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November 2018

I'm writing this with tears in my eyes because these days anything triggers my emotions and I just can't help it... . Especially when it comes to this song and its lyrics... . Before I forget, this is definitely my favorite guitar solo by Brian and probably one of my favorite guitar solos of all time and the effect is intensified when you see Freddie feeling it in all his being...I mean he interprets that melody so well with every inch of his body that you feel like you're listening to that solo with your eyes and not your ears if that makes sense at all... . And then with that "touch my world with your finger tips" right when the song soars again Freddie brings in the fire and in a few steps reclaims his kingdom. And then when he says "we can have forever" with that incredible force and that divine voice you truly believe him... This is live performance and showmanship in its purest and most perfect form. He sings the words and at the same time acts every note with his body...he LIVES the song... This is why watching Freddie perform is always like therapy for me ❤ . Freddie is living his "forever" everyday and yet I miss him beyond words... ❤😢 . 🎥 Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live in Budapest 1986 . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercuryqueen

October 2018

💥Freddie Presents Weather💥 . I give to you a 30-year-old Freddie presenting weather forecast in his gentle, melodic, flirty, and irresistibly soothing voice ❤ . 🎥 Photos and subtitles are by Official Queen Romania channel and 🔊Audio is from an interview Freddie did with Kenny Everett in 1976 at Capitol Radio London . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercurymemorial

October 2018

When shooting a music video for a song "Im Going Slightly Mad" ❤ The video featured, among others, a herd of tame penguins. The whole project cost about 200,000 pounds. Like all music videos from Innuendo, he was created in collaboration with Rudi Dolezal and Hannes Rossacher from DoRo Productions. The music video includes shots of guitarist Brian May disguised as penguin, drummer Roger Taylor with a steaming kettle, a man in the guise of a gorilla, bassist John Deacon as a jester and Freddie Mercury in a black wig and a bunch of bananas on his head. ❤❤❤❤ . . Reposted from @freddie_our_idol #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercury #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercurystatue

October 2018

💥Barcelona💥 . On October 26th 1987, eexactly 31 years ago today, "Barcelona" was released as the first single from Barcelona. . ✨The song was performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe, who Freddie declared to be one of the most beautiful women he ever met. Caballe requested that Freddie write a song about her hometown, and he did so, in Barcelona, a song about meeting a lover in a breathtakingly beautiful city. Mercury had befriended the operatic soprano Montserrat Caballe and had long admired her music. In 1987 and 1988 they recorded a whole album of pop-operatic material. . ✨The song was originally released in 1987 peaking at 8 in the UK. After Mercury's death, it was re-issued in 1992 to coincide with the Olympic Games in Barcelona, it reached 2. . ✨The recording was complicated by the tight schedule of Caballé. Thus to spare her time, Mercury recorded the song, also singing her part in falsetto. He would then send a tape to Caballé to prepare her for the joint studio sessions. . ✨The song was co-written by Mercury with Mike Moran, who also appeared in the song's video and played piano and all keyboards for the studio recording. . ✨Mercury was reportedly amazed by the legendary ability of Caballé to control her voice; for example, in the fadeout, he had to step away from the microphone to decrease his voice intensity, whereas she didn't move at all. . 👉P.S. Once again, I am amazed, mind blown, and overwhelmed by Freddie's unlimited talents and brilliance. And I am so grateful that he decided to take his love of opera to the next level and give us this EPIC masterpiece. Their voices coming from two completely different worlds are so beautifully harmonized that one can easily experience heaven on earth... ❤ . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercuryfan

