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April 2019

We love @kwilaconfectioneries !!

April 2019

An original song • I still remember when I wrote this song in 2015, my friend and I were fighting, and I was tired of it.😂...i call this "The Peace Song". • LYRICS Can we make this work? Can we start again? Cause I don't wanna go another day feeling like this Can we sort things out? Can we just break the silence? Cause I don't wanna step out of this door feeling like this Can we make this work? We should make this work. . #Music #Music #Musikkk

April 2019


March 2019

never mind, i will find someone like you.🌼 • instagram would'nt let me post the whole vid. (size too large😭 ) • #Adele #SomeOneLikeYou #NevermindIllFindSomeoneBetterThanYou 😒🤣 #lolol #Singing #Throwback

January 2019

Almost Feb. 🌸🌹. P. S. I have a writing page: @welovepoetryy Check it out? 😉

December 2018

(Temporal ) Link in bio . I made a lyric video for my new single 'Best Friends For Life'. It's pretty unprofessional though. But I guess some of you may want to know what you're singing, or what I was singing, so there you go. . #BestFriendsForLife https://youtu.be/wCvrJss_0S8

December 2018

Hey guys. My new song (single ) 'Best Friends For Life' is out now!!! Link in bio ♥ . Tag someone getting married soon 💕 'BEST FRIENDS FOR LIFE' #BestFriendsForLife @jakeshinjari @im hiko ...Thank youuu.

December 2018

Hello guys. My new song (single ) comes out on December 7th, this FriYAY!! 🎊 . It's titled 'Best Friends For Life'. It's a song I wrote in 2015. And I think I'm glad I get to finally share it with everyone. . DECEMBER 7TH, YA HEARD?!!😁 . !! ♥ #InThreeDays #BestFriendsForLife

September 2018

. Breathe in the air Let the wind blow through your hair Lean into God, Let go & let be. For once in a while You may be disappointed, And life may throw you darts that you didn't see coming But lean into God, Let go & let be. 🍁🌿

September 2018

We like to post our happy faces on social media. But we all have bad days - Truth. This sure isnt a 'GLOOM POST'...it's just a reminder that we can SMILE through it all. Everything will be alright...seasons change, and um Life is great...so there you go, there you go. ♥

August 2018

"Beat cancer naturally" is a new book based on my mum's story, and written by my sister @zizywrites Get the book if you know you need to. Save a life from cancer⚡.

July 2018

Old Black Joe's Still Picking Cottons. #EverybodyKnows #Singing #Guitars #JusticeLeague #IHaventSeentheMovie

June 2018

Good morning.

September 2018

I did not want to post this here, but I put this up somewhere else, and someone messaged me "send this to me pls. What book is it from?". So I thought "oh, my write-up is this good?" lol. I love to write. Period. And I love that I love to write. It's such a great way to express myself and to say some things which I see happen within + around me. X. #Writing #insecurities #OpenUpYourHeartToLove

April 2018

Who else likes Coldplay's music? Here's a random throwback of a cover of #FixYou by #Coldplay

March 2018

Happy Easter 🌸 #InChristAlone #Myfaith

January 2018

#QuickInstaPost before i run back away. So proud of myself. I got done with my first read for the year✔ - Managing your emotions by @JoyceMeyer Learnt a lot from this book, can't begin to say all now. But the conclusion? It's a really good book that talks about how our emotions are important, how we need to stay happy, put our emotions under control, not always be moved by our feelings, not be rigid, but be child-like at heart & in depending on God, loving life and people, keeping a balance and HECK TAKING OUT SOME TIME TO HAVE FUN! Whew I'm not there yet, but i know with this book & some deliberateness & definitely God's help, I'm getting better. I'm deliberate this year about building internal character & keeping my peace of mind. I lost track at some point into the year, and felt confused. But I'm certain I'll be all good.☺ So... I'm happy i can say 'I HAVE read...,' and not 'I WILL read...' .Just tryna be a 'less talk, more action kinda girl' this time. Bye.

