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Actor, writer, wildman.

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6 days ago

Looking forward to be at FACTS - Belgian comic con in Flanders Expo @factsconvention 🍗👊😜 October 19th and 20th See you!

3 weeks ago

He he! This is another spinn-off I want to see: Tormund and his five twin- brothers fighting for Breienne’s attention! Its called: #GameOfBreienne Video: By @stephaniemmack Repost: @kevinvclose #cosplay

last month

Hope you are enjoying your summer! ☀️Join the club! #amexplatinumn #americanexpress @americanexpressverige #americanexpressnorway #amex #ad @americanexpress @panoramaagency

last month

It’s better with one little fish in your hand - then a big fish in the sea... Oh yhe. Ooooooh yhe! #proud #fishermanOfTheYear Photo: @grymolvaerhivju @angvikgamlehandelssted

July 2019

Yhe! Congrats to the entire #gotfamiliy

July 2019

SUMMER IS BACK! #france #wyndham Photo: @grymolvaerhivju

July 2019

Amazing! @simone santarsiero ps. What giantmilk can make you do—

July 2019

Meet my new friend!

July 2019

@hrom8tattoo I welcome myself to your shoulder:- )

July 2019

Huge fans of the great actress #JulianneMargulies We love her last show #thegoodwife Check out here new show #thehotzone - also with the one and only @liamcunningham1 #throughback #seriesmania @grymolvaerhivju #juliannamargulies #lille

June 2019

Found a soulmate

June 2019

Where the real battle was fought! Between takes with @josephdempsie #battleofwinterfell #nintendo

June 2019

Vive la France! #huntingolav # #ilolavsfotspor @grymolvaerhivju

June 2019

I face my face in the mirror every day - welcome to the club! Congrats with your Tormund tattoos people! By @georgiaparrytattoos @iron_throne_ink @clarelaketattoo @lucyannetattoo #tormundtattoo

June 2019

Selfie with fish

May 2019

The big dull and his beauty squad! Homage to the fantastic hair and makeup team on Game Of Thrones and the AMAZING work they have done through out the years! Thank you Kamen Glovet for all the fun and for making Tormunds hair look super inn all conditions - designet by Kevin Alexsander! And thank you Marianna Kelleher for the laughs, the blood, the wounds and make up - designed by Jane Walker! #gameofthrones #hairandmakeup #bigbigworld #eliliarydberg

May 2019

Onscreen and offscreen love! Definitely a win win situation:- ) Homage to Gwendoline Christie @gwendolineuniverse for her brilliant preformance as the warrior, the knight and the beautiful human being Brienne Of Tarth #GOTafterparty With my wife @grymolvaerhivju #gameofthrones #brienneoftarth #tormund #brimund #tormundgiantsbane #newyork

May 2019

When the local corps, in the local village your visiting is lacking the big drum player - you have to step in! #firsttime Video by @grymolvaerhivju #nationalday 17th of May Norway! #constitutionday #norway #sunnmøre #sunnmørsalpane #nationaldag #visitnorway #visitsunnmøre #fjordsofnorway #nationaldag

May 2019

GREAT sculpture made in plasticine by @dan_sculptor 👊

May 2019

Proud to finally show you this! We filmed it on beautiful #iceland and as you can see we didn't need anything else then the new American Express platinum card to survive :- ) Thanks to @americanexpressverige for a very nice collaboration! Thanks to the brIlliant director #MartinWerner , to #baconcph and #TrueNorth and #houseoffriends @panoramaagency and @svetlanahairstylist Join the Club #amexplatinumn #americanexpressve #americanexpressnorway #amex #ad #americanexpress @baconproduction

May 2019

3 million followers! Thank you all! And welcome to the million who has join the last two weeks! It’s an honor to share stuff with you! Have a good day! #3mill

May 2019

What?!! What just happend?? A dane? A DANE?? Must be the glasses. Definitly. @nikolajwilliamcw #gameofthrones

May 2019

When its 5.45 am and you’ve been killing stuntguys for 9 hours and someone say something about food and you know there is another take around the corner and your sitting on a pile of corpse. #hungry #battleofwinterfell

May 2019

Yes @danportman can sing with the soul of seven kingdoms - but he can also: disappear, appear, disappear, appear, disappear... Superpower #danielportman #throwback #trailertime #gameofthrones

May 2019

Looking forward to atend the Heroes Comic Con in Gøteborg, Sweden the 12th of May! Hope to see some of you there! #comiccongoteborg #comicconnordics #comiccon

May 2019

Welcome to the Blue Eyes Club! Great applause to Ben Crompton! Thank you for all the fun, the eternal laps of Risk in black tents all over Northen Irland, and thank you for being a brilliant guy! Great applause for your Dolorous Edd! #dolorousedd #gameofthrones #risk #bencrompton

April 2019

GiantKILLER and Mr. GiantBABE!What a blast to work with @bellaramsey A super talented, hard working and fearless actor (and warrior! ) #gameofthrones #battleofwinterfell

April 2019

Big episode tonight... Buckel up... #throwbackbattle

April 2019

2.000.000 followers! Such a joy to share stuff with you all! Thank for your enthusiasm, your great comments and likes! Ps. #frisbeegolf our new favorite sport! Video by my good friend @henrikfenrik

April 2019

Enjoy tonights episode! You have a lot to look forward to... Here with the one and only Mr. @liamcunningham1 On our way to sett one day inn the past @gameofthrones

April 2019

Happy easter! #madebydaughter

April 2019

Cool remake of a @bjornterring picture by @setsuko2412

April 2019

Selfie with lama

April 2019

How Thrones should end: Sansa teaches a whitewalker how to floss dance while the nightking is chilling in the background #afterparty #oslopremiere @eirikholmen_ #fredrikhetmansen #haha #gameofthrones

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