October 2018

💥Elder React to Queen (Part 5 final )💥 . 👉"Can't believe it..." 😥 . 👉"Freddie Mercury is considered by many as one of the greatest singers, the greats performers in the HISTORY of music" . 👉"He painted a path for other people to be expressive and really be themselves" Well said Jennifer 👏 . 👉"You wonder just how much more he could have done with those 25 years" Can't stop wondering... . 👉"They HAD so much good music so the legacy is to keep changing, jeep trying new things, to be innovative" 👏👏👏 Repeating the same pattern over and over again does not count as musical craftsmanship (you know who I'm talking about right now ) and I'm so glad Freddie was the most experimentive of all, injecting Queen with fresh air all the time even though his experimentations was not always received with the best of support those who should appreciate it do 🙏❤🙏 . P.S. So that was the last part of the video but I have cut a lot from each so if anyone of you haven't seen the whole thing on YouTube make you sure u do 😎 Hope you enjoyed this ride...good night my beauties ❤ . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercurytribute

October 2018

"I just like having fun. It's a very good release, rock music, but you know you say that I am a different person on stage and that same thing could be said of anyone going out to do his job. It's my work, and I'm very serious about it, getting it right - when we began, we approached it the way we did because we were not prepared to be out-of-work musicians, ever. We said either take it on as a serious commodity or don't do it at all." -Freddie Mercury . 👉P.S. I couldn't agree more with Freddie's words. Do you behave exactly the same in private life as you do at work? Of course not! So there you have it my darlings! And besides, who could possibly argue with that face and that look? He's like this super handsome (and badass ) philosopher whom you just can't contradict 😏❤😎 . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercuryfan

October 2018

💥Elder React to Queen (Part 2 )💥 . 👉The way Mark shakes his head and says "yeah Freddie Mercury...amazing" hits me deep 😢❤ . 👉Roger's rocking to "Don't Stop Me Now" is just so adorable I seriously envy his grandchildren for having such a cool grandpa 😍 . 👉"Too bad he passed away...he was a great performer." Don't do this to me Johnny 😢👑 . 👉Meanwhile Ruby's still like "why don't I know this name?!" 😂😂😂 . P.S. See you with the next part tomorrow 😉😎 . 🎥 From the "Elders React" channel on YouTube . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercurysolo

October 2018

Oct 8th 1988 - @mercury_motg and perform the Song "Barcelona" the in the same City , during the "La Nit Concert" . 🇪🇸 One Day later, the british press reported that Freddie Mercury's Voice in this night, for the first time, comes from a record Tape. The first rumors about a heavy Disease makes the round in the UK. @wonderlust barcelona @montserrat_caballe Reposted from @freddiemercury_motg #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercurytribute

October 2018

💥Bob Geldof on Freddie💥 . Happy birthday to Sir Bob Geldof who turned 66 today ❤🎊 . I just wanna thank him for putting Band Aid and all its consequent events like Live Aid and Fashion Aid (1985 ) together and insisting that Freddie and Queen perform... 🙌🙏 . "Is there a better voice... I mean proper rangewise...?" . Well said Sir Geldof 👏 Of course there is not a better voice or a better performer than the great Freddie Mercury and there never will be... 🙌❤👑 . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercuryqueen

October 2018

Heaven must really sound beautiful... Because Freddie & Montsy are singing together again ❤ . P.S. I still can't believe she's gone. I loved Montserrat not just for her beautiful voice but for her sweet self and wonderful soul. In her, Freddie found a diva but also a kindred spirit and that's why she was one of her best friends and one of the very first few people he confided in about his illness. May they both rest in heavens and bless the angels' ears with their divine voices... ❤ . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercury_theking