January 2018

Random Blurry post of a mini Karaoke session in-between doing assignments😢, times when you miss your 🎸. #Singing #BirdSetFree #Sia #Bye #BackToWork

December 2017

Often, i try to shirk from writing, but i guess it still does come back to me. Hi people. I wrote a new post on the blog (link in bio ) on BEAUTY. Check it out, and be inspired.

December 2017

The sun shall soon shine 🌞🌝🌼🌻☀

December 2017

Playing around with my video editor. Merry Christmas 🎅🌲. #Noel #Noel #Noel #Noel #singing 🌲🌲🎅🎅🎁🎁

November 2018

At the beginning of 2017, I remember feeling like I was stepping into the unknown. I had not the slightest idea of how my life was going to turn out, which is very much unlike me since I'm a planner when it comes to getting into a new year... I remember being so uncertain at the beginning of the year, so so uncertain of the people I was gonna meet & of the things I was supposed to do...but I recall praying. I told God 'I don't know how this year is gonna unfold, but You know already. Help me & LET ME MEET PEOPLE, PEOPLE WITH LIKE-MINDS.' _ Hehe, it's INSANE how God can completely blow the HECK out of our minds - esp when we obey Him. You see, I met people. And I was put into a family. And 2017 has been a good, good year so far. I just want to say THANK YOU, God. & THANKS A TON to these wonderful people whom I met this year, who may or may not know that they have affected my life +vely. @itzx_brenda @davidadahichima @afoxxworldwide @1bennyats (minus a few )💖 . & @the_buc + @rayo_odusanya I love you both!

December 2017

. Your ways are higher Your thoughts are wilder You make things happen It isn't weird Orchestrator Your plans do not break Letting go Flinging my future into your hands Honestly It's safest there I wanna know Your fragrance And what Your cologne smells like I'm not perfect Gosh I'm far from it But how you perfect me! You take all that's wrong And make it right Such wonderful thing Like your Fatherhood #EarlyMorningReflections #Writing #JesusGirl #AllDay

October 2017

Love don't care - Simi I forgot the lyrics at the end #Throwback #Guitar #Singing #LoveDontCare #InThisContext #InterTribal#IntraTribal 👍 . My older sister recently introduced me to this song. I liked it - the first verse especially, mostly 'cause I'm one to support inter-tribal love, friendships, marriages.

October 2017


October 2017

. I used to feel this way Like I could swing above skyscrapers I always wanted to be BIG You see I have been a dreamer So I tried to run ahead However in recent time I start to relearn what life really is about: The little things... Smiling Saying I'm sorry Lowkey growth - because eventually people will get to notice this Authenticity Grieving with others Being the first to reach out Being the first to say hello Is there any wrong in wanting to be BIG? Certainly not. In fact, you could desire that But I'd rather build character & hope the little things I get to do can inspire people I'd rather stay in a place of rest with God Than be all over the place trying to make a name On a serious note: I wanna be good at the little things Cause those things are what come out eventually Those things are what make people see you Hence make you big So let's put it this way: At the end of the day Little things are the big things And so there's that. #WritingGirl #AllDay#LifeIsGreat #LittleThings #Learning #Learner #Happy #Really

October 2017

Entering into October like ✌: You're a good good Father. Whoop whoop! #GoodgoodFather 💚. John 16:27 #singing #Guitar #Faith #GodisLove

October 2017

Don't know why it gets raspy sometimes, but I'll still sing. #ThrowbackTo2daysAgo "So hear me out I won't go. No goodbyes Just hello & when u cry, I will cry When u smile, I will smile & next time when I look in ur eyes We'll have wings & we'll fly My only one. Just like the morning sun U keep on rising til the sky knows ur name & Ure still my chosen one Remember who u are No ure not ..., but ure not ur mistakes. 🎉" #Singing #Guitar #Positivelines

September 2017

empty sorrys #writing

September 2017

I've found myself unconsciously singing this song for days now. I heard it first as a kid, I think in a movie or so. . #JudyGarland #SomeWhereOverTheRainbow #Oldie #Singing #Guitar #TotallyRuinedTheLyrics "Someday I'll wish upon a star, And wake up where the clouds are far behind me. Where troubles melt like lemon drops, Way up above the chimney tops, That's where you'll find me. Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high There's a land that I've heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream, Really do come true." 🌸

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