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January 2019

Winter 2019 🥶 ❄️ ☃️ @LABEL #LinkInBio @LABEL #copit #aLABELcalledLABEL 📸 @araki_img

January 2019

Winter ‘19 drop is live ( #LinkInBio @LABEL ) — hope everyone had a happy new year. Pick something out for you or a loved one. Starting off 2019 right. #aLABELcalledLABEL LINK IN BIO @LABEL

December 2018

Winter line drops in one week. Here is a taste of the drop to come. International shipping. We greatly appreciate all of your DMs and support throughout this process. We are grateful for each and every one of you. 👾 🛸🌏 #aLABELcalledLABEL

December 2018

UPDATE: Listen to our #SpotifyPlaylist ! -> @LABEL —Putting together our look grids and printing things this week. The shop is up and running in Chicago, and the marketing department is getting through the holidays in LA. We made a @Spotify playlist with 33 songs you may enjoy - #linkinbio @LABEL — no specific genres, just music we f/w. Legends, up and comers, underground mainstays. Give it a listen! #33songstoloveto #LABELstreetwear #ALabelCalledLabel #label #streetwear #spotifyplaylistcurator

November 2018

We still have some of these white @LabeL tees for sale. #LinkInBio : @label — we will be dropping our fall/winter collection at the end of November. 🍃 🍁 👕 more info 🔽 soon. 🔜 #label #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear

October 2018

Sorry for the delays, but we are #BackOnOurBullshit 🚨 Newest release is available #linkinbio : @LABEL <- // we are working hard on our fall/winter collection, and have more information coming soon. DM us for international & direct sales. #linkinbio 👆 @LABEL #aLABELcalledLABEL #label #labelstreetwear

September 2018

Contest Winner Announcements 💯 We randomly plugged all of your usernames into Random.org and picked the first three accounts as winners ↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️↘️ 1 ) @prolific_dynamite - HOODIE 2 ) @kyracamilon - TEE SHIRT 3 ) @walsh ny - STICKER PACK 4 ) @hypeblvd - HONORABLE MENTION (thanks for entering our contest - let’s do work. ) 🔥 Please DM us your address if you are tagged, first and second place include your size🔥 We had a lot of fun with this contest and will run more in the future. Thanks to all who entered. 😎 We will be putting some shirts on sale tomorrow. #aLABELcalledLABEL #LabelStreetwear

September 2018

For those of you who lived through the 90s and remember them (a lot of people we know who were adults in the 90s don’t remember much ), you will fondly recall @JonathanLipnicki He was the little kid in #JerryMaguire with @TomCruise , and starred in #StuartLittle , next to a CGI rendered mouse. Today, he resides in Los Angeles, where he continues acting and evolving his craft. Outside of his acting roles, and being everyone’s favorite old adorable kid from TV, Jonny is a stand-up son, friend, brother, writer, and fighter. When we showed him @label , he was on board immediately. 💯 ( ( side note: we are completely sold out of this blue box. more box variants coming soon ) ) 👕 PHOTO BY @michael_artega #aLABELcalledLABEL #theHumanHeadWeighs8Pounds #LabelStreetwear #LABEL #hypebeastLA

September 2018

GIVEAWAY [CLOSED] 🔥🔝💥(read below ) 🔻🔻🔻 So many of you have reached out to us asking for free gear. Obviously we are a business, and can’t hook up everyone for free. So, we are giving away ONE grey hoodie and ONE white tee, with this logo on it. (Size of your choice S-XL. ) Third place will get a pack of stickers. . 🔥🔥🔥TO ENTER🔥🔥🔥 TAG 3 FRIENDS IN THIS POST, AND DROP YOUR FAVORITE EMOJI IN YOUR COMMENT. 💥💥💥💥💥 We will announce and tag the three winners chosen at random one week from today on September 28, 2018. - @label 🖤 #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear #label Model: @vantablacsol 🔻 📷: @iamduber

September 2018

@LABEL fall/winter collection announcements coming soon. These are our friends Sweatshop & Owl Green ( @maltislife ). Originally from San Francisco, they just moved to Los Angeles to further pursue their dreams of hip-hop and life. 🎵 #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear #label #SweatshopAndOwlGreen #SSxOG #TightShitCrew #TinyChainGang #HypeBeastLA PHOTO BY @michael_artega

