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If u ever want to be entertained just sit back and watch the audacity of others !

4 days ago

Meow meow meow meow meow (Translation ) Here’s a first look inside #CatsMovie @catsmovie Trailer FRIDAY! 😻

5 days ago

I’m sorry , I didn’t get your name but hopefully you see this picture that I took of us for you since you didn’t have your phone and if anyone knows him let him know it’s here pls ! Thank u for your love and support and hope to see you at hatch day

6 days ago

I am just now being able to read the card you all gave me with the beautiful flowers from yesterday . I would definitely stopped by ! Thank you Kathy and Mary ! I’m so mad I didn’t get to see the show cookies you all made too. @raviniafestival #raviniawomensboardgala

6 days ago

I have been waiting for this moment for a while ! #ifitsmagic #jhudharp moment

6 days ago

Heavens call ! #Hallelujah

1 weeks ago

It truly suspends me ! #ifitsmagic #steviewonder #jhudharp

1 weeks ago

I can’t explain what this song does for me ! I finally got to sing it for the first time and with my purple harp ! Accompanied by the beautiful harpist #elliechot @raviniafestival during my show with @Georgehanson the conductor and the @chicagosymphony on tonight ! Another dream realized ! #ifitsmagic #steviewonder

1 weeks ago

He got his ticket ! He even came early enough for the soundcheck! He’s definitely JHud productions material !

1 weeks ago

Are you coming to see me today ? Your got your ticket ? @raviniafestival

2 weeks ago

Here at JHud productions , we believe you can know who you are and still be humble ! It’s not always about how good you are but how good you are to work with !

2 weeks ago

This was my favorite gown ! Look at the purple ! She was so beautiful @dianaross

2 weeks ago

@dianaross BEAUTIFUL! ICONIC !

2 weeks ago

I was getting my best life !!! Yep I came to see about @dianaross !

2 weeks ago

So this was me thinking the show was over ! Yea ok!!!!! And at this point in my mind I was @dianaross

2 weeks ago

Wait what !!!!!!!!!!!! @dianaross concert

2 weeks ago

IN SHOCK ! @dianaross

2 weeks ago

To think all I wanted was a picture and ended up living a dream ! @dianaross blew me away tonight !

2 weeks ago

Am I dreaming ...... omg this is @dianaross yal!!!!! #inshock

2 weeks ago

And if @dianaross say song , sing ! OMG

2 weeks ago

@dianaross Still got me in shock! Yal , I did not see this coming ! On tonight I went to see @dianaross in concert , at best I wanted a picture . So I surely didn’t expect or believe it when they told me @dianaross want you to come to the stage ! if @dianaross say for u to come to the stage , u come to the stage ! To be continued......

2 weeks ago

Yal, coming ? Come see me , this week on July 14th @raviniafestival

2 weeks ago

I don’t know about u but I grew up on @looneytunes

2 weeks ago

We r a family like a giant tree .....

2 weeks ago

All in the family !!!

2 weeks ago

The Mother’s bench !!! @juleyah @charismadegrandediva

2 weeks ago

Round all the kids up ! It’s time for that family/friend summer 6flags trip ! Yal know how we do ! This school @bus ain’t going to school on this day ! @juleyah are u the bus driver driver !

3 weeks ago

Here at JHud productions shoe throwing is a compliment ! So thank u sooo much !!!! #wawawelcomeamerica

3 weeks ago

Thank u for all the shoe throwing love ,team JHud ! Yal r true team players ! yal showed up and showed out! #wawawelcomeamerica

3 weeks ago

Waiting for my cue like......

3 weeks ago

@meghan_trainor I love your music and message , it was fun sharing the stage with u on last night !!! #wawawelcomeamerica

3 weeks ago

“Deliver “Where the hell u at ! Thank yal for all the love ! I know where team jhud at , that’s for sure ! #wawa

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