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16 hours ago

Nothing good in life comes easy! Short term sacrifice for long term benefit is the way I prefer to live my life.


What you do for work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied on a day to day basis is to do something you truly love. If you dont know what your one true passion is, keep looking and don't settle for anything less. If you love what you do you never actually work a day in your life.

3 days ago

Morning cardio is done and now to go fucking dominate the rest of my day!! I am very grateful for where I am in my life but that certainly doesn't mean that I'm satisfied!

4 days ago

DAVE PHASE 1: 16 WEEKS BEFORE WEIGHT: 92KG AFTER WEIGHT: 86KG I'm 43 and over the last 2 years I have been trying to excel and push my body.. but have fallen short, not quite getting it to that next level. ��With Jay's program I was able to drop those extra kilos of of body fat while also building a lot of lean muscle, which is quite a hard thing to do. Jay was able to review and amend my nutrition as required over the course of the program. ��On top of knowing how to achieve the best results, Jay is also one of the nicest, easiest to talk to and approachable coaches I have ever had. My only regret is that I did not start his program earlier.

5 days ago

Being happy doesnt mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to look beyond the imperfections and move forward regardless!

6 days ago

Success Begins with what you focus on. Right now I am focusing on getting bigger legs 😛

1 weeks ago

Another day at my second home 🙂

2 weeks ago

Every single workout I ever do, I always try and make more difficult than my last. I don’t make excuses, I don’t stop when it starts to hurt, I push past my pain barriers each workout, both physically and mentally and I try to break my muscles down to the point where I can’t even do another rep. The harder you train, the more food you can eat and the more your muscles will grow. You need to learn to love the pain, it is an amazing feeling when you embrace it!!

2 weeks ago

I am getting my entire body tattooed soon, literally from head to toe so that way I can get fat and no one will know notice lol... Abs are slowly becoming such a choir for me to maintain year round especially as my physique becomes less and less important to me as I get older. I will ALWAYS love the gym and will always train for the rest of my life but the lack of energy being this lean causes me to have I believe does slightly hinder my performance in business which I do not like.

2 weeks ago

Funny story... About two and a half years ago when I started business coaching and mentoring fitness professionals on how to make money online I went out and spent a shitload of money on suits and business attire which I still literally never wear to this day. Total waste of money lol but atleast I looked the part for a few days!

2 weeks ago

My online client Maddy is now 20kg down in only 16 weeks. Looking incredible Maddy well done your hard work has certainly paid off.

2 weeks ago

What will you do today that will make you a better person come tomorrow. Every day, Every workout, Every meal, Every decision you make all the time, are all just small steps moving you closer or further away from your goals. There will never be a perfect time to start, you are always going to be busy and you are always going to have obstacles but you need to make that initial change, commit to it and hold yourself accountable!

2 weeks ago

You need to believe in yourself! You need to have faith in your own abilities! If you do not have a humble but reasonable confidence in your own abilities you will never be successful or happy. Start believing guys I see way too much self doubt.

2 weeks ago

I believe work ethic is a skill you need to learn and develop. My work ethic at the moment is fucking insane, I am very happy with how much I get done in a day but I am currently in the process of trying to teach myself to work harder. I set my alarm for 4:30am every single day last week and only got up when I was supposed to once. That means I failed 4 times, I was lazy. I cannot let that happen again this week.

3 weeks ago

Life is good 🙂

3 weeks ago

Cool video : ) what do you guys think?

3 weeks ago

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

3 weeks ago

One of my favorite quotes, I have no idea who said it but credit to them. "The more you chase being uncomfortable the more comfortable you are going to get"

3 weeks ago

Living in the past can cause depression, living in the future can cause anxiety (which I don't mind, I like the pressure ) but living in the moment and appreciating your surroundings is how I choose to spend majority of my time 🙂

3 weeks ago

Honestly it feels like all I ever do is film Facebook ads lol ....

4 weeks ago

Winners do not visualise failure. The thought of failing DOES NOT cross my mind!

4 weeks ago

STEPHEN PHASE 1: 16 WEEKS BEFORE WEIGHT: 90KG AFTER WEIGHT: 80KG After 16 weeks I’m very happy with my results and look I forward to the next 16 weeks. Your training methods and nutrition strategies are first class and the overall experience on your program has been very hard but so worth it. I have lost a total of 22LBS of body fat on your program, I have put on more muscle mass and I’m very happy with the results. Thanks for your help and guidance it made everything clear and easy to follow your a top coach and I cant wait to get into the next Phase. Thanks again

4 weeks ago

I know you have done it before and i know you can do it again. See the positive possibilities in any and all situations. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into a positive, effective, unstoppable determination. Changing your focus and where you choose to channel your energy is going to determine what happens to you for the rest of your life.

