is all POWERFUL and KNOWING.....For all promises of God in Him are Yes and in Him Amen, to the Glory of God through us.~2 Corinthians 1:20🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 #GODDOESTHEVALIDATIONNOTMAN #HEISYOURVENDICATOR 🙌🏽 #HESAPROMISEKEEPER 🙌🏽

March 2019

Guess who's home???? Yes, my mini me..miss her👭🏽😘❤

March 2019

Take the necessary steps because they're NECESSARY!👣👣👣 The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in Him~Psalm 37:23🙏🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽❤

February 2019

Although you are gone, You will never be forgotten, always celebrated in memory on this day....Happy Birthday Daddy, love you!!!! RIH🙏🏽😘❤❤❤

January 2019

Good morning IG! How can I even begin to celebrate this amazing woman right here??? She is my personal Intercessor, my prayer partner, my encourager and the list goes on and on! Well, I'm honored to say she is my WONDERFUL MOTHER whom I am sooooo grateful to God that He chose me to be her daughter....Thank you Mom and love you in the most deepest places of my very being. It is you whom I saw crying out before the LORD which has led me to be the Woman of God I am today. I celebrate you on your Day!!! IG, could you help me celebrate my beautiful, loving, and amazing Mom, Carol Coney! Happy Birthday Day Mom. Enjoy your day to the fullest! Love you😘😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🎉🎉🎉🎁🎁🎁😍

January 2019

Happy Founder's Day to all my Oh So Pretty Sorors! #SKEEWEE #J15 💞💚💞

January 2019

Skee Wee my Sorors Skeeeeee Weeee💞💚💞💚

January 2019

Hey IG, I love this chick right girl, my friend, my Soror, my BLOOD SISTA from the same mother, Tanisha Brown-Hobbs!!! Even thou we are night and day, I know she has me and I got her!!!! IG, help me wish my baby Sis a Happy Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Nika, I love you to the moon and back and I pray that God grants you your deepest desires in 2019!!!!!! #MySista #NewYearBaby !!!! Happy New Year!!!!! 💕💚😘🎉🎈🎉🎉🎉🎉

December 2018

Hey IG! Today is a day that was designed just for this amazing man that I have the honor of calling my brother. He is truly a brother KEEPER and selfless in all his ways. K, God is going to truly bless you for your countless selfless endeavors that you have personal done for me and my two heartbeats as well as the family! May you enjoy your day to the fullest, for you truly deserve it!!! IG, help me celebrate my youngest brother, Kareem Coney. Happy Birthday K, Love you! 😘😘😘💞💞💞

December 2018

Proverbs 19:8 To acquire wisdom is to live oneself; people who cherish understanding will prosper. I thank God for where He is taking me and my girls "Klin ique". We had an amazing time empowering one and on loving oneself no matter what shape, size or skin your in, you are God's magnificent and original creation.... "You are beautiful, I know because I made you"~God. #HUMBLED #TRUEMINISTRY #SERVANTHOOD #BUTTERFLIESONTHEMOVE #KK4L 💖💚🦋

October 2018

On this day, 19 years ago. God blessed me with this amazing, beautiful, gifted, intelligent and determined young lady! Happy Birthday Ms. Zinari Ceasar!!! LOVE YOU😘😘😘 #MYCOLLEGELADY #MYFUTUREDOCTOR #BEAUTYANDBRAINS 💁🏽‍♀️💉📚💖💚 @__gvldenprincess

September 2018

Happy National Son's Day to my handsome son!!! 😍😍😍❤

July 2018

Hey IG! Just wanted to say thank you to the best lil Sis @cherryred08 😘💖💚 in the entire world for the birthday blessings as well as ya'll on yesterday! Love and Blessings.😘 #Itsmybirthaymonth #Blessedbeyondmeasures 🙏🏽 #Noweaponformedagainstmeshallprosper 🙏🏽👊🏽👊🏽

May 2018

Just Us..... @blessed_malik @__gvldenprincess #GODSGRACE #GODSFAVOR #LOVETHEM 😘💖🙏🏽🙌🏽

