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16 hours ago

Hey guys so after three years of having Poshmark I’m still not finished clearing out my closet. I post clothes, shoes and accessories that are brand new or only used once. (Although most people want stuff that’s like really used and worn out for some reason ) 😬 I really need to get rid of everything so if you don’t have the poshmark app just download it and search up my name “Jailyne19” and add me. I’ll add you back ♥️


Soaking up that vitamin D! It was about time I got a tan lol 🌞🏝 🌊

2 days ago

I’ve always came off as cold blooded but those who are close to me know I have a huge heart and I’m extremely nice, but once someone hurts me I cut them off and bury them in my past.. I’ve always ended any relationship I’ve ever been in because sometimes you have to choose to love yourself and be alone than with someone who is bringing you down and dimming your light instead of lifting you up and supporting you.. I stopped believing in second chances, once someone hurts you they will do it again so my advice to everyone who goes back and fourth and always gives another chance to the person either because they love them or they think they really changed, stop! They didn’t change and they will never change. The same story will just repeat over and over until you learn to be strong and be independent and move on 💁🏻‍♀️ just had to get that off my chest. Goodnight!

5 days ago

Revenge is for weak minded people.. I just let karma take care of things while I move on, let go of everything that hurt my soul and live my best life knowing I’m doing what’s correct. ♥️

2 weeks ago

There are some things that money can’t buy, like morals, intelligence and manners. Your attitude always determines your direction. 📸 @gifted_mindset 💄 @sumaira khann

3 weeks ago

This is how we celebrate birthday parties at my house 😆🎂 happy birthday @omo ale watch till the end if you want to laugh! PS the guy I’m dancing with is my father, he’s good at dancing!

last month

More sunsets like this 🌅 💕 #StLucia #jailynetravels

June 2019

Thanks to @dr evanantin and @thegentlebarn for having us over! It was the best place to take @johnny__ojeda to bond with animals for his Birthday. my whole family enjoyed it and we found out Johnny is a true chicken guru lol

June 2019

Using my favorite @dnahairtools straightener to get this perfect sleek look ✨ One pass gives perfectly straight hair and the rounded edges and cool tip allow you to make perfect curls as well 😍 DNA and I have team up to give you 75% off the whole site using my code JAILYNE75 to save at checkout! On top of my amazing discount code, we’re also going to giveaway TWO straighteners just like the one I used today! 😍 Rules for entry: ✨ Follow @dnahairtools ! ✨ Like this post! ✨ Comment down below tagging your bestie! Good luck to all 💕💕💕

May 2019

Good morning! ☀️ I’ve always done my makeup really basic.. and I never really learned how to do it so I just kind of made up my own way to apply it on lol. I did a little makeup tutorial on my app link is in my bio

May 2019

@fashionnova Do you ever have those days where you feel like you have no purpose in life and you just want to disappear? I have them all the time.. but then I look at my family and those that love me and I realize that I’m strong.. that I’m a warrior and I have to get back up and keep fighting because they’re my motivation and happiness.

May 2019

Consintiendo a nuestra mamá 💕 feliz día de las madres a todas las mamasitas jaja @dulceochoa__ @omo ale

April 2019

Once I get a different vibe you get a different me.

May 2019

#dress @fashionnova I’m seriously thinking about selling all my purses on poshmark and just keeping 1 for myself. I don’t need all of these..

April 2019

New clothes up on my Poshmark “jailyne19” and new content up on my app! Link is in my bio. Closet designed by @monce_b #eleganzacustomdecor

April 2019

Turning up in my closet because I get excited every time I walk in there and see how pretty it is thanks to @monce_b she’s the best when it comes to fixing up closets! #EleganzaCustomDecor

April 2019

Cierra la pantalla Abre la medalla Todo el mar caribe Viendo tu cintura Tú le coqueteas Tú eres buscabulla Y me gusta 🎶

March 2019

I see it, I like it.. I want it, I got it.. 💅🏻💁🏻‍♀️

March 2019

@fashionnova The day you decide to not fit in, to be your weird and unique self and do what you love and not what you think other people will like and be ok with is the day that you will truly be happy. Yes they will judge, yes they will talk and try to shame you or make you feel bad for not being average but who cares! People will only talk because they’re jealous that you had the courage to do what they wish they could.

March 2019

Si es para ti ni aunque te quites.. Y si no es para ti ni aunque te pongas... Asi de simple es la vida. Las cosas forzadas jamás funcionan.

February 2019

Every time one of my followers meet me somewhere and have a talk with me they always say “omg you’re so nice I honestly thought you were going to be stuck up” it never fails 😆 like yes I know I have a resting bitch face but I’m actually nice.

February 2019

What’s the point of being pretty when you’re rotten on the inside? What’s the point of having all the money in the world when you’re bitter and lonely? What’s the point of doing whatever it takes to get to the top when you had to cheat, manipulate and hurt others to get there? If it doesn’t bring me love, happiness, and prosperity into my life I don’t want to hear about it.. so many hypocrites in this world and not enough real and honest ones. #keepthesnakesaway 🐍 🚫

February 2019

Whatever you give a woman, she’s going to multiply. If you give her sperm she’ll give you a baby. 👶🏼 If you give her a house, she’ll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she’ll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she’ll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges whatever is given to her. SO... if you give her any crap, you will receive a ton of shit. -one of my favorite quotes 💕

February 2019

I’m weird. 👀☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

February 2019

Love, loyalty, respect, attention and support is all I need 🌹 the rest is just a plus 🙏🏻 @bloomluxuryinc Amor, lealtad , respeto, atención y apoyo es todo lo que necesito 🌹 lo demás es un valor agregado.

February 2019

Cuando el aburrimiento y las ganas de bailar se juntan 🤣😆 @omo ale

January 2019

When I was 16 I got into the world of social media marketing and advertising, I started with Facebook Snapchat and IG, then when Facebook stopped making good monthly revenue like it used to I made my own app with the help of my management team. I later created @culturah tv with my business partner @louisochoab we manage talent from different parts of the world not just the US. I’ve also invested into real estate.. I have way too much clothes since brands send me clothes and pay me to post it on here (falls into the category of brand endorsement deals ) so I sell it on my Poshmark as a little side hustle.. People who don’t understand the world of social media marketing and how money is made will always have something negative to say. But I will continue to put in work and enjoy my life and take care of my family and those I love. Have a good day everyone! Outfit is @ruedefemme

January 2019

Thanks to everyone who has purchased my calendar! For those who message asking where to purchase it, link is in my bio ♥️

January 2019

Just making sure that I’m still flexible like before when I was in yoga and dance class 🧘🏻‍♀️

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