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Screaming happy birthday to our KREM DE LA KREM!!! Your presence in my life brings endless smiles and laughs and for that I am so grateful. I am so lucky to have you as a best friend and I’m so excited to celebrate you today. I love you so much, Kels!💕

3 weeks ago

Still floating on cloud nine. ☁️ #IWonderWhatClaudeIsDoing #DoYouWantToDoThatAgain

last month

99 days until I get to call this man my husband. 🤩

last month

We will emerge from the wreckage and come back stronger than before. We always do. 🌊 #VirginiaBeach #VBStrong #LoveForVB

last month

Memorial Day Weekend @ SML with this crew was EPIC. A huge shout out to the Lynch Family for hosting us! 🙌

last month

We had the best time celebrating the most beautiful bride-to-be this past weekend! I can’t wait to celebrate you and @karod4 in July! We love you so much, @megancmartin_ !🥂

May 2019

Beach days are the best days, amirite 🏖? Today is bittersweet for Jeff and I. We are (almost ) fully moved out of our little beach condo at the Va Beach Oceanfront. Our lease ends on May 31st so we decided to move in with Jeff’s parents to save money before our wedding. Our goal is to save enough to buy a home at the Oceanfront so we can be beach bums in our favorite place forever. We are very blessed to have this opportunity and amazing parents who like us enough to let us live with them 😂🙌. We will only be 15 minutes away so our beach days aren’t over, they just won’t be as frequent. 🤷‍♀️🤪

April 2019

This weekend was a dream. There was a lot of speculation (myself included ) about whether or not @pharrell could pull off a successful @somethinginthewater festival in the short amount of time he had, but he did it. I am blown away by all of the positivity and good vibes I felt at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront this #SITWFest weekend. I am so PROUD of our city, festival organizers, and festival goers for uniting and working together to make this the biggest thing to happen in Va Beach. @pharrell showed the world how amazing our city is and how great our locals are. He did it for us, for the college kids, for Virginia Beach, for Virginia. ... ... @pharrell , THANK YOU and we can’t wait until next year. 🖖 Mural🎨: @onietonie

April 2019

5 Things To Remember: - The past cannot be changed. . - Opinions don’t define your reality - Everyone’s journey is different . - Smiles are contagious - Kindness is free

April 2019

All smiles this Easter. 🥰✝️🌸

April 2019

☼ Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. Radiate positivity. ☼

April 2019

One day you will look back and see that all along, you were blooming. 🌸 - @morganharpernichols

April 2019

You attract the energy you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life. .... ... . Jeffy hasn’t made an appearance on my feed in a little bit so here’s a photo of us in our element. 💧

April 2019

Just a gentle reminder on this Monday. 👇✨ ... ... Never doubt your ability and potential to create the life you want. Take your time to appreciate the life you have and understand the value of just simply being alive. You are blessed beyond measure and more blessings are coming your way. 🔆 - @mindsetofgreatness

April 2019

Happy Friday, friends! Did you know there are 3 different beaches in Virginia Beach? The Oceanfront, Chesapeake Bay, and Sandbridge. ... ... The Oceanfront District is where we live and where the most action happens. In the summer there’s always live music, fireworks and people cruising the boardwalk. If you like to be in the middle of it all, this is the beach for you. ... ... The Chesapeake Bay District is more laid-back and family oriented. It boarders the Chesapeake Bay instead of the Atlantic Ocean so the waves are calmer. It’s the perfect beach to bring the kids or the pups. Locals tip- if you want to look for shells and sea glass, this the beach for you. ... ... The Sandbridge District is the most tranquil of the three. Instead of hotels, Sandbridge offers vacation home rentals and cottages. We joke that it’s the “Outer Banks” of Virginia Beach. They definitely have the same relaxing vibe. 😌 This is where Jeff and I will be celebrating our marriage in September! ... ... Have you ever been to Va Beach or do you have any questions about this beautiful city? 👇🌊 ... ... You can shop my Baja hoodie by clicking the link in my bio! ☝️

April 2019

The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul. ... ... There’s nothing more relaxing than watching the waves kiss the shoreline. I’m a total beach bum but I really struggle when it comes to choosing beach attire in the spring. Virginia Beach weather is pretty warm in April but sometimes the wind can drop the temperature. I always want to be comfy and warm but hate when I get too hot lol so I like to layer. I usually opt for a sweatshirt, comfy pants and a swimmie underneath. These @piyogapants are my favorite choice and I wish I had 10 more pairs because they’re amazing. They’re lightweight enough to bike ride in and loose enough to roll up if I feel like getting sun on my legs but want more coverage than a bikini bottom. Happy beaching, friends! 🌊

April 2019

I enjoy working out 10x more when there’s a water view involved 🌊. Running along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is one of my favorite workouts because I get to stare at the Atlantic Ocean. Sounds creepy but there’s something about watching the waves while running that helps me stay focused. Paired with a good playlist and I have all I need to push through the next mile. What motivates you to push through a workout?🏃‍♀️👇