May 2018

Just wanted to share...these thank yous were given to me from two different students! I'm truly honored/humble/blessed to have touched and impacted their lives even when I had no idea that they were thankful!!! I guess this is what happens when you display "Good Fruit"! #GODGETSALLTHEGLORY 🙌🏽 #BEINGANEDUCATORROCKS ✌🏽 #LWCHS #MYSENIORSSTUDENTSAREBETTERTHANYOURS 🎓💞👏🏽🙌🏽👊🏽 #ILOVEWHATIDO 💖💖💖 #GODSHUMBLESERVANT 🙏🏽🙏🏽💖

February 2018

About last night....It's just Me, Myself and I!!!! #BlackPanther 👑💫 #AMUSTSEEMOVIE 👀💪🏽👊🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💣🖤

February 2018

Food for Thought: The only way to get to your Promised Land, is to go through your "Never Land"! If you look through your natural eyes, you'll think God won't do it. Walk by FAITH and watch Him move! ~Bishop TD Jakes #STAYTHECOURSE 🙏🏽💖 #LOVE &BLESSINGS 💖🙏🏽

January 2018

Happy Founders Day to all my Oh So Pretty Sorors!!! #J15 #AKA 💖💚💖💚

January 2018

Happy Founders Day to all my Delta Friends!!!❤

December 2017

About last night....had a wonderful time with my Spirtual & Personal Development Ministry (SPD ) of Shiloh Church😘🎄🎉📚💖 Happy Holidays🎄🎉🤗💖

September 2017

Me and my mini me out at the BCU and FAU game in Boca Raton. Spending some time together after hurricane Irma. #ILOVEMYHBCU !!!! #BCUWETHEBEST !!!!

August 2017

Game Day....Go Seahawks💙💚

August 2017

Be Great....Expectancy...Vision!!! Seahawk fan...Game Day💙💚

August 2017

For yet the vision is for a season and it breatheth for the end and doth not lie. If it tarry , wait for it. For surely it cometh, it is not late. ~Habakkuk 2:3, YLT. As I am encouraged on this day, I encourage y'all THAT YET THE VISION MY TARRY, IT WILL NOT BE DENIED SO WHATEVER YOUR EXPECTING GOD TO DO, IT WILL AND HAS TO COME TO PASS...GOD IS NOT A MAN THAT HE SHOULD LIE NOR IS HE THE SON OF MAN THAT HE SHOULD REPENT. TRUST THE PROCESS AND DON'T ABORT IT!!!!! BLESSINGS, I LOVE YALL😘🙌🙏🙌

August 2017


August 2017

"Stop cursing your trials and celebrate your triumphs"~Bishop AJ Wright. Happy Hump Day IG😊

August 2017

I was blessed with this so I wanted to share. Hopefully it blessed you as it did me!!! Be intentional!!!

August 2017

An early beautiful Saturday morning viewing the scenery of God's wonderful creations. Listening to the birds chirp as thou they are thanking God for His new mercies that are renewed each day. S/O to @pnuema7 for the beautiful decor that you see for our Intercessors Outing!!!😊❤🌺🌻🍍 #BeGrateful #If the birdscangiveHimpraisesocanwe🙏👆🙌🙏

July 2017

Late Post...The joy of the Lord is my Strength. Only in Him, I find true Inner Peace! 😇🙏❤

July 2017

Congratulations to the Summer C/O 2017!!! My God richly bless y'all on your new endeavors!!!! #LakeWorthCommunityHighSchool 😎🎓💕

July 2017

A big thank you to everyone for the Birthday Blessings!!! Love and Blessings!!!😘❤

July 2017

My son's bday dinner celebration!!! Just two heartbeats💚💚Love them😘💚💚 @blessed_malik @__gvldenprincess

July 2017

Happy Birthday to the world's best son!!! May God continue to breathe GREATNESS, STRENGTH, POWER, DETERMINATION, KNOWLEDGE, PATIENCE &HIS FEAR in you as you continue your journey whether it's in the valleys or the mountains!!!! Love you to infinity!!!!😘😘😘💙💚💙 @blessed_malik @__gvldenprincess

July 2017

Enjoying family... #FAMILYUNION '17😎💚

July 2017

Happy 4th IG!!!😎

July 2017

Just me...sometimes you have to encourage yourself!!!! Happy Saturday IG😎

June 2017

The faces of an I love what I do!!! 📚Pushing my seniors for summer graduation!🎓 #Summer School.😎 #Teaching never ends. Sacrificial Time🤗

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