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📍Currently on a 3 year Honeymoon ✈️ Next: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Japan 🌴 Founder of @BestVacations 📧 [email protected]

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March 2019

Hello Cherry Blossom Season! 🌸 It's great to be back in Japan!

February 2019

Just in time for Valentine's I've discovered the new @KAYAK #KAYAKRendezvous tool which makes it easier and affordable to meet up with your loved ones around the world! 🎉 . I wish they had this when Alejandro and I were in a long distance relationship for 3 years before we got married! It would have been perfect for us since we were always meeting up in different countries! . Now it's something we will use to plan our family get-togethers around the world since my family is from Canada and his is from Spain! Sometimes we go for months without seeing our parents since we travel so much and this will definitely be useful when we plan our reunions! . It's AMAZING and so easy to use! All you have to do is enter both of your different airports, and the tool finds the best place for you to meet up in! It's like a surprise each time you plan your next trip and I love surprises, so using this tool with my family will be so great to plan epic adventures! . As you know, family is the most important thing to me and now thanks for our partnership with @KAYAK we will be able to make memories which will last a lifetime! 🙏☺️ . Try it via the ᒪIᑎK Iᑎ ᗰY ᗷIO and I would love to hear in the comments below which exciting locations that come up for you when you use it!

December 2018

'tis the season ❄️️🎄 I could sit here all night just staring at this beautiful display and observing all the love and energy we feel of the people around us! Honestly Japan is so clean, that I wish I layed on the ground for a while with @aleporte by my side looking up at the lights and ignoring all the hustle around us! 😍🎄It would feel like this moment, as if we are frozen in time and the only ones! I guess we will just have to go back! hehe Take time to slow down to be more present in moments like this! ☺️

October 2018

Found ourselves a treehouse in the jungles of Thailand 🌴

October 2018

Let the Birthday celebrations continue 🎉 Our amazing view from @ritzcarltonhongkong 😍 One of the highest hotels in the world!!

October 2018

It's my Birthday week! 🎉 and we're having such an amazing time on this Asia adventure!!!! Starting in Bali, then Hong Kong, now South Korea and next up in Thailand!!! All places I have never been before! . Traveling with @whatthechic @lostleblanc @aleporte and the @cardistrycon crew has been nothing short of epic! I am truly so grateful for all the incredible friendships and memories along the way! . While in Hong Kong we met up for a couple of days with our long time friend @doyoutravel and I must say that it was such a honour to finally shoot together after all these years of knowing each other! . Photo & edit of me by @doyoutravel

September 2018

Woke up in Bali ✨ Celebrating our anniversary at @mandapareserve 💕

August 2018

Morning feels @cavotagoomykonos 🇬🇷 Still can't get over the fact that this is our own private pool in our room! . We love this place so much we came here twice in one year! Maybe we will make it a third?! 🤔 hehe 💙

August 2018

Is this a dream?! ✨ The Cave Pool Suite at @cavotagoomykonos needs to be on everyone's bucket list! 😍🇬🇷 . A candid moment of my @aleporte enjoying the views 💙

August 2018

Sunset is my favourite time of day 🌅

August 2018

Aloha Friday 🌺🌴 Palm trees make me happy ☺️🌴

August 2018

Found myself a lava pool to watch the sunset from @fshualalai ✨ . Another collaboration with someone who inspires me so much! @visualsofjulius 🎨

July 2018

We love @fshualalai ✨ so much that we visited this special place twice in 2 years! It was our second stop at the start of our honeymoon! Thinking I want to make this a tradition as this is one of our favourite Four Seasons properties in the world! I can't explain it, but there is something so magical about this place. A place that leaves you speechless and you can only understand if you experience it.

June 2018

I found Bambi! Seriously though, why isn't there a deer emoji?! 😩 lol Exploring Osaka with the @moxyosaka 🇯🇵 #tbt

June 2018

Summer has got me dreaming of Europe! . Sitting here is my Sista from another Mista, @limiteditionmia and today is her Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!!! 🎉🎉🎉 She didn't know I was taking this photo hehe 👹 (my troll face ) but I love candid moments! We have been friends since childhood and nothing gives me more pleasure than when I'm able to share special experiences with my family and friends! . This was our room at @cavotagoomykonos The best place in Mykonos!!! 💙 I still can't get over that we had that giant private infinity pool all to ourselves with incredible sunset views 😍

June 2018

The noblest art is that of making others happy! . 42 years ago my parents came to Hawaii for the first and only time during their Honeymoon 🌺 . My amazing Mother just celebrated her 65th Birthday and as a family we decided to surprise her and bring her back to Hawaii where her and our father started our family! . We thought how special, nostalgic and sentimental it would be for them to return with not only their children, but their grandchildren too after so many years! . There is no greater joy in this world than sharing these unforgettable experiences with those I love most! . Reflecting on this incredible trip and new memories we created that will last beyond a lifetime ❤️

May 2018

Putting my track days to use 😅 Love exploring with the @moxytokyo 😍

April 2018

Tokyo feels like a real life video game! Big thanks to @moxytokyo for having us!

