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8 hours ago

Every time dancer, singer and actress Nia Sioux ( @niasioux ) gets onstage, her confidence shines. 💖 “Dancing has helped me gain confidence tremendously,” says the 18-year-old. “When I was younger, I was always scared and nervous before going onstage. Putting yourself out there more, it releases that fear.” Today on our weekly series #YouGotThis , Nia shows us how she slayed at Vidcon 2019. Check out her tips for boosting your confidence and practicing self-love, right now on our story. Photo of @niasioux by @jordanmatter

11 hours ago

“A single emoji can express so many feelings.” —Frederike Scheibe ( @rischny ) 😏 #WorldEmojiDay


Cosmic manifestations, surreal landscapes and celestial bodies = “Afrofuturist” artist Manzel Bowman’s ( @artxman ) aesthetic. “With my work, I like to envision that the past, present and future are one and the same.” 🤯 Photo illustration by @artxman


Cue the starshine and ✨ for filmmaker, photographer and self-described pop culture time traveler Maris Jones ( @themarisjones ). “I see my Instagram persona as a character — a time bandit who wants to experience it all.” Photo by @themarisjones

3 days ago

For comedian and creator Adam Waheed ( @adamw ), there is nothing sweeter than connecting with fans and making them laugh. “If I can make one person smile, or turn one person’s bad day around, then I’ve done my job,” says Adam, pictured above with “all of his fans at VidCon.” 😂 Get ready to LOL with one of Instagram’s best young comedians and learn more about Adam on a special @vidcon edition of #GameOn , on our story now. Photo by @adamw

3 days ago

#HelloFrom Kyoto, Japan. A 1,200-year-old city where street style is informed by tradition — no matter the 🌨 ☀️ or ☔️ 😉 Say #hellofrom your part of the world. ❤️ Please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #hellofrom hashtag. Any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured. Photo by @mantaroq

4 days ago

Marine biologist Colin Foord and musician Jared McKay formed Coral Morphologic ( @coralmorphologic ) in 2007 with the goal of documenting and protecting the unique forms of coral they discovered in Miami’s waters. Merging Colin’s colorful 🎥 with Jared’s mind-bending 🎶, they’re presenting corals in a whole new light. Explore the duo’s lab and Miami’s urban coral reefs on today’s episode of #HiddenGems Every Saturday, we’re diving down the 🐇🕳 to uncover unique and treasured accounts — the real #HiddenGems of Instagram. ✨💎 Video by @coralmorphologic

4 days ago

With coral as their primary medium, Colin Foord and Jared McKay blend science, videography and music to create educational art 🤯 with Coral Morphologic ( @coralmorphologic ). Explore Miami’s urban coral reefs, lay down some 🎵 tracks and head into the lab on today’s episode of #HiddenGems 💎✨

5 days ago

Meet the Persian cat trio of Walternate, William Bell and Walter Bishop ( @walterbishopthecat ). These crazy kitties love water, the vacuum and they rarely sleep. “They are all from the island of misfit toys,” jokes their human Sonya. “They truly are unique cats and partners in crime with huge mischievous but loving personalities!” #WeeklyFluff Photo by @walterbishopthecat

6 days ago

Meet Matt Maxey, the founder of @deafinitelydope , an organization devoted to unifying and educating both hearing and deaf communities through a love of music and sign language. “Being black and being deaf, I always felt like I stood out. If I went somewhere I would either be the only black person in the room or the only deaf person in the room without an interpreter,” says Matt, a deaf interpreter who though born deaf, didn’t learn American Sign Language until he was in high school. Since starting DEAFinitely Dope, Matt has traveled, performed and even taught ASL to musicians like Chance the Rapper ( @chancetherapper ). On our story and on IGTV, learn more about the impact Matt is making in the deaf community in #Advocates , our new weekly series highlighting people around the world who are sparking positive change in their communities. ✨

