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2 weeks ago

Hung out with some of my lil brothers today. 🙏🏾 #Football

3 weeks ago

"A man who works with his hands is a laborer A man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman But a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is an artist" - Unknown . #ArtistOnInstagram

last month

A tribute song/video to my favorite basketball player @DwyaneWade ✊🏾 . Link in Bio or iGTV . Update: I’m tagging all of the Miami Heat fan pages so go and give them a follow #HeatNation ✊🏾 . #L3GACY #OneLastDance #L3GEND

March 2019

Note to self.. ✍🏾 Posting on my feed so I don’t forget. . #FoodForThought

February 2019

Bounce Back!!! - Got inspired by an instrumental made by @iamnobodi & wanted to share that inspiration! - #FUV #HipHop #ArtisLife #MusicianOnAMission #Cine4 #A6500

February 2019

Did a cool thing a little while ago and almost done putting it together for y’all!! #ArtIsLife #HipHop

November 2018

Been working on shooting videos with my #a6500 This one I'm really happy about. If I didn't like rap so much I would definitely pursue a career in cinematography, lol #RespectTheShooter #SonyAlpha

November 2018

Visited my home state got me elevated. So excited life is vibrant inside I'm just levitating. Electrified and I can't be grounded I'm wireless. Soul lifted I'm going ghost wherever I would step. Sun shining.... without any diamonds but just a bracelet. Hands in my pants like "whatever I'll just embrace it". Palm trees calmly patting me on the back. The sky feeling the vibe not a cloud on the map. 😎 . #FUV Lux Primus #Barcodes #SmartFunnyBlack #Artist 📸: @taliaarob

September 2018

Visited the @teslamotors store and left blown away by the technology that they've accomplished to create. The future is now. #Tech

August 2018

@dcyoungfly dropping gems 💎

August 2018

This just enhanced the way I view art.. 💡 Truly inspiring.

June 2018

Darkroom. . Releasing this track soon! . . . #ArtistsOnInstagram #Create #Hiphop #MusicianOnAMission

June 2018

I'm in a good place. #Circa93 #Squad #ArtistsOnInstagram #MusicianOnAMission

June 2018

Today has definitely been a wild adventure. #galaxys9plus #shoot2kill #justgoshoot #killyourcity #vacationvibes #image

May 2018

Just wanted to post cuz I liked the way things looked in here 😎. Def got that royal feel to it. ....I wanna visit Italy now. #Art #Random #Photography #D750

April 2018

Hate to see her leave, but I love to see her go. #iPhoneography

March 2018

Blood is about to be shed on the mic tonight... #Cypher #HipHop

March 2018

Create... and have fun doing it! Behind the sceeeeenes ✊🏾 . Go follow @kayizii and be on the lookout, visual coming this Friday!!! 🙌🏾 . 📹- @taliaarob 🕺🏾- @obu_obu 💃🏾- @harleythelotus 🎤😎- @kayizii 🎥🎬 - @thewoods photos 🎼🎹- @freddiejoachim

February 2018

Thank you for the inspiration @danaigurira @swaysuniverse 💯

February 2018


February 2018

An open letter to my heart & maybe you can relate. If you're rocking with the preview check out the full track. 💪🏾Link in bio💪🏾 Produced by @martelhoward

February 2018

The 25th year. Always progressing 👍🏾 📷: @taliaarob

February 2018

Thinking of ways to turn my weaknesses into tools. . 📷: @taliaarob

January 2018

Behind the scenes shooting with some of the GOATS today. @iloveitbrandon got some heeeeeeat coming. . #Circa93 #Creatives

January 2018

It's a wave of us coming... you'll see. 😏 #FUV @SosaGuild #SOSAguild

December 2017

You will never know everything. Never lose your wonder. 👌🏾 📷: @taliaarob

November 2017

May apply to other activities as well; press on. 👍🏾

September 2017

Performed at @nawfsidetalent this weekend alongside many other creatives! Had a great experience. Definitely coming back 👍🏾 📸: @rlathepoet

September 2017

They want me to MEASURE up to being great in their own way but I'm changing the UNITS/ I'ma be a leader(LITER ) Dishing out OUNCES of announcements that'll make them eager/ Running on courts(QUARTS ) competing for love, cuz most of the world done threw it in the freezer/ 😏 . #SOSA #CIRCA93

August 2017

#TBT to when I was in Cali recording w/ @billie_dale on his latest project #Route111 ! Which is out now!! This lit a fire under me. 🔥 Let's get it!!!! 🚨 #Route111 🚨

November 2017

Paying homage to @jayelectronica 's "Exhibit C", because what he did on this beat was FLAMES🔥! Produced by @justblaze YouTube.com/bwoodsjr214! 💪🏾 🎥: @Taliaarob ____________________ #Rap #HipHop #Freeverse #Passion #Music #Bars #CypherCircuit #HipHopHeads #JayElectronica #ExhibitC #shotoniphone

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