April 2018

We are back in Japan!!! It's starting to feel like home @moxytokyo 🌸

April 2018

It was cold. It was wet. It was raw. And I loved it so SO much! ☃ From one night sleeping in the car to another night sleeping in a bubble and all the moments in between, I couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were there! So much love for Iceland! 💙 . After spending over a month in Europe visiting Iceland, Denmark and Spain, now we are off to Japan for 3 weeks for @aleporte 's traditional birthday celebrations! 🎉😍❤️

April 2018

Happy Birthday to the love of my life! Everyday is a never ending adventure with you! When I think about how much I love you, I cry ❤️ Te amo @aleporte ❤️😍😘

April 2018

Infinity pool obsession ☀️

April 2018

When you take a photo and then realize, why the heck weren't we sitting in the boat?! lol This was exactly one year ago today 🌸🌸🌸 The famous cherry blossom season in Japan should be on everyone's travel bucket list!

April 2018

If I were a fashion blogger 😜 #tbt

April 2018

As I child, I would stare up to the stars constantly and wonder if someone from one of those stars were staring back down at me ✨ I'm so insanely amazed with our world and can't even imagine what's out there in this incredible universe! . We "slept" here for 1 night under a million stars and it's actually where @aleporte and I saw the Northern Lights for the first time in our lives! When it happened, I literally jumped up on our bed and was screaming, "Oh my goodness!!! That's them! Omg we are seeing them!!! Omg wow wow wowwww". Needless to say, I woke up all the other bubbles, and apologized to them all after as I couldn't contain my excitement lol ...but they told me they were happy I went nuts because it led to them all seeing it too! . Before arriving here, we didn't sleep for 30 hours and instead of sleeping through the night, I set our alarm every hour so we wouldn't miss the action above. We decided not to take photos because we wanted to truly be present in the moment and enjoy our first experience of this magic. . PS. Now I want a bubble in my backyard lol 😅 Photo of me by my friend @visualsofjulius

March 2018

As someone who grew up obsessed with tropical places and the island life, I never expected to say what I'm about to say....Iceland is easily in my top 5 favourite places I have ever been! . It truly does feel like you're on another planet and there is literally adventure at every corner! I can't wait to explore every inch of this magical country and return a million times in my life lol. . Also, if you think about it though...Iceland does count as the island life 😜 . This was taken at the @ionAdventureHotel and it's in the middle of no where for a see this magic!!! Thanks to my friend @visualsofjulius for helping me capture the moment 💚

March 2018

Dear Iceland, I love you! 💙 So cozy to sit here @ionadventurehotel with a cup of hot cocoa after exploring all day ❄️

March 2018

Cheers to the travels ahead! 🎉 Next up is Iceland, Denmark, Spain & Asia! It's funny, these past 2 months, we have just gone to Mexico 3 times lol. Excited to go on new adventures! Where do you want to see us go this year? @volcantequila #ToTheMoment #tbt

December 2017

Hola España ✨ Spending the holidays with @aleporte 's family in Spain. We haven't seen them in over 4 months so it's amazing to be all together again! The most important things in life are health, happiness and family 💙 After we celebrate the start of 2018 here, we will make our way to Mexico to visit my side of the family 💙

December 2017

#MerryChristmas 🎄 Where are you spending the Holidays? We took this photo a few weeks ago at the Prague Christmas Market, but we are spending Christmas in Spain ✨❄️

December 2017

Tag who you'd jump with! Some Monday Blues @cavotagoomykonos Who else thinks @aleporte looks like a frog? 🐸 lol

November 2017

When you take a photo and then realize, why the heck didn't we take it with us sitting in the there?! lol This is a Japanese onsen (hot spring bath ) so perfect to relax in after hours of exploring 😍

November 2017

Paris? No. This is Japan 🇯🇵 Magical Tokyo nights with @moxytokyo ✨ 10th week in Japan this year 😅🗼 . Literally booked this trip 2 days before we came. Spontaneous travel is my favourite! Plus @aleporte never expected to come back this year so it was really fun to surprise him 😍 hehe

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