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Bonjour Monde! Comment allez vous aujourd'hui?

2 days ago

#HealofyProudDaughter ❤❤❤ Why not celebrate Mothers everyday of our lives?? That is what healofy exactly wants us to do!! CELEBRATE MOTHERS! USE HASHTAG #healofyprouddaughter to share your mom's stories on your facebook, instagram, twitter & youtube. Top 10 best stories/post will get Rs 50,000 from @healofyapp Also, join the community of 10 Million Indian Women by downloading Healofy app - India's no1. Women Social Network from Google Playstore: https://healofy.com/app

4 days ago

#Dynasties was the best #FamilyExperience in months! Saw the family side of #WildLife in real settings. Big applause and hug to the cinematographers and makers. @SonyBBCearth

4 days ago

Looking forward to your new show @SandiipSikcand !! Super excited for this one! 😍 17th June, 9pm, Star Plus! #KahaanHumKahaanTum

2 weeks ago

Happy Birthday to our pretty little chatterbox who brings sunshines to days, who illuminates the nights. Dil se blessings to you both @priyankavikaaskalantri and @vikaaskalantri Love, Viv and Div

2 weeks ago

Eid Mubarak ~ Team Divyanka

2 weeks ago

मेरा चाँद मेरे साथ... बस अब ईद का इंतज़ार | I am witnessing the excitement in my staff for Eid. Remembering भोपाल की ईद, भाइयों और दोस्तों के घर जाना, सिवईं खाना | अभी से चाँद रात मुबारक़ आप सब को | Photo credit @mangesh_b kamble

2 weeks ago

Whatever I wear, wherever I go, you can't pull the #Bhaartiya out of me. #BhaartiyaNaari Outfit @kalkifashion Styled by @stylingbyvictor Assisted by #sohailmughal Makeup @manoj regina @sharukh_khan902_ Hair @zahhida_hasan @avinash__501

2 weeks ago

We spend such beautiful time together that insta posts take a backseat at times. So a selfie effort for my insta family! PS: Seems white has become my summer favorite!!!!

3 weeks ago

Nothing else matters when you have right subjects in frame. How would you caption it? #BhopalThrowback Brother's #Casper

4 weeks ago

मुझको भावे...गलियाँ तेरी गलियाँ !

4 weeks ago

Hours just flew past and we didn't realize! It's a delight to soul connecting with positive people like @priyankavikaaskalantri and you @vikaaskalantri ! A great conclusion to an otherwise crazy day.

4 weeks ago

#ChefNitya posing with some #RealLifeChefs They happened to be fond of me...but now I am a bigger fan of what they do after #ColddLassiAurChickenMasala ! #ChefLove #NotFromShow #JustPosing #FanClick #HashtagsJustToBeClear 😜

4 weeks ago

What makes me smile so much? YOU! You acted responsible, you went out and you voted. We may have different likes but all castes, creeds, generations and genders...we have the same goal- #ABetterIndia Your active participation in India's politics will make it a better country! Thank you for sharing your #VotingSuccessStories with me! Heartfelt Love, धन्यवाद 🙏 Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya #StateIcon #LokSabhaElections Outfit presented by @kirtiagarwal_varsha Jewelry by @kalkifashion Styled by @stylingbyvictor & #SohailMughal #SareeDrape #LehengaSaree #PreStitchedSaree

4 weeks ago

Last phase of voting today. अपना बेशकीमती वोट डालिये और मुझ से शेयर कीजिये !😍🙏 #LoksabhaElections @ceompsveep

5 weeks ago

It's sun shining or its just blessings? #Unadulterated

4 weeks ago

At times I'm beautiful. At times my costume makes me feel beautiful! Styled by: @stylingbyvictor , #SohailMughal Outfit by: @aayushimaniarofficial Jewelry by: @tyaanijewellery Company: @vblitzcommunications #FloorLengthDress

last month

I have cast my vote. With family. Did you? #Election2019 #MPStateIcon @ceompsveep

