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2 weeks ago

💗 Snippet of "Strawberry Shortcake" off my album K-12 💗 Coming out in 2 fucking days!!!! Artwork: @pastelae 👼 "Instead of making me feel bad for the body I got just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop"

3 weeks ago

💕 Snippet of "Orange Juice" off my album K-12 💕 Coming out in 4 days!!!! Artwork: @pastelae 👼 🍊 "You turn oranges to orange juice, enter there then spit it out of you. Your body is imperfectly perfect, everyone wants what the other ones working. No Orange Juice." 🍊

3 weeks ago

Snippet of my personal favorite, "Nurse's Office" off my album K-12! Coming out in 9 fucking days!💗👼🏼 “Don't cut me, punch me, just let me go into the nurses office where I float away, I'm pale as the loose leaf paper they grow from hollowing out all my lungs in the snow. Yeah, I'm coughing” Artwork: @pastelae

4 weeks ago

💗Snippet of “Drama Club” off K-12!💗 Artwork: @pastelae ✨ “You’re over analyzing every word I say. There’s a whole world out there, you’re living a play. Fuck your auditorium I think it’s pretty boring and, I never signed up for your drama, up for your drama, up for your drama club. I never signed up for your drama, up for your drama club.” 👼🏼

5 weeks ago

💕Snippet of “Show & Tell” off K-12! 💕 “Why is it so hard to see? If I cut myself I would bleed. I’m just like you, you’re like me. Imperfect and human are we.” Artwork: @pastelae ✨👼🏼

4 weeks ago

Snippet of “Teacher’s Pet” off my album K-12 coming out in 22 days!👼🏼💗 ✨PRE-ORDER LINK IN BIO ✨ Artwork by @pastelae “She’s feeling like a spider in a cage, you liar. you were her desire, now she wants to light you on fire. But fuck it she’ll still give you a call and a lighter when you wanna get high and mess around till you get numb.”

last month

💗Snippet of “Class Fight” off my album K-12!💗 Artwork: @pastelae 👼🏼

last month

✨Snippet of “Wheels On The Bus” from K-12✨ "I'm saying nothing, No one's watching us don't give a fuck wheels on the bus. I'm holding it down up in the front, wheels on the bus. Ooh." Artwork: @pastelae

last month

👼🏼First Round of Dates for The K-12 Tour, more international dates to be announced👼🏼 💗PRE-ORDER the album from my webstore until Aug 5th 2PM PT / 5PM ET in the US and 2PM BST in the UK & EU to get early access to tickets💗

last month

✨K-12 BACK COVER / TRACKLIST✨ 💗Pre-order the album from my webstore to gain early access to pre-sale tickets for my upcoming TOUR💗 👼🏼LINK IN BIO👼🏼

last month

Snippet of “High School Sweethearts” off my album K-12! 🍫🌹 “Can we just be honest, these are the requirements if you think you can be my one and only true love. You must promise to love me and damnit if you fuck me over I will rip your fucking face apart.”👼🏼 Artwork: @pastelae 💗

last month

👼🏼🦷spending the night writing music and screaming through my period cramps 🦷👼🏼

July 2019

👼🏼Snippet of “Recess” off my album K-12! 👼🏼 Artwork: @pastelae 💗 “People gonna say, if you need a break someone will take your place, people gonna try, to tell you that you’re fine with dollars in their eyes. Just remember.. Don’t let them Fuck You honey, no oh, don’t let them try. Oooh, Don’t let them hurt you baby just say, Recess I’m tired.”

July 2019

👼🏼Doorway to Love👼🏼

July 2019

💗that bitch💗

July 2019

✨Snippet of “Detention” off of my album K-12! ✨ "Baby can you meet me tonight in detention? I can feel your blood pressure rise, fuck this tension. Let me crawl up into your mind, did I mention? Pretending everything’s alright is detention." Artwork: @pastelae 💗

July 2019

Snippet of “The Principal”🧚🏼‍♀️ off my album K-12! Coming sept 6✨ Artwork: @pastelae 💗 “You don’t know the pain that you are causing, yeah your actions hurt so do your words. The more you try to fuck us over we will be there yelling at your front door.”

