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4 days ago

Went to Mexico and all we got were two street dogs that we didn’t even get to keep. 🐕🐶 #MarcusPaladino

6 days ago

Put Pete in Stab High. 🦅 @petedevries @stab_high @stab #putpeteinstabhigh

2 weeks ago

“Surfing’s the source. It’ll change your life, swear to god.” - Point Break 🍿 @buenolife_ #MarcusPaladino

2 weeks ago

‘Tis the season👌 #MarcusPaladino

3 weeks ago

Locals only 🚫 #MarcusPaladino

3 weeks ago

Japanese Flare 🇯🇵 #MarcusPaladino

3 weeks ago

World Oceans Day 🙏 #MarcusPaladino

3 weeks ago

I always feel a bit odd being on the other side of a lens, but it was a cool experience to be a part of @shutterstock Artist Series and I am very grateful. Thank you @joordanrenee & @bennnnnnnngie for all your hard work and making this happen. If you want to watch the full video, there’s a link in my bio. 🤙 #MarcusPaladino

3 weeks ago

Living on the edge 😬 @_balaram #MarcusPaladino

4 weeks ago

When waking up at 4am is worth it... Even though I ended up having to wait 10+ hours to shoot this wave. 🤔 #MarcusPaladino

4 weeks ago

The surfing lineup is a case of “spontaneous order” #MarcusPaladino

5 weeks ago

I’m not really the type of photographer that posts a photo the same day I shot it. When I’m shooting lots I rarely put anything on social media, especially recently. Which is ironic because people just assume you’re not doing anything. But sometimes I’ll just let my work simmer, like a good pot of stew.🍲 #MarcusPaladino

last month

Happy Birthday @normorr you’re the most supportive person in every aspect of my life. I love you so much and I can’t wait for you to get even older! ❤️🐑🦎😘 #24andtheressomuchmore

last month

When people have asked me ’WHY?’ I can never really articulate to the fullest extent. I have a hard time expressing how I feel through words, which is probably why I’m a photographer. But there are these constant unique images, angles or moments that burn away in my mind and the only way to get rid of them is to try and take the photo, but it’s hard. Sometimes really hard. Challenging enough to claim as “wasting frames” because ironically they’ll never end up being exactly how I picture. Only kind of close (ex. This photo of @petedevries ). I feel like an insane person when I try to describe this desire. But it’s like I always say, you have to be a little crazy to love surfing. 🙏 #MarcusPaladino

last month

Looking forward to capturing all the high flying action this weekend at the Rip Curl Nationals. 👈 Come say hi! I’ll be the guy with the tripod, bag full of snack and a big hat. 🎩 @shazzabsurfin #MarcusPaladino

last month

Sometimes just playing around in the whitewash can be a euphoric experience. 💦🌈 #MarcusPaladino

last month

Look back, so you can look ahead. 👀 #MarcusPaladino @petedevries x @surftime_magazine

last month

Teahupoo for squirrels. 😱 #MarcusPaladino

last month

The strange art of going straight. ↔️ @subjecttoholdups #MarcusPaladino #rbi19submission

last month

As I sneakily mentioned in the previous post, my new portfolio website is now live! Click the link in my bio, or even better grab a computer a type in for the full-screen experience. Thank you @circa_1983 for all your help, looking forward to revamping my online store next. Stay tuned! 👨‍💻 #MarcusPaladino

last month

This is Marcus ( @marcuspaladino ) 😎 Through neoprene stiff fingers and frozen eyelids, Marcus is dedicated to capturing high performance surfing on the west coast of Canada. He lives above 1/800th of a second, but also isn’t afraid to slow things down. It’s sex, drugs and rock & roll, but also it’s smooth jazz and a cup of tea. A habitual homebody itching to get out of his comfort zone. Surfing is the reason he wakes up in the morning. But he isn’t what matters. The endeavour of marathon shoots in bone chilling and heart pounding conditions is irrelevant. What’s important to him lies in front of the lens. The split second moments that most people don’t even know exist; capturing them forever instead of letting them pass by. 📸 #MarcusPaladino NEW WEBSITE - LINK IN BIO

April 2019

Thank you to everyone for all the positive feedback about my slideshow, but I’m starting to feel like I’m taking all the credit... Without the talented humans who surf these beaches everyday my photography would be nothing. Over the next few days I’m going to be introducing the athletes I get to work with on a day-to-day basis and give them the credit they deserve. 🙏 #MarcusPaladino #slowtidecreativecanvas @slowtide

April 2019

My slideshow for the Pro Photo Showdown is now online for your viewing pleasure. LINK IN BIO ↖️ Thank you @wssf for putting on this awesome event every year. Thank you @normorr for dealing with stress/anxiety the last 2 weeks. Thank you to everyone who sent me ‘good luck’ texts, I really appreciated the support. And finally thank you for watching, enjoy! 🙏 #MarcusPaladino

April 2019

Today’s the day tomorrow’s the night, I’m heading to Whistler for the @wssf Pro Photo Showdown. Competing in this event has been a dream of mine for almost 10 years. I’m nervous, excited and honoured to be presenting my life’s work to an audience of 1500+ and an esteemed panel of judges, along side 4 extremely talented action sports photographers.🤘 Wish me luck, or come watch the show! Tickets are still available online. #MarcusPaladino

April 2019

Fins out.🐋 @petedevries #MarcusPaladino

April 2019

They call me Mr.Glass 🔮 #MarcusPaladino #slowtidecreativecanvas @slowtide

April 2019

It’s sex, drugs and rock & roll. But it’s also smooth jazz and a cup of tea.👌 #MarcusPaladino #slowtidecreativecanvas @slowtide

April 2019

This day was the first and last time I shot this wave from land. I forgot to bring my housing and have always regretted it. Since then I’ve only ever swam here, in hopes to recreate this morning. 🤯 #MarcusPaladino #slowtidecreativecanvas @slowtide

March 2019

Summer is the time for lefts, we all know which way @shazzabsurfin will be going soon. ⬅️⬆️ #MarcusPaladino

March 2019

Rock lobster.🦞 @petedevries #MarcusPaladino

April 2019

The Flying V 🦆 #MarcusPaladino #slowtidecreativecanvas @slowtide

March 2019

Slowly but surely, more and more images from this trip are seeing the light of day, @surfsessionmag has recently found a home for this shot of @petedevries in a their beautiful magazine. 🙌 I’ll be showcasing my favourite photos from this trip with the launch of my new website. Stay tuned! #MarcusPaladino

March 2019

Wrestled by the sea. 💪 #MarcusPaladino

March 2019

Be right back - Looking for waves. 🤞 #MarcusPaladino

March 2019

Sliding into your DMs like @cohenscorner 🤳 #MarcusPaladino

March 2019

I didn’t realize it was possible to sweat profusely while swimming, until I went to Mexico. 🥵 @transition_film #MarcusPaladino

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