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Don't stay too comfortable. Born and raised a Bay Area kid at heart 🌁🏃🏻

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2 weeks ago

Even with a bad knee, I’ll still run it 📸: @reallynotbilly

March 2019

When it’s International Women’s Day and payday 💞

October 2018

With the coworkers for @ayzialynn ‘s baby shower! So excited for your baby girl and I hope she likes the gift 😊

July 2018

Zenned Out 2018 🌚🖖🏽🌝

April 2018

“Please don’t take any photos of me, Jeannie.” 📸 @jeanniedo_

April 2018

I don’t remember much from the night, but I at least remembered to snap one good picture 😅 Thankful to have moments like these and I appreciate the love and support I get from everyone. Celebrated 22 🅱️ig 🅱️aller Style ✊🏽

February 2018

Happy birthday to my brother who is probably the only person that can continuously age while still being the same dude from high school lmao. Thank you for being someone I not only look up to but stand by as well. We will celebrate soon Big Dawg so have your liver hang in there for me ✌🏽✌🏽

January 2018


December 2017

But I’ll always keep my head up 🔒 Shoutout to Billy for the vision always 🌊🌊

December 2017

The album cover was blank until Murakami made the Dropout Bear for Graduation

December 2017

Kendrick Lamar gifted his loved one a brand new Toyota Camry so my dad is a GOAT just like him. Thankful to be able to receive this amongst all of my other blessings in life! Trapyota is for life 🔒

November 2017

Happy birthday mama ❤️🔒

November 2017

Thankful for moments like these. Spent Halloween for the first time with my Godson 🎃

October 2017

A’s up for going wild for the night. Shoutout to my brother for the free ticket to A$AP MOB ✊🏽🔒

October 2017

I can treat you out for the rest of my life and I still wouldn’t be able to repay you. Another reason I strive to be a better person everyday. If she’s happy, then I’m happy ❤️

October 2017

Reppin XO but I’m with my boy A$AP Qvcka Flvcka. Happy 22nd Big Dawg 😎

August 2017

Background color of my favorite album alongside my favorite people 😊 This summer has definitely treated me well this year and I appreciate the great company that y'all always give me 🤘🏽 #teamalli

August 2017

Universal Studios yesterday with my Day Ones 😎 If only the Jurassic Park ride didn't leave all of us drenched with water 🙂

August 2017

Oldie but I ain't talking about my grandma ☺️

August 2017

Couple days late, but thanks for a great baby shower Anfernee and Jennifer! Even though I'm clowning on you in this picture, I know that you'll be a great father Atone. Can't wait to see the little baby boy and thanks again for being my guy since Champs 🔒

July 2017

Happy belated birthday to the dopest student and kid on the East Side 😎 Real ones will use their Round One tickets to get candy 👌🏽

July 2017

Piece by piece, I'm chipping away at it ⛏To anyone working on themselves, keep feasting and make that work easy work 🔒 & you know I stay repping The Bay 👌🏽

July 2017


July 2017

Grateful to have the greatest male role model that happens to be my father also. I appreciate you in every way and I'm blessed to be your son. I love you dad and thank you for loving me unconditionally ❤️🔒

September 2017

比心机,撈世界 were the last words you told your son, who is my father. It translates into, "Be a good man". He wanted to pass it down the line of our family before he had to pass away into the afterlife today. Even though there were times where he couldn't speak from recent days, he would squeeze my hands to let me know that he never gave up just yet. If my grandfather never said die, neither would I. I know that he's not with my family physically anymore, I know that he will live through me and that I will continue being a student of life and taking in all I can while doing good for others. Your smile brought love, your care brought my family to the states and your heart got me to where I am today. I love you grandpa and I will never forget the path you paved in your life. I am honestly blessed to have a figure like you in my life and I won't take it for granted. Rest well and enjoy yourself now. Side note: To everyone that has helped me through this, I thank you all. You guys have lent nothing but open arms, a listening ear and warm heart in my time of need so I will forever be in your debt. I love all of you.

June 2017

Just a day before graduation but congratulations to my student Ben for graduating elementary school! Two years of teaching with this one and he's still the Most Based Person I know ✌🏽

May 2017

My mama got the vision too 👩🏻‍🍳🔥🔥🔥 #YZYSZN #LaFlame #momgoals

May 2017

Even though I grew up and still have both of my grandmothers, this little lady right here truly is my second mom. Always made sure my family had good home cooking and chopsticks to the hand whenever I was being out of pocket 😂 Happy birthday to my Great Aunt ❤️

May 2017

2 days late, but ➕✖️ and good vibes. Thank you for an amazing birthday present Michelle and everyone that took care of me 💜

May 2017

Mask off. You can be denied of a lot of things, but you can't deny self progress if you keep working at it 🔒

April 2017

Thank you for the most amazing piece I've ever had done for me, especially of my favorite artist of all time. Support your local artist and can't wait to see how high you get on the rise up 🔒

March 2017

Nothing but family in this picture right here. Happy 1st birthday baby Lance! Can't believe he's finally one now, growing up way too fast ☹️ I know it's his day, but I'm so proud of everything you've accomplished so far after having a beautiful miracle like Lance @jcslaays Keep being the great mother you are and I can't wait to see how you nurture and help him become an amazing kid 🔒

March 2017

Happy 21st birthday to my big bro and dawg right here. Thank you for being keeping me grounded and being a legitimate brother to me. Much love and can't wait to split a bottle of Privilege with you ✌🏼☝🏼

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