June 2019

Snippet of Lunchbox Friends, from my album K-12 coming sept 6🧚🏼‍♀️✨💘 Artwork: @pastelae 💗 “Oh they talk shit though... I don’t want no lunchbox friends no oh I want someone who understands oh oh Come to my house let’s die together Friendship that would last forever no oh No lunchbox friends no oh No lunchbox friends...” “Die“ is not literal, it is a metaphor for transformation/rebirth. Similar to the death card in tarot. Big Scorpio energy.

June 2019


May 2019

K-12 💗 SEPT 6

May 2019


May 2019


May 2019

When the bell rings, you must be in your assigned seat...

December 2018

✨mi casa✨

May 2019

Happy national coming out day!🌈💗 Everyday I get DM’s from kids who have similar experiences to mine growing up, living in a traditional Latin household. Hearing your family make jokes about the lgbtq+ community, making you feel like you wouldn’t be accepted if you came out. I want you to know that I’m here for you and I hear you. I was you. I had a really traumatizing experience being outed, demonized & harassed. Ive never felt comfortable talking about sexuality in general because it always felt very shameful with the conditioning I had as a kid. But I’m here to tell you through my own scary experience that it gets better. My family is completely and fully accepting of me now as a Bi-sexual woman. I have a beautiful group of friends who have been with me through the roughest shit in my life and I am so grateful for them. Being Bi is quite confusing because on both ends you feel this enormous pressure to choose. I felt like my relationship history would invalidate my sexuality and also felt like every year i was taking too long to come out. But I learned it’s never too late. And that everyone has their own path to queerness. Everyone’s story is entirely different and equally as beautiful. There are so many amazing kids who have this online community of people they can talk to for support that I never had as a kid, or parents that fully support their sexuality and identity. Being supportive of the kids and adults who feel they need to take their time coming out for their own mental health, and personal safety is so important. I’m sending all of my love and support to every person in this community today and everyday, weather you’re out and proud as a butterfly or still finding yourself growing in your cocoon. I love you so much. I’m here for you, and I know you’re here for me💗

June 2018

💕☀️Life boils down to two paths, love and fear. Which will you choose?🌈💕

March 2018

The boring looking parts of work that are actually the most crucial and time consuming💻📝

August 2018

If you don't like pop surrealism you probably won't like me. If you can't understand that visual art has a deeper meaning and you only look at it for face value you probably won't get my work. If you can't understand that crybaby is a character, that the first record is representative of her childhood, and If you sexualize female pop artists on the daily you'll say I "sexualize babies." If you can't understand why someone would bring up mental health, growing pains from childhood to adolescence , family issues, and other uncomfortable topics we never hear about in pop music, you will probably just throw my music and art away as something that "glamorizes mental health issues" even though most of the people that resonate with my work Deal with these things on a day to day and someone needs to be there for them. So here I am. If you have issues with my music and art and judge it so harshly to the point of making up your own reason as to what my intentions were when making it, you should just stop watching it. Because quite frankly, you. Just. Don't. Get. It.

October 2016

💕🍼💕 Oops I forgot.. There's also confetti in every package!🎉🎊 🍼🌼🎂🌟 🌟link in bio🌟

October 2016

When you unscrew the top of the bottle this appears! For all you cheeky motherfuckers out there 💕There's also a clear panel on the back so you can see the perfume liquid. featuring the words "happy " when it's full, "running low" when it's in the middle, and "dead" when you can't see the perfume anymore. The perfume is white like milk aswell!!🍼 And it smells like the yummiest most nostalgic treat!!! 💕🎂 💕🎂pre-order Link in bio💕

June 2016

👶🏼👶🏼bbies bbies bbies👶🏼👶🏼

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