6 days ago

Though he was born deaf, Matt Maxey (founder of @deafinitelydope ), didn’t learn sign language until he was in high school. When he noticed a lack of music interpreters in the rap and hip-hop music scene, he took matters into his own hands...literally. Learn more about the impact Matt is making in the deaf community in #Advocates , our new weekly series highlighting people around the world who are sparking positive change in their communities. ✨

6 days ago

#DuBistStark (You Are Strong ) means to empower others and see that sharing your weakness can be the strongest thing you can do.” —German model Charlotte Kuhrt ( @charlottekuhrt ) 💓 Charlotte is part of the #DuBistStark (You Are Strong ) project created by German magazine Brigitte ( @brigittemagazin ). Each month on their Instagram, Brigitte is featuring a strong woman who is changing the world. 🌐 Photo by @charlottekuhrt

1 weeks ago

If you can relate to Stacie Swift’s ( @stacieswift ) illustrations, that’s because she draws inspiration from her own personal experiences. “I’m a busy mum, juggling a freelance career, family commitments and all the other ups and downs being an adult throws at you,” says the illustrator from St. Neots, England. “Every one of us needs a reminder that it’s OK to not have it together all the time.” Today on our weekly series #YouGotThis , Stacie has created some inspiring illustrations to get us through the day. Find your motto (or write your own ) and share it, right now on our story. Illustration by @stacieswift

1 weeks ago

“Cars are the ultimate object of desire for me,” says artist and designer Chris Labrooy ( @chrislabrooy ). “They come in all shapes and sizes, and each vehicle has its own unique personality, which is a great source of creative inspiration for me.” Photo illustration by @chrislabrooy

1 weeks ago

Imagination, meet reality. 🐢 “When we put the familiar in unfamiliar circumstances, it creates wonder and excitement,” says visual effects artist Vernon Manlapaz ( @vernbestintheworld ). “I always try to ask myself, what can make the environment interesting and magical? Something that you would not expect, but when you see it, you believe it.” Video by @vernbestintheworld

2 weeks ago

From the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri ( @mosseri ): “We know bullying is a challenge many face, particularly young people. We are committed to leading the industry in the fight against online bullying, and we are rethinking the whole experience of Instagram to meet that commitment. We can do more to prevent bullying from happening on Instagram, and we can do more to empower the targets of bullying to stand up for themselves. Today we’re announcing one new feature in both areas. 💙 Encouraging Positive Interactions In the last few days, we started rolling out a new feature powered by AI that notifies people when their comment may be considered offensive before it’s posted. This intervention gives people a chance to reflect and undo their comment and prevents the recipient from receiving the harmful comment notification. 🧡 Protecting Your Account From Unwanted Interactions With Restrict We wanted to create a feature that allows people to control their Instagram experience, without notifying someone who may be targeting them. Soon, we will begin testing a new way to protect your account from unwanted interactions called Restrict. 💛 It’s our responsibility to create a safe environment on Instagram. This has been an important priority for us for some time, and we are continuing to invest in better understanding and tackling this problem.” 💗 To learn more about these new updates, click the link in our bio. Artwork by @heysp

2 weeks ago

“Clouds are the dreamiest stuff, and a notion that there’s really more out there than we can imagine,” says poet and 3D artist David Stenbeck ( @dovneon ). “The pink hues and neons represent the interhuman connection, a gesture of closeness or love. If I can help bring inner peace to people around the world [through my work], I’m doing it right.” Photo illustration by @dovneon

1 weeks ago

#HelloFrom South Tyrol, Italy — the home of these natural sand towers that offer a glimpse into another world. 👽 “I was fascinated by them since the first time I heard about them as a child during a holiday in South Tyrol,” says landscape photographer and geographer Kilian Schönberger ( @kilianschoenberger ). “The scene is fantabulous and geo-scientifically interesting at the same time.” Say #HelloFrom your part of the world. ❤️ Please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #HelloFrom hashtag. Any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured. Photo by @kilianschoenberger

