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5 days ago

Think pink! Can you believe it's already the middle of the year? I feel like this year time flew by yet it moved so slow! Not sure ahah. I wanted to share this polished look that is super easy to recreate for the summer. I used the new Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil by @hourglasscosmetics in the shade natural black. It's so fine (1.4mm ) you can use it to create the finest strokes! It's also waterproof and smudge proof! Perfect for any activities this Summer! If you recreate this look definitely tag me so I can share it as well! #hourglasscosmetics #crueltyfree #hourglasspartner Products used Veil Mineral Primer Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil in Natural Black Veil Translucent Setting Powder Vanish Stick Foundation in Linen Caution Mascara

4 weeks ago

Hey guys! I'm so excited to share how I get that #PCGlow with you. These products have helped me for years, (been using Paula's Choice for more than 4 years now ) especially when I had severe acne and congested, bumpy skin! After using these products my skin has been significantly smoother, less congested, and brighter overall. The 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant gently exfoliates the skin without being abrasive. It purges the pores of impurities and congestion overnight! The 10% Azelaic acid booster reduces bumpiness and improves skin clarity over time. For daytime, I love using the Defense Essential Glow moisturizer SPF 30. It's such a convenient and easy way to protect your skin from environmental damage while keeping your skin supple and glowy. All my friends that use this have been hooked! You can apply this as the last step of skincare or under makeup. Did I mentioned they're all fragrance free as well? Have you tried any of these? #paulaschoice #PCGLOW @paulaschoice Use my promo code 'IVAN' at checkout to receive 15% off site wide, free shipping over $50. excludes new product launches. one time use! #ad We are also doing a giveaway so u can try them out! Giveaway Rules: US + Canada Only, follow @paulaschoice and @ivanbaaaaah , comment + tag a friend to enter! Good luck!

last month

I guess I was always a crybaby 🤧

last month

Beyond honored to be able to share my story with you. Thank you so much for being by my side for all of this, I appreciate you guys so much. Also so blessed to be surrounded by the most loving, open, and talented people. 🌈 going to continue fighting for equality and visibility for all 🌈 even it’s just from my little corner of the internet. I hope I make you guys proud, and help you become proud in who you are! 💗 And thank you @poloralphlauren and @them for this opportunity. Directed @ashnpeters

last month

Turn on sound and put on your headphones! Products used in this video @enatureofficialusa Moringa Cleansing Balm @bitebeauty Overnight lip scrub and lip mask @paulaschoice Advanced Smoothing Treatment 10% AHA @farmacybeauty Honey Potion Mask @iope_us Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning @drdennisgross Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion @biossance Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil @cosrx Honey Ceramide Full Moisture Cream

last month

🐲 Choose courage over comfort. Simple but powerful words. Growth is uneasy, and it scares us. Growing up POC and queer we have always been taught to shrink and hide ourselves because of societal norms, safety, etc. Recently I’ve been learning to project bigger, dream bigger, taking up my own space and being proud! It’s been a struggle because my mind was constantly telling me “who do you think you are?” And I would make myself small again. It’s cheesy but now I’m just whoever I want to be! Take it world 🐉

last month

me everyday in the morning... hope u like these looks. what would u name this?

May 2019

❌⭕️ New York was amazing to me

May 2019

Cut my own bangs and “I don’t know what to do” lookin’ like a sad martian

May 2019

❌ Soaking in that LA sun ❌

April 2019

Starry eyed ⭐️ tell me one thing that makes you special : ) ⭐️

April 2019

❌ ⭕️

April 2019

Official soft boy ⭐️ shot w @jonsams today can’t wait for u guys to see!

April 2019

Let’s bloom together this year everyone 💗 hows your 2019 so far?

April 2019

Where you are is where you’re supposed to be ⭐️ just a simple reminder that there is no finish line to life 💫

April 2019

Some of y’all never had curry on hummus on salad on a piece of waffle and it shows 😪❌

April 2019

Catdad and daughter giving u the side-eye

April 2019

Prepping my skin for that dewy glow - Using @ohiibeauty before + after vitamin C mask. Leave it on for 5-10 mins for an instantly glowy complexion. Did I mention it has 10% vitamin C and no fragrance? all the yas !

April 2019

Just a boi and his cats 😪

March 2019

What should I name this look? . . . Makeup used #itcosmetics foundation #lorealinfallible concealer #3ce blush #fleshbeauty flesh pot on eyes #benefitcosmetics brown roller liner

March 2019

“Take me back” or “can’t wait for summer” sth like that lmao. Come up w another caption for me

March 2019

What’s your sign? Guess mine 👀

March 2019

Looking for any signs of life 🚀 it has been a trippy ride @milkmakeup 💦 #hydrogrip btw if u want try the hydro grip primer (it’s amazing btw so hydrating and gripping lol! ) enter “ivanbaaaaah” at checkout and get a FREE deluxe kush mascara!! U have to try it! Only 36 hours!!

March 2019

All I need are AirPods to complete this look hah 💁🏻‍♀️💳 my brunch outfit with @milkmakeup ! Btw they’re having a giveaway! Just comment HERE FOR HYDRO on this post and follow @milkmakeup to enter! It’s their new Hydro Grip Primer 💦 #hydrogrip

March 2019

Love hate 😴 I love her she hate me

March 2019

🌼He loves me, he loves me🌼 Shot by @sidneytep Makeup and edit by me

March 2019

More soft boys in pink? Y/N? On my eyelids #STUNNA lip paint in #UNLOCKED topped with #GLOSSBOMB in #DIAMONDMILK @fentybeauty #fentybeauty Shot by @summastudiosla @shotbyleo @sneakypika 💗

February 2019

Last nights situation at @privenewyork x @baekhyunee_exo Is this pastel or neon idek someone tell me 🙃 what did u do last night?

February 2019

Happy Saturday! Current mood : stuffed. What are u doing today?

February 2019

What kind of video do you want to see next? Anything goes! ⬇️ lmk . . . . Brows @benefitcosmetics #6 Blush @fleshbeauty Lips @elfcosmetics tinted lip oil in nude kiss @vdlus primer and foundation

February 2019

Only 4 easy payments of 29.95 for your very own 💳 👦🏻

February 2019

I’ve got a war in my mind ❌ photo @summastudiosla with @shotbyleo and @sneakypika Makeup by me used Brows @milkmakeup kushbrow in hydro Lips @elfcosmetics tinted lip oil in nude kiss Foundation @joahbeauty

February 2019

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all” Do you agree? Shot by @peterphungus (also makeup ) Makeup used @vdlus satin veil primer @wetnwildbeauty photo focus foundation stick classic ivory @milkmakeup flex concealer light med @fleshbeauty blushes glaze & rub @milkmakeup kush brow in grind @bitebeauty gloss in dirty chai @viseart eyeshadows Ruffled shirt from @yesstyle

February 2019

🌹 vday makeup 🌹 tag someone who would do this look!

February 2019

Thanks for all the love and support on my newest video!! It means so much to me! I definitely want to do more things like that on my channel! If u haven’t seen it it’s in my bio! 💗🙌🏻😭 love u all #soft

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