October 2018

💥Kensington Market Stall💥 . @rogertaylorofficial ( @get_repost ) ・・・ Memories of an alcohol fueled Christmas Eve in Kensington Market in the stall that Freddie and I shared. . . @mercury_motg 👇 Here's the story of Freddie & Roger's Kensington Market Stall: 👢👗👜 When Freddie graduated from Ealing College of Art in summer of 1969, he didn't have a full-time job. So he and Roger opened a ten-pound-a-week stall in a three-storey Kensington Market on the antiques trading alley known as "Death Row". Their customers included Michael Caine, Norman Wisdom, Julie Christie, and David Bowie. To start with they sold artwork by Freddie which was mainly fashion sketches and drawings of Jimi Hendrix. They even sold Freddie's college thesis on Hendrix. Their stock in trade become dandy paraphernalia, everything from exotic scarves and cloaks to jackets and fur stoles. In Roger's own words they "used to sell old Edwardian clothes and scarves that Freddie picked up from various nefarious dealers". They even started having clothes made up out of old fabrics and trimmings and became expert at acquiring "job lots". As Freddie once said: "Roger and I go pobcinv and ultrablagging just about everywhere, and lately we've been termed as a couple of queens". . 👉P.S. Isn't Roger a peach for sharing this gem of a photo and his "alcohol fueled memories" with us? 😍😁 And I love Roger even more for acknowledging Freddie's official page @mercury_motg when so few have done so. When others only use @mercury_motg as a pun to promote the movie, Roger simply mentions Freddie's page to remember his old friend and the sweet memories they shared together. ❤🙏 . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurytribute

October 2018

◼They met when Mary was 19, Freddie 24. She was a manager at the trendy Biba boutique in Kensington, West London, and he and the drummer Roger Taylor ran a booth at the bazaar. They fell in love and lived together - first in a studio apartment, and later moved to a modest one-bedroom apartment near Holland Road. They were very happy, though they never talked about their future together. - When I was 23, he gave me a big Christmas box for Christmas - she recalled after Mary's years. - There were more in the middle and so on - it was one of his funny games. Finally, in the last box I found a beautiful ring. She could not believe it. She asked what finger to put it on. He replied that he was cordial and asked if he would marry him. - I did not expect it, I just whispered "yes" - she said. However, the wedding did not happen. After 6 years spent together, Mary experienced one of the most difficult times in their life together. told her that he found out he was gay. This day ended their physical relationship, but the feeling remained.❤ . . . . Reposted from @freddie_our_idol #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurysolo #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryrevisited

October 2018

💥Queen Having an Argument (1977 )💥 . 👉Ok so this is the cutest most adorable "argument" any band could ever have 😍😂 I love how involved and passionate and perfectionist they all are.🔥🔥🔥🔥 . 👉My favorite part has to be Freddie's "PERFECT" bit because I can feel his spit coming out of the screen and that makes me love him even more ❤😂 . 👉And it's awesome and ironic that it's Brian who drops the f-bombs and not Freddie who is usually assumed to be the one more liberal with his language. 😍 . 👉And I love how Roger sounds like a little whiney kid trying to get his parents to stop fighting 😍😂 . 👉And then there's John with his usual calm and collected self acting like the wise older brother (when he's in fact the youngest of the four ) 😍 . 👉You can't have that much creative energy in one room and not have an outburst. This is what creating great art is like. This is how music giants and rock gods work together. The more intensity, the more "arguments" the better the outcome will be. 💪 . 👉That is the greatness of the Queen family. Yes I call them family and in fact a marriage between four very different people because they stayed together for 20 years and this is how they made it possible. You discuss, you fight, you move on, and you love each other to pieces. And you create masterpieces that become your children in the end. If they agreed on everything all the time the outcome wouldn't be so epic...they all weighed in and put their diversities into one perfect whole that is QUEEN. 👑 . 🎥 P.S. I nearly tore myself apart to create and embed subtitles into this video (sth I have never done before )😁 so I hope you enjoy 😍 . Reposted from @freddiemercuryclub #freddiemercury_theking #freddiemercuryhouse #freddiemercurythebest #freddiemercuryrevisited #freddiemercurymemorial #freddiemercurytribute #freddiemercury70 #freddiemercuryfan #freddiemercuryforever #freddiemercurystatue #freddiemercuryismyqueen #freddiemercury_thelegend #freddiemercuryqueen #freddiemercurytattoo freddiemercurylegend #freddiemercurytributeconcert #freddiemercurybirthday #freddiemercurysolo

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