September 2018

“She had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes. And I knew without askin’ she was into the blues.” - @GratefulDead 🌀 🥀💀🥀 :: @reid_elizabeth_tattoo #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear #label

September 2018

“Become good at cheating and you never need to become good at anything else.” - @banksy 🌸: @kaytie_rose_ #aLABELcalledLABEL #LabelStreetwear #Label #Banksy

September 2018

johnny was sent to the office for violating dress code and skating on campus 😢 we still have a few box logo tees for sale in our bio: @label #aLABELcalledLABEL 📷: @iamduber

September 2018

Pretty much sums it up... @raisedfistpropaganda giving @swearjar some grub to the face🥗 @kernsulting ♨️ Live Photo by @jimmydan 🙏🏼 #FortunateYouth #aLABELcalledLABEL #label #labelstreetwear @fortunateyouth310 #FortunateYouthSmokersClub

September 2018

@420trombones aka #FlyinJay ✈️ (formerly of @FishboneSoldier ) 🐟 sporting the blue box logo tee (limited to 32 shirts ) 👕 over his hoodie. We still have a few shirts left for sale in the @label bio. Flyin’ Jay was in #Fishbone for the last 10 years on trombone 📎 and now fronts his own group @electricgremlinband We will never be printing a box logo this large again. 13”. #aLABELcalledLABEL #NoTromboneEmoji #ElectricGremlin #PocketChocolate #LabelStreetwear #Label

September 2018

Who would rock this on a hoodie? 💥🎟☮️ #aLABELcalledLABEL #label #labelstreetwear

September 2018

13” blue box logo tees limited to 32 are for sale at the link in our bio: @label for $25 + $5 shipping anywhere in the continental US. Ask us about international or expedited shipping. We like to start small, and work our way up to things around these parts. Our forthcoming website is under construction. Thank you for your patience and support. Tag a friend.🤘🏼🔥🔜 @label @label @label #aLABELcalledLABEL

August 2018

@toobusytodd rocking the @label box logo. One of 32 shirts for the September 1st release. Keep your eyes peeled this week. 👀 📷: @araki_img #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear #label

August 2018

since we don’t carry the weight of delusions of grandeur, for our first ever drop we printed 32 of these gigantic blue box logo tees. they will be for sale at a link (which is to be announced ) on september 1st at 4:20pm Eastern. this run is extremely limited to launch @label , we will never be printing this large of a sized box again (13” ). We only did a few of these to field some interest 😜 thanks to all who have supported us in this venture. We appreciate you. 👊👾 #label #labelstreetwear #aLABELcalledLABEL #zipkringle

August 2018

We will be showing you guys our first run of shirts 👕♨️ this week and announcing the drop date. Thanks for putting up with these teasers while we launch. Just a littttttle bit longer ;- ) @label #label #labelstreetwear #aLABELcalledLABEL

August 2018

Our first batch of shirts 👕 go into production today. Keep an eye 👁 on our story: (( @label ) ) for updates on the process. Thank you 🙏🏼 for all of your support while we get this off the ground. We are a lifestyle “company” and we live the life. We don’t care who you are, what bands you like, or what physical activities you call a “sport.” We don’t discriminate. Come be our friend. #label #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear

August 2018

🛸👾🌀🌎 we will be announcing the date of our first apparel releases this week. 💯 stay tuned for updates. we are about to screenprint our first run of shirts very soon, so be on the lookout. And check out @label to find out what more to expect. 🖤💔 #label #labelstreetwear #aLABELcalledLABEL #🛸👾🌀🌎 #redditstreetwear

August 2018

“I haven’t slept for ten days, because that would be too long.” - #MitchHedberg (1968-2005 ) // hopefully the only fat L you’re taking is with @label when our first releases drop. 😚💨🔜 #label #labelstreetwear #alabelcalledlabel #redditstreetwear

August 2018

More previews. Release date for finished versions of these prototypes & more on the way. 🔜 @LabeL @label @LABEL #label #aLABELcalledLABEL #labelstreetwear

August 2018

@label // coming soon to a somewhat habitable planet under you 🌏 🌋 🛸 #label #labelstreetwear #aLABELcalledLABEL

August 2018

@label 🛸👾 invading soon #comingsoon #labelstreetwear #aLABELcalledLABEL

September 2018

Salutations, Earthlings. 🌏 👽 Tag a friend who would f/w this. We are @label Coming soon . . . #LabelStreetwear #aLABELcalledLABEL