4 weeks ago

None of it was my style until I tried it! Flaunting the outfit by @girlsliketotwirl Styled by @stylingbyvictor #BlackAndSheer #BlackJumpsuit

last month

Happy Birthday to the woman full of life who inspires me in many ways! Looking forward to making thousands of Game nights, Birthdays, Ganpatis, Christmas & New Years memories with you @veenaasikcand aunty! Love you Lotsssssss! Divyanka

last month

Thanks for sharing this wonderful video @vikaskhannagroup ! There is no one day to celebrate a ‘real fit hero’. It’s a constant celebration that one must keep reminding oneself of in order to become a real fit hero, themselves. My mom, @neelam tripathi121 ’s veritable resilience and never-ending desire to learn and take on new challenges has been my source of motivation, always. She truly believes that age is just a number and lives by it every single moment of her life. From trying her hand at adventure sports and rifle shooting, she has done it all at this age, nothing deters her. In fact, I owe my dancing skills to her – she learnt Bharatnaytam late in life and today, her determination has helped her to live one of her dreams of opening an art school. Thanks for being a true inspiration & a ”Real Fit Hero”– not just to your kids but to many out there. Love 😘😘. #FuelForTheRealFit @quaker_india #Quaker Who is your Real Fit Hero @karan9198 ?

last month

And the winner is- @officialsumitsainisinger 😍 Picture courtesy : @sunny punjabi.12

last month

Are you all ready for the Final Battle? #TheVoiceOnStarPlus tonight at 8pm. Picture courtesy : @sunny punjabi.12

last month

Memories forever!♥️

last month

The Great Grand Finalé tomorrow night... Do not miss #TheVoice at 8pm on @starplus this Saturday.

last month

Happy Birthday to Mushh! Tight hug to you 🤗

last month

#Bridesmaid missing her #BrideFriend today. #VirtualBlackCoffee ☕️ @rucheey22 ?

last month

I like the first failed attempt at posing. Which one do you prefer? #DrapeSaree Outfit @Ankurjofficial Jewellery @rimayu07 Styled by @stylingbyvictor Assisted by Sohail Mughal

last month

#Summer and #Lehengas do go hand in hand.💗 Outfit @manish_reshamwala_label Jewellery @rimayu07 Styled by @stylingbyvictor Assisted by #sohailmughal Make up hair @manoj regina Assisted by @avinash__501

last month

I couldn't resist putting up this post! A friend's friend lost her life to terrorism today. This morning she posts a happy Easter picture with family, cut to all dreams vanished by afternoon! She and so many others lost their lives to some inhuman goals! IF WORLD DOESN'T UNITE AGAINST TERRORISM TODAY, WHEN WILL IT? WHEN WILL WE WAKE UP AND FIGHT IT TOGETHER? US, Turkey, Pakistan, Spain, Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Thailand, Israel, Phillipines, China, UK, New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka...And the list of the countries attacked is never ending! ( Yes please Google! The details are shocking! ) It truly shows that #TerrorismHasNoReligion ! They don't even bother to see who's dying in their slaughter! Only #LossOfLives is their aim! Do we need these attacks to keep continuing or we'll really stand United today and do something as a #TrueHumanForce against only one enemy that is- #Terrorism !

last month

It's shocking! I hope people I know in Sri Lanka...their friends and family is safe? My prayers for those who have lost their loved ones and those who are injured! This dastardly act should not go unpunished! #SriLankaAttack

last month

Isn't pink a woman's best friend? Never disappoints! Outfit : @kalkifashion Jewelry : @kripaapranay Company : @vblitzcommunications

April 2019

2 years of ALTBalaji have been amazing but this is just the start. We have many more blockbuster entertaining years to come. Happy anniversary @altbalaji #2YearsOfALTBalaji @ektaravikapoor

April 2019

My fantasy. My reality.

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