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1 hour ago

Good morning everyone and pls really listen carefully! I looked at my Instagram stats and based on that 81% of you aren’t even able to make the wrong decision, so use that freedom and fly. Ps text me 12129315731

14 hours ago

Adversity is the foundation to success.

18 hours ago

Why aren’t you choosing happiness?

21 hours ago

stop thinking yesterday determines tomorrow, learn from it but don’t over value it ps text me 1-212-931-5731

21 hours ago

If you don't love this morning it's time we really debate how lucky we are to even be watching this video .. start replacing your "I have to's" with "I get to" and hopefully things will start clicking .. Monday baby !!! PS: Text me 1-212-931-5731


My pops @sashavayner has a few things on his mind and a request of the Vayner Nation! #1 if you buy wine on the internet or on an app or deal of the day site or an email service, pls sign up for @winetexts #2 if you’re in the tristate area and are in the signs business, hit up dad at sasha @winelibrary com and put in the title of the email “WL sign”. He’s looking to barter and I’ll throw in an hour of consulting one on one with me in person at my office for whoever makes the trade.


This statement over everything, Instragram. I’m telling you, I’m telling you with all my heart: Once you go to a place where you don’t have expectations, what you start doing is you chip away at entitlement. A lot of you are expecting something because you think you deserve something because that person “birthed” you or you did something random for that person or some weird “the universe owes me.” Whether the universe, or your parents, or a coworker “owes you” by the merit of the action is irrelevant..when your mindset doesn’t “expect” and flips to “this is on me” and having empathy for every outside source, it leads to a tremendous - and I mean a tremendous - level of happiness. This is on YOU, not them. Ps : this doesn’t mean there isn’t an enormous amount of systemic issues in society and family dynamics. It’s just a mindset of eliminating entitlement not macro vulnerabilities

2 days ago

Slow it down Sunday! For 90% of the people who see this post right now, you could misplay the next decade, create zero financial advancement, heck even zero emotional and mental advancement and STILL have a fuck load of time. Take that pressure off your chest and breathe and reset. We got this!

2 days ago

Thinking about you a lot right now, when I first saw this I smiled so hard and looked at @mikeboydjr and just said “I love that man so much” it’s exactly how I still feel 💔 #marathoncontinues

2 days ago

I was trying to tell people in 2008 what was coming. I’ll repeat this point of view again here in 2019 and also use this bad haircut and extra 20 lbs to remind you all “I’ve been on this shit. I just live what I tell all of you to do and produced content around my passions and ideas for a decade before it realllllly started "popping” a few lessons in this post, do you see it? 📲 oh and text me 1-212-931-5731

2 days ago

You’re either advancing or declining in mindset, the issue with complaining is it’s the leading enhancement to the decline.

3 days ago

Ok a few things. Like any investment there’s so much risk but I do believe vintage basketball like Kareem and Wilt rookies, soccer super stars like Messi, Ronaldo and emerging stars like @k.mbappe and @joaofelix79 , vintage wrestling and young players if you’re right about their future are very good long term investments in sports card form. Now when the economy collapses the first thing to go will be cards but I do believe we are in a white heat moment right now and the above are good long long term. Also a few other things since that interview I did that’s the main part of the clip the Lebron PSA10 Topps chrome 2003 has gone from $1050 to $2200 a card in 3-4 months. This is happening.

3 days ago

My employees are hurting my feelings, I hope my community does better 😂 212-931-5731 it’s time to join

3 days ago

There is no right, there’s just life! Listen to this shit 👂

3 days ago

My Friday the 13th post! 🔪 🤯

4 days ago

People are funny 😂.. this happens everyday, people say one thing but act another way ... I really think this may help a few of you this Friday morning realize you’re doing the same thing! And btw that’s ok, just recognize it and adjust ❤️ other people’s opinions are dangerous because it often can affect you staying on your course, they don’t know your course, so why should their cheering or booing effect they way you navigate it. Tune it the fuck out!

4 days ago

You’re part of the movement. I can’t thank all of you enough for the attention and passion on the positivity. I see a lot of you taking the flag and carrying it into other arenas.

4 days ago

See ya!

4 days ago


5 days ago

Would love to get your opinions on this topic, I think there is a far deeper impact than the debates I’ve been hearing and seeing. What you think?

5 days ago

The North Star 🌟 Tag 3 1-212-931-5731

5 days ago

It’s your time! Question, what hashtag would you use? For this post

5 days ago

So many think that giving awards for losing or effort, builds self esteem. It’s actually remarkable how it goes the other way. Kids know things, kids feel things, kids get confused or worse, entitled. I couldn’t be more passionate about letting merit and real results be put on a pedestal, and we shouldn’t demonize losing; we should see it as opportunity. These kids become young adults and struggle with push back, negativity, and losing when this is their framework. I hope this issue can be debated more.

6 days ago

Only perspective has lead me to this place, and when I say “11” everyday I mean in the macro, everyday as a CEO of a 900 person company I’m dealing with micro issues that could make the micro moments a “1” however mindset and how you see the world 🌍is the biggest key to happiness which leads to action. Pls enjoy this.

6 days ago

On this Tuesday night I drop you with the unlock 🔐 for a shockingly large amount of people seeing this. Pls pass this to a friend that needs it. The people around you are way more impactful than you think.

6 days ago

The relationship 🔐... we all need this and need to understand this.

6 days ago

This is an inside game, really understand this thesis.

1 weeks ago

The customer, the market, the experience and time, I value actually doing and learning and listening over advice, it’s not because I’m audacious or think I’m cool, it’s how I learn, many are like me, pls use this clip to inspire yourself to do it “your way” there’s a lot of ways to have a mentor, pick yours!

1 weeks ago

Listen, way too many of you aren’t subscribed and we are doing it on the podcast. Pls subscribe the link is in my profile / bio and if you signed up right now pls leave a comment on which platform.

1 weeks ago

Always be testing.

1 weeks ago

Believe it or not, this leads to the most happiness.

2 weeks ago

It’s time this point gets more airtime. Delusion and an inability to understand what goes into “being great”, is hurting people's mindset and happiness. There’s no reason anyone should want to "be great", but if you do the costs are real af.

2 weeks ago

Success is hard. Way too much talking and debating and explaining what you’re going to do and not enough focus on doing it. This is a call to arms for so many youngsters out there. Instead of telling everyone what I was gonna do on the web or in real life I just closed my eyes and did it thennnnnnn after 15 years I started talking about how, less predicting and more making pls.

2 weeks ago

There’s one place where I can’t control my emotions

2 weeks ago

Woke up to so many questions about this, this is the biggest theme I see in the unhappiness of 18-35 year olds, they don’t realize it most of the time because they value the short term upside of what their parents bought them but at a deeper level this is the core to their problems and unhappiness. Please consider to cutting your parents off from controlling you! Yes this is you cutting them off as much as them cutting you off. Good luck, this is the big one

2 weeks ago

THE CONVO I want to have.

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