4 weeks ago

Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. You need to have tunnel vision focus with zero distractions. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed. #clothing #lovegymclothing #gymworkouts #inks #inkspiration #abstractlandscape #tattooedboy #shredzathlete #fitnesschallenge #workingmen #gymrules #onlinecoaching #eatcleangetlean #nopainnogains #positivevibesonly #fitnessindustry #beastmodeon #onlinefitness #onlinefitnesscoach

4 weeks ago

When you are doing something that makes you happy it doesn't matter who's hating, doubting, or hoping you fail. You just keep working, keep on putting in the hours, believing, and pursuing whatever it is you want from your life. There will be ups, there will be downs, there will be set backs and there will be times you feel the world is against you but you need to find the inner strength to back yourself and keep moving forward no matter what obstacles get in your way! Self belief is a mindset and self doubt is a mind set, you need to stop doubting yourself and start believing you are destined to live the life you want to live!

4 weeks ago

It is a beautiful gift being able to not give a fuck about what anyone thinks of you. If you have not yet developed this skill you should spend a lot of time trying to figure out why you still care about other peoples opinion... Or I could save the time... The answer is insecurity. I have never been insecure in my entire but there have been times where I have questioned or doubted doing something because I wondered what other people would think. However, I still did it regardless. The key to overcoming insecurity or fear is to just get shit done regardless of how it makes you feel. Your emotions are not relevant when making a decision. If you know you need to do something even though you are concerned about what other people will think, just do it because once you have done this hundreds of times it becomes normal and you realise all your worry for no reason what so ever. Do not let fear or insecurity paralyse you. Just do it!!

4 weeks ago

We all kind of want it but how bad do you really want it? The only difference between wanting something and committing to something is that when you want something you will only work for it when you have time for it, when committing to something no matter what you have going on in your life commitment means getting it done. The only time you will ever get what you want is when you commit to it, make it a priority and put in the work. You owe it to yourself to make the commitment to living the life you want to live. Don't take the easy way out, you only get one chance, why would you not go after your dreams?

5 weeks ago

Typical behind the scenes shot at a photoshoot lol... I am not really the kind of person to walk around like a wanker with his shirt off 24 7... I do it because it's business!

5 weeks ago

JACKIE PHASE 1: 16 WEEKS BEFORE WEIGHT: 70KG AFTER WEIGHT: 61KG What an incredible experience it is learning how much you can push your body, not only physically but mentally as well. I have Jay Piggin to thank for getting me to the fittest and healthiest I've ever been. I've never been a sporty person and I haven't been too concerned about what I was eating until the program, so as you could tell, I needed all the help I could get. I couldn't have done it without Jay's constant support, motivation and knowledge. He pushed me when he knew I had more in me but still complimented me when he knew how much I was putting in. I was recommended by someone at work and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to improve and work on themselves. The best investment I've made is working with Jay towards the best I can be.

last month

If you always put a limit on everything you do, physical, emotional, mental etc, it will become a habit and it will spread into every other aspect of your life as well. There are no limits in life. Limits create mediocracy. There are only plateaus. Successful people continually find ways to surpass plateaus in there life and that is why they end up successful.

last month

Your success isn’t determined by how many things you have or how expensive they are. Your success is a reflection of how high you’ve made it in relation to how humble and difficult your beginnings were. Your success is decided by how many times you made yourself get up when it felt like life was out to destroy you. Never forget that!!

last month

At the end of the day having talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility combined with hard work, means everything. Clothing - @roqclothing

last month

Take up an idea. Make that idea your life! Think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. You need to become so obsessed with that idea that it completely consumes you and takes over your body. This is the way to success

last month

Take up an idea. Make that idea your life! Think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. You need to become so obsessed with that idea that it completely consumes you and takes over your body. This is the way to success

last month

Getting very close until I can deck you guys out in some awesome training gear!!! I really do appreciate your patience. Leave your name in the comments if you would like to go on the waiting list and as soon as all the gear is ready I will give you guys some EPIC discounts as a thank you for your patience. Love you all thank you!!

last month

There are no excuses, there are no shortcuts, there are only sacrifices that need to be made. If you want something you've never had, you have to be willing to do something you've never done. It doesn't matter who's doubting, hating, or hoping you fail. Just keep working, believing, and pursuing what you want the most.

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