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NQ Masters Bikini Competitor Masters Figure Competitor AAA-ISMA Certified Personal Trainer RN 22yrs. MSN, BSN, RN-NCP, Lean SIx Sigma Green Belt

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4 days ago

Hair and makeup by me... 🤗🤗🥰

4 days ago

It’s always ok to laugh... #lovingme #fitover50

5 days ago

Always strive to be the best YOU!!!!! #iloveme #fitover50

2 weeks ago

Today is always bittersweet. I miss this man tremendously. The pain of his passing is just as painful today as it was that day.. happy daddy’s day to the man I love to the stars and back and then back again. I love you.

2 weeks ago

This was a must repost.

3 weeks ago

Consistency. I might not be where I think I should be however I’m going to keep working EVERYDAY..... me against me.... I see my hard work is working. Slowly but surely. #iloveme

4 weeks ago

This is deep.....and I mean deep. The release of energy..

last month

Decided to go lower. Let the top go. I can see just how beautiful I am..... #teamtinyafro

last month

Ending my days off with some relaxation.😊😊😊😊😊 back to work tomorrow I go...

last month

I’m my own crush!!!!! #WCW

last month

When your cousin @caleb816 fills your lashes in.. 🥰🥰🥰

February 2019

This was worth reposting. Might help someone including me....

February 2019

And this what I packed in my gym bag this morning. Well I’m going to workout in them anyway.... 😂😂😂😂 laughing at self. #gottapaybetterattention

February 2019

Screaming Happy Birthday to my good friend. Even though your in prep enjoy your day....eat after the show. Guess I will have to get you a vegan cupcake.

February 2019

Trying new things with my hair. Nothing can explain the way I feel inside about my outward appearance since cutting my hair off. BEAUTIFUL.... #learningwhoiam

February 2019

The face you make when you know your beautiful. I love my wigs but the feeling I have now without it is amazing!!!!! I initially thought I would be self conscious but I wasn’t. I thought I would look funny but I don’t. I thought I wouldn’t feel beautiful and other wouldn’t either. That didn’t happen either. Stranger and friends have expressed this cut looks awesome on me...I’m so glad I did this. I learned something about myself. Loving the skin I’m in... but I will put some hair on 😂😂

January 2019

I let the hair go.... it feels good and looks good on me too. #iamnotmyhair Don’t get it twisted though. I will put on a wig in a minute.... 🤪

December 2018

We small and we not fancy but we all we got.... #gottalovefamilynomatterwhat

December 2018

Working these glutes and hamstrings. Tried something new. @icandycompetitionbikinis

December 2018

Working these glutes..... @icandycompetitionbikinis

December 2018

When the cough keeps you out the gym one day to many. Couldn’t take it. I’m a big baby. Liquid please. No pills. Bubble gum flavored. Winning. 💃🏾💃🏾 guess this body forcing me to take a break. 🤪

December 2018

So I did legs yesterday and I can’t say that’s the reason I fell down the stairs today. Funny but not funny. Yeap slip down and my tush and lower back hit every step before I grabbed the rail and stopped myself. Glad I didn’t break anything. #ivefallenandicantgetup

December 2018

Your in love all by yourself... wow. Speaks volumes.

December 2018

So true

December 2018

I promised myself that I would make time for my community. Its time to honor that promise. If anyone knows of other volunteers organizations or opportunities please share them. Especially those involving feeing the homeless for Christmas. Please and thanks....

November 2018

I’m going way back on this one. I keep this picture close so I never forget where I started. No I didn’t set out to compete I just didn’t want to be overweight anymore. After going to a few shows is when I got the bug. Lol. I started my fitness journey at the tender age of 39 and did my first show ever at 40. I haven’t stopped yet 10 years later. I’m not that tiny bikini girl most see. I use to do figure by the way but after two shoulder surgeries I lost a lot of shoulder mass. Since I wanted to keep competing I switched to bikini and love it. I love the skin I’m in and if I’m not careful that person I use to be will creep back up on me. The funny thing is I still see a big girl in the mirror. Haven’t figured that out in my head yet. I will one day. Get active people. It only takes a few minutes out your day. #lovingtheskinimin

November 2018

Happy 5th Birthday to my little diva. My niece swears she’s a mini me.. lol. Auntie loves you to pieces. 🤗😘🥰😍 @beautifulquita

November 2018

First part of my prep complete. Ground turkey burgers all weighed per my macros, grilled and ready for the freezer. These will last 12 days. Grab a pack out the freezer, drop it in a bowl with my veggies and go. I don’t even unthaw them. I put them in my container frozen and it unthaws throughout the day. No stress over here. #lovingmylife #preparingtosucceednotfail

November 2018

Happy thanksgiving Everyone #lovingme #mofilterneeded

November 2018

Not sure why but l listened to this 3 times. Somebody needs to hear this....

November 2018

Still eating it ☹️ but a girl got goals. Thank God it’s only one meal. Lol. #tilapiasucks

November 2018

Drop a heart if you believe this to be true.

November 2018

I want to be the next Icandygirl. #icandygirl @icandycompetitionbikinis

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