2 weeks ago

There aren’t many places to hide when you’re a 17-pound (8-kilogram ) Argentine red tegu lizard. But who needs to hide when you have a best friend like Ice? Today on our story and on IGTV, MacGyver ( @macgyverlizard ) and his human Ice share a picnic in the park and curl up at home for some well-deserved 💤. Every Saturday, we’re diving down the 🐇🕳 to uncover unique and treasured accounts — the real #HiddenGems of Instagram. ✨💎

2 weeks ago

Picnics in the ☀️. Warm 🛁s. 🛏cuddles. Just a normal Friday for @macgyverlizard and his human BFF Ice. See their friendship shine today on #HiddenGems , our new weekly series uncovering unique and treasured accounts on Instagram. ✨

2 weeks ago

“I’ve always been intrigued by menswear,” says BODE ( @bode ) founder and designer Emily Adams Bode, who launched her line of luxury clothes for men in 2016. “I work with textiles that are rooted in a female-centric universe. They are mostly traditional domestic textiles that are historically created by women. I like the idea of something very female focused, but made for men to wear.” Watch our story to step into the BODE studio with founder and designer Emily Adams Bode, then shop the designs over on @shop — a new account where you can discover and buy goods from up-and-coming designers. 🌈✨

2 weeks ago

Meet Nicole and Paula, the London-based co-founders behind Black Girl Festival ( @blackgirlfest ), the first arts and culture festival celebrating black British women and girls. “Coming from a place where everyone is black, then coming to a country where you’re literally being singled out because you’re black, really taught me about my identity and what it means, and not being ashamed of being a black girl,” says Nicole Crentsil, who moved to the UK from Ghana when she was 5. “We wanted to create a space that we had wished for our younger selves.” This October will be the Black Girl Fest’s third year. “To see young black girls come to the festival and buy books that have black princesses in them and buy dolls that look like them, this is why we do it.” says Paula. “It’s easily the best thing we’ve done in our entire lives.” On stories and IGTV, learn more about the festival and the women who are this week’s #Advocates — our weekly series that highlights people around the world who are sparking positive change.✨

2 weeks ago

Black Girl Fest ( @blackgirlfest ) is the first festival of its kind, inspiring young black girls and women to take up space and own their power. Learn more about the festival’s founders Nicole and Paula in #Advocates , our weekly series highlighting people around the world who are sparking positive change in their communities. ✨

2 weeks ago

“I like being able to express myself freely, and the street environment is one that helps me do so. I draw inspiration from people who use their surroundings and community to create art without tight restrictions, such as rappers and dancers,” says 21-year-old freestyle footballer Kazane Shimazaki ( @kazaneshimazaki ), who is the founder and leader of AirTechnician, the largest freestyle football team in Japan. Video by @kazaneshimazaki

2 weeks ago

“My inspiration comes from surfing – I like the idea of surfing a concrete wave,” says 21-year-old French professional skateboarder Vincent Matheron ( @vincent_matheron ). “My favorite place to skate is my local skate park in Marseille. The park is mellow and it’s always good vibes there, just in front of the sea. It’s a big family when you skate, and you’re never alone.” Video by @vincent_matheron

3 weeks ago

“The love for movement, music and perseverance through adversity has always been my inspiration for dance," says 23-year-old DJ and dancer Nico Castro ( @nicospins ). “I’m in this craft for the long term — I’m not doing this to fulfill trends. I genuinely love and live to innovate and create art through movement.” Video by @nicospins

3 weeks ago

#Wimbledon is rich with history and is the home of tennis,” says professional tennis player Naomi Osaka ( @naomiosaka ). “It means tradition, grass, sunshine, strawberries and cream.” This is Naomi’s third time at the oldest 🎾 tournament in the world. Wimbledon ( @wimbledon ) turns 142 years old this year. “I’m doing what I love every day and it’s so rewarding to inspire the next generation,” says the 21-year-old, originally from Osaka, Japan. “I am very grateful.” As for Naomi’s advice to her younger self? “I would tell her that there are times when it’s not easy, but just to keep pushing through and dreaming big.” 🌟 #WomenUnite