April 2019

You will be amazed at how things fall magically into place once you let go of the illusion of control. ✨

April 2019

Warm spring days will be here before we know it! Here are a few of my favorite spring activities in Va Beach. 1. Bike on the bike path that runs parallel to the Boardwalk. 🚲 2. Relax on the beach with friends. ☀️ 3. Visit a brewery with outdoor seating. 🍻 4. Run on the Boardwalk. 🏃‍♀️ 5. Go strawberry picking. 🍓 (April-June )

March 2019

Did you know there is a giant underwater data cable that connects Virginia Beach and Spain? It can transmit 160 terabits of data per second, making it the highest capacity data cable crossing the Atlantic. 💡 What fun facts do you know about your city? . . You can shop my Baja hoodie by clicking the link in my bio!

April 2019

The 1st Street Jetty is one of our favorite spots in Va Beach. A little fun fact: located right next to this area is Grommet Island Park. The park is the first of its kind in America. It’s an oceanfront park and playground that is 100% handicap accessible so everyBODY can enjoy playing in the sand. It also has a sensory board for children who are autistic and visually impaired as well as a sway boat. Just one of my favorite spots in Va Beach. Do you have a “spot” where you live? .

April 2019

Happy first day of spring everyone! I’m so excited to finally kiss these winter blues goodbye. What’s your favorite season? Can you guess mine?! ☀️ . . Sweater from @milaraeboutique

March 2019

Irish we could do this every weekend! I had so much fun with my girlies this past weekend. Did you have a fun St. Patrick’s Day weekend? Where did you celebrate?🍀

March 2019

Happy Friday!! I’m heading to RVA for the weekend to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with my girls. What are your weekend plans? 🍀

March 2019

Every time I leave our condo in Va Beach, I stumble upon a new spot I want to investigate. I really love exploring this coastal city of ours. Do you like exploring new corners of your own city?🗺📍

March 2019

First taste of spring beach days. 🤩 Who else loves spending time at the beach? 🙋‍♀️

March 2019

My face when Jeff says let’s make tacos for dinner.🌮

March 2019

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. Happy International Women’s Day. ✊🏻✊🏾✊🏼✊🏿✊🏽

March 2019

Recycling old photos because it’s too cold outside to take new ones. 😅 My sunglasses are only $11 right now with free shipping. Click the link in my bio to check them out. 😎☮️✌🏼

March 2019

Blue skies, where art thou? ☀️

March 2019

No BS! ✌🏼🎺

March 2019

Complaining about the cold and posting old photos from summer - so hot right now. 🔥 Happy Friday, friends. We’re one month closer to summertime! 🌴

February 2019

If you haven’t noticed, Jeff and I love to bike. We got this foldable exercise bike from @amazon about two years ago and we use it ALL the time. We live in a small condo at the Oceanfront so we don’t really have a lot of space for workout equipment. We are also trying to save as much money as we can for our wedding/house, so gym memberships aren’t really an option for us. This bike is compact and it folds up so we can easily store it. It’s super lightweight so I can lift it and move it around myself. The best part? It was less than $130. It’s not a Peloton ( #goals ) or the fanciest bike out there but it gets the job done. I thought I’d share for those of you who are on a budget and want to get your booty in shape (without leaving your house 😉 ). I’ve linked the exercise bike in my bio if you want to check it out!🙃

February 2019

No bad days when you live 5 minutes from the ocean. 🌊 I like to treat our bike rides to the jetty as a cool down or warm up for our workouts. I usually throw on a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt just in case I break a sweat. These @amariactive leggings are my go-to. They are so comfortable and keep everything tucked in if you know what I mean. Click the link in my bio to shop them! 👆

February 2019

my sunshine on a cloudy day ❂

February 2019

Thank u, next (season please ). ☀️

February 2019

We had entirely too much fun celebrating our Ally girl this past weekend! I’m so excited to stand by your side on 5/4/19!

February 2019

You see this girl right here? She’s literally the most selfless person you’ll ever meet. She has the biggest heart and she’s an amazing friend who would do anything for you. 10/10 recommend gettin a friend like Allysoneeeeee. I am so incredibly excited to celebrate her this weekend! She’s gettin married y’all! 🥰🌸💐

February 2019

I think we all know today is not about flowers, cards and candy. This life is short. Grab your person, hold them tight and love them real hard. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ 📷: @vinluanphotography

February 2019

Looking for summer like 🧐. I’m obsessing over this cactus one piece from @sauipeswimwear 🌵. The back of this bad boy is a show stopper. 🤩

January 2019

Raise your stein if you’ve been personally victimized by this polar vortex. 🥶🍺❄️

January 2019

Missing my people and summer. ☀️

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