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Ya'll already know me. Mommie/Comic/Actress/Producer/Major Cougar Boss/BBW/Spreader of Good Cheer/ L-Murder, Inc. CEO/PENTHOUSE Model👙👠.

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6 hours ago

Hard day at work here on tha set of “Coming To America 2 - The Quest”💪🏽💅🏾🤣🤣🤣 @itsdanelledoee @wyllisabennett @tgo1225 @love_kmc @liketinawithak @contentqueen_ @davis charise @4sheis2bdvyne @fat2fab24 @fabraquel #HARDwork #Atlanta #setlife

2 days ago

Never n my WILDEST Dreams did I EVER think that I would c My name on a Call Sheet like THIS! For any of you out there who have ever struggled with your Faith (like I have fr time 2 time.... ) this is Proof that God has bigger plans for you than u could Ever dream for yourself! Amen & Thank you Jesus! Can’t WAIT 2 get up n @richforever mansion. Imma sneak up to that Bedroom & c whaz Really goin’ on!😂 I’m grateful but I’m Still crazy!🎥🎞🎬🎟 @papaleemusic @cartoonpusher @burkemgmt @kimmelscomedyclub @ogjuspeachie @jo_jo_van_ @tgo1225 @phaedraparks @love_kmc @justnorwood #noparttoosmall #epic #history #Eddieisbackbitches #shesyourqueentobe #sexualchocolate #Atlanta #Zamonda #PrinceAkeem #ParamountPictures #tooexcitedforwords #bestscriptEver #dreamsDocometrue #ifyouwishuponastar #AllThingsArePossibleForThoseWhoBelieve #August2020

3 days ago

Welcome 2 ZAMUNDA!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 and so it begins. About to embark on one of the proudest moments of my life! “Coming 2 America 2” why, Why, WHY did I link up w/THIS foo!🤣😂🙌🏾 🎥🎬🎞 @itsdanelledoee @misslaurahayes @mrs_gonewiththewindfabulous @love_kmc @liketinawithak @officialalbsure @calinanita @rdbatson @realaaronthompson @kimmelscomedyclub #TheQuest #bookedandblessed #amazing #Atlanta #ImEverywhere #Eddieisbackbitches #TheKing #cryinginmyroom #MyGodIsAnAwesomeGod 🙏🏽 #thankstoAllofyou

2 weeks ago

I have been knowing this busybody since he was about 19 yrs old when we Both used ta live n the Bay. Me & Oakland, Him n Stockton. Congratulations to @theonlyjasonlee on sighing the paperwork for your new Television show. Lord help us ALL! LOL @mrs_gonewiththewindfabulous @love_kmc @liketinawithak @lalahhathaway #bagsecured #hollywoodunlocked #createdabrand #noseypants #showbiz

2 weeks ago

Gospel music ALWAYS makes me cry! I’m talking about the ugly cry! That help me Jesus cry! @betsundaybest I am so GRATEFUL to this show! WHEN i’n traveling I don’t get to worship n church as often as I should or would like to but between listening 2 @radiofreekjlh on Sundays & taping and watching THIS PROGRAM RAT HUR.....I feel the spirit of the Lord as strongly as f I were n the front row @westangelescogic Great job to everyone involved in this fantastic show, @mskellyprice @imericacampbell @kirkfranklin and @keke_wyatt you need ta just STOP IT! Hallelujah! 🙌🏾🙏🏽🎤 No @s or #s needed!🥰

2 weeks ago

VIVA LAS VEGAS!!! Last Sunday was a Gas⛽️! (Big ups 2 my Comedy Uncle, the legendary @therealgeorgewallace for coming, walking me on stage, passing tha baton & Welcoming me to town ), THIS Sunday should b even Better! NEXT Sunday should b Epic and EVERY Sunday thru the end of September promises 2 b like a comedic Rock Concert!🎤 Join me and my crew, @skillzhudson and @realaaronthompson as we Set It Off @kimmelscomedyclub at @thelinq promenade! @jimmykimmel @jimmykimmellive has given me a home for the next 7 weeks and u should come join the PARTY! 🎊🎉😆🙌🏾 Book your tix at: KimmelsComedyClub.Com and join tha Fun! C ya n Sin City!🎰🎲 @cartoonpusher @mrs_gonewiththewindfabulous @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @tmk9training_co @mikepcomedy @juanitamwoodson @amconstance @love_kmc @namastetravelgurl #comedy #laughs #jimmykimmel #TheLinq #theflamingolasvegas #lovemyjob #femalecomicsrock #whoruntheworldgirls #lasvegasbaby #itson #everySundaynight #grownandsexy #bookedandblessed