2 weeks ago

#HelloFrom New York, New York. Come take a trip on the Staten Island Ferry with photographer Eric Van Nynatten ( @ericvannynatten ). “The view of the harbor and skyline — it’s always impressive to see. And it’s free!” Say #HelloFrom your part of the world. ❤️ Please submit your own photos and videos to the project using the #HelloFrom hashtag. Any tagged visual shared with the hashtag is eligible for the project and, if selected, to be featured. Photo by @ericvannynatten

3 weeks ago

Hello, friends! ❤️ 🐾 #CatCon greetings from the one, the only... Nala Cat ( @nala_cat ). 🎀 Right MEOW on our story, spend the day at the big @catconworldwide event — happening all weekend — with this very sweet girl. 😻

2 weeks ago

Actor and recording artist Miss Benny ( @miss_benny ) gained the confidence to fully express himself by seeing fellow LGBTQ+ people online. 🌈🤠 “It's how I became comfortable with my own identity,” says the 20-year-old. “It was absolutely crucial for my survival. So I try to pay it forward by being the loudest and most unapologetic version of myself in hopes that it will reach someone who needs to see it.” This month, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by sharing stories of #UntoldPride Follow along later on as we shine a spotlight on people who are making a difference just by being themselves, and check out @lgbt_history to see even more stories of #UntoldPride Photo by @miss_benny

3 weeks ago

London-based Italian artist Leonardo Frigo ( @leonardo_frigo_ ) is known for his hand-drawn ink illustrations where string instruments like violins and cellos = his canvas. 🎻 Leonardo creates one-of-a-kind pieces that draw inspo from history, literature and, yes, even music. 🎶 Every Saturday, we’re diving down the 🐇🕳 to uncover unique and treasured accounts — the real #HiddenGems of Instagram. ✨ 💎 See Leonardo’s pen in action on our story and IGTV now. Video by @leonardo_frigo_

3 weeks ago

Learn more about Leonardo Frigo’s ( @leonardo_frigo_ ) insanely detailed work in today’s episode of #HiddenGems , our new weekly series that uncovers unique and treasured accounts on Instagram. 💎✨

3 weeks ago

Differences don’t matter for this week’s XS and XXL #WeeklyFluff companions Japanese Chin Lulu and Saint Bernard Brody ( @blizzardandlulu ). “Brody and Lulu’s personalities are completely opposite,” says their human David Mazzarella. “Lulu is very adventurous, loves to climb trees and chase chipmunks. Brody, on the other hand, is very laid-back and loves attention from people. His favorite activity is sleeping in the kayak, LOL.” Video by @blizzardandlulu

3 weeks ago

Being weird has never looked so glamorous, thanks to Johanna Jaskowska’s ( @johwska ) fascinating face filters. “Beauty today, there is this weirdness where you can transform yourself,” says the Berlin-based digital creative. After experimenting with augmented reality for three years, Johanna released several face filters for getting that “half robot” look. 🤖✨ “I really like the social aspect of [the filters] and how people use them,” Johanna says. “I like to be surprised.” Check out @design to learn more about Johanna’s face filters, and follow to see more stories about design around the world. Video of @aistejure “Blast” filter by @johwska

3 weeks ago

Meet Wednesday ( @hellomynameiswednesday ). They’re a nonbinary illustrator and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. 🎨 “[In galleries] we don’t have queer bodies or artists, and it’s why I decided I wanted to make queer art,” says Wednesday, who encourages people and artists across the LGBTQ+ community to share their work and their experiences. “We deserve to see ourselves. We’re going to be the next gen in the UK, and we’re going to make some huge differences.” 🌈 Today on our story and on IGTV, learn more about Wednesday’s work (and life ) in #Advocates , our new weekly series that highlights people around the world who are sparking positive change. ✨

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