3 weeks ago

#Repost @hilaryswank with @get_repost ・・・ Yes, thank you. #JaneElliott 🙌🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿 WAKE THA FUK UP PEOPLE! DON’T LET THIS ADMINISTRATION POISON YOU ANY MORE THAN IT HAS! #MakeLoveNotWar #AllWeNeedIsLove

3 weeks ago

When ur breakfast gives u “the Itus” so bad, u can’t even make it from the Table!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🙌🏾 @batterandberries @batwings47 @rayban1232 @florinecrudup @love_kmc @liketinawithak @papaleemusic @realaaronthompson @tgo1225 @chrisobaby #Ihavefeltthatway #mybreffaswilldothattoya #goodbreffas #sheaintshame #girlwakeUp

3 weeks ago

I’m soooooooo grateful....SOOOOOO excited....SoSoSoSoSo blessed and favored..... Thank u Denver for showing up & showing Out! You r the reason I love my job. Uncle @jimmykimmellive it is indeed an Honor to b the 1st lady 2 do an extended engagement @kimmelscomedyclub n boss ass Las Vegas. I will c y’all any Sunday starting TOMORROW thru the end of September. Now Jimmy, can you and your “people” do something about those Fukking GRASSHOPPERS or CRICKETS or WHATEVER THA FUK THEY AREEEEEEEEE???!!!😫😫😖😩🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 @iamjamiefoxx @georgelopez @therealjeffreyross @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @chrisobaby @wyllisabennett @jimmykimmellive @thejamiekennedy @officialalbsure #CantWait #epic #femalecomicsrock #latenightdirtylaughs #butthoseBugstho #Icant #fixitJesus #ImmaDieIfOneOfThemJumpsOnMe

3 weeks ago

And that’s what’s missing with these fucking kids today! My generation got cracked the fuck out, got clean...and then wanted to make it up to the kids by letting them do any damn thing they want to. Sheeeetttttt 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

4 weeks ago

Just a reminder, and ESPECIALLY f u have no Labor Day plans yet. I don’t want to speak too soon but I would advise y’all to go to: KimmelsComedyClub.Com and grab those tickets because I’m SURE THAT weekend will sell out Quickly! But you don’t have to take My word for it.... wait until the last minute and come on down to Las Vegas and get your face cracked because the show is SOLD OUT! Listen 2 ya Aunteeeeee🥰😍😘🎤🎡🎲🎰

4 weeks ago

Thank u Again Cincinatti. You ROCK! F God says tha same, I’ll see y’all again Next year. Who Knew? Don’t sleep on the Cincinnati Music Festival y’all! August 2020 iz gonna b LIT! Thank u @chrisobaby for capturing the behind the scenes antics!😆🎤

4 weeks ago

Dammit, don’t believe everything u See! I’ll b damned.....🤨

last month

When ur future Boss is a Fukking NUT! Can u smelllllll what We got cookinnnnn’??? Lort! Hang on iz alls I can SAY....God’s Blessin’s r Rolln’ n and TRUST me, y’all ain’t & Caint b ready but WE are! @iamjamiefoxx @brainzmusic @papaleemusic @speedynfriends @realaaronthompson @tgo1225 @chrisobaby @georgelopez @comediansheasuga @namastetravelgurl #mybuddiesinceforever #meetmeinLasVegas #itscoming #foxxhole #letsgo #bouttime

last month

The next big thing, Coming in October, “DOLEMITE is my name” starring Eddie Murphy. Out n October 2019. (Im n it Too😁 ) Can’t wait!🎥📺🏆🎭 @ogjuspeachie @thedonjuanshow_ @tony_rock @nickcannon @angelaegibbs @officialsugafreethapimp @nickcannon @iamjamiefoxx @realdlhughley @ernest_dickerson @officialspikelee #gonnabeepic #IWorkedWithRudy #OG #LadyReed #NETFLIX #TheHumanTornado #petywheatstraw #epic

last month

Dinner w/friends @crustaceanbh My GIrl all day, @eliseneal and my handsome Plastic Surgeon homie, Dr. Shay Dean, and yes Thats MY whip n the background, not his! BOOM! 🦀🦞🦐😜😜😜🏎

last month

Rockey Mountain Highhhhhhhh Coloradooooooo - (John Denver ) And DENVER is where Imma goin’! Yup, b 4 I hit @yoshis_oak on Aug 8th I’ll be kickin’ it @thedenverimprov for 4 shows, two nights only! In & Out people. It’s gonna b a “Don’t Miss”. I’ve made friends there and I wanna c y’all for sum drinks, laughs and fun!😃🎤 @chrisobaby @papaleemusic @sisterquintella @tgo1225 #comingback #LucyImHomeeeee #returnoftheMack #denver #letsGo

last month

And I’ll NEVER understand That🤷🏾‍♀️😞

last month

#Facts 🤷🏾‍♀️☺️

last month

OAKLAND!!! TownBiz!!! It’s About Damn Time!!! I’m coming home!!! Yup, ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thurs. August 8th! Back n my turf of Jack London Square. YOSHI’s! Yeaaaaaa! For tix: go to, or call (510 ) 238-9200. Lets try ta sell this bitch OUT! I can’t Waitttttttt!!! @jo_jo_van_ @bigbobsbaby @therealricksullivan @dwaynewigginsofficial @ohohohlenny @tooshort @therealdshot @radiofreekjlh @4sheis2bdvyne @son_of_7hunder #Oaktown #Geoffreys #everettsndjonesbbq #lakemerritt #EastBayDragons #lowellpark #houseofmusic #doggiediner #westcoastrecords #eastmontmall #soulbeattelevisionnetwork #whereitallbegan #scottiescheckcashing #knowlandpark #highlandhospital #javahouse #merritbakery #actransit #iputonformycity

last month

Hadda re-post this fr my girl Edwonda White’s page. There r no words. Back 2 6 Flags & Magic Mountain we go. They aint NEVER gon’ let us back n with a family or a group. Two at a time f THAT! Just a hot damn mess. Who ARE these people? Who knows them? Is there any legal action gonna b taken? Who’s payin’ 4 the Kids therapy? Do u think their sorry? Embarrassed? I sure Hope so because THIS lil shit show just set us back like a MF.....😤💔🤷🏾‍♀️☹️ @tgo1225 @speedyizfunny @wdaspatty @chocolate divinity @sylviavhillman @eddiegriffin @georgelopez @mrs_gonewiththewindfabulous @itsdanelledoee @cartoonpusher #smdh

last month

NEW YORK, here I Come w/my Squad, @comedianagwhite & @sisterquintella on our way 2 @carolinesonbway 1st time playing there. Planning on burning the roof of that MF!!! Lets GOOOO!!! 4 shows! 2 on Fri. 2 on Sat.! Can not WAIT!!! @shauntours @funnywomenofacertainage @rdbatson @karengravano @arzoanwar @exettaharris #funfunfun #comedylife #thebigapple #Carolines #summertime #livelaughlove #femalecomicsrock

last month

Good morning all u cool cats out there! 😽

last month

Part 2. @50cent When the incident occurred..... #drinksonme

last month

@50cent Go get cho’ 💰😳😝 Part 1. To b continued..... C next post for Part 2. Where it all begun.......😝

last month

ARLINGTON, TEXAS I’m HERE! Can’t Wait for these shows ta start!!! C u at the @improvtx Starting TONIGHT! Yeaaaaa! Go Cowboys! @papaleemusic @tgo1225 @chrisobaby @sisterquintella @comedianagwhite @love_kmc @liketinawithak @florinecrudup @mswandalyn @sbatson1961 #repost #letsgo #funfunfun #femalecomicsrock #lovemyjob #tellafriend #letssellthisbitchout

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