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I miss my workout partner :( #OnixForever #SaveJaguars

13 hours ago

Gorgeous Meera and her sister Rainbow on top of their new night room in Alcyone’s habitat. Look how gorgeous my girls are. Beautiful and super strong. They’re obviously scared of their new neighbors but they didn’t roar at Alcyone. In 3 or 4 days I’ll put the three together. Alcyone is sleeping in the garden, he has a huge transportation cage there with lots of hay. Little by little all the kids are getting their families. The next one will be my son Dharma. Also, look at my son Loco all the way in the back : ) #TheNightmaresBJWT #BabyMeeraBJWT #BabyRainbowBJWT #LocoBJWT

15 hours ago

We’re getting there : ) Ya casi : ) #PrincessBJWT #TopoGigioBJWT

17 hours ago

There’s nothing worse than the sense of entitlement. That’s the root of all of Humanity’s problems. We feel like the Earth belongs to us so we destroy it, we treat Animals and Plants like property because we have slaved them and are able to buy them and sell them. We also treat our fellow Human beings like commodities and we exchange them like if they were goods. We have no respect for anything. I once saw the previous manager of Luis Miguel (Huge Mexican artist ) give 100 USD (That belonged to me ) to a homeless woman in Beverly Hills looking for trash. She refused to accept that money because of the way that this fool gave it to her. Thankfully, Luis Miguel fired him already. It is not what we do but how we do it. It is better (For the person giving ) to give 1 dollar with his or her full Heart on it than to give 100 dollars just to pamper his or her ego. The more that one gives with one’s Heart into it, the more one will grow and be really satisfied. One shouldn’t force things, Existence doesn’t work that way. It’s all about balance. These words from Justice Scalia really show what a wise Human he was. You can see it in his eyes, they have that calmness that Experience brings to a Human. Do you know that the word person means mask? What’s good in Humanity lies underneath the person, that’s where we are one with the Universe. In Zen there’s a saying that goes like this: “If you do it to me, I can forgive you, but if you do it to yourself, I can’t...” It’s just a joke about how we are all one. “Blessed are the poor in Spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Do you get it? It’s not about being economically poor, but about realizing that we are not men, women, black, white, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Humans, Animals or Plants. Read those words carefully, they’re not a promise, they’re a description: “For theirs IS”. Give with your Heart and receive with your Heart. Giving is easy, receiving, not so much, because only an open Heart is able to receive help, just like only an open Heart is able to give for the sake of helping. With Love to Justice Scalia, to Jesus, to Buddha and to everyone else that gives from their Heart... #PapaBearChronicles #BeHuman

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Princess and Christina last week... #PrincessBJWT @beautifuldisasterclothing

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Breakfast of Champions... #TheNASAprideBJWT #SaveLions

21 hours ago

This is Helen’s sister Clara!! One of the amazing veterinarians at Long Island Vet Specialists adopted her from us. So wonderful to see her thriving! Fun fact about Clara: She weighs a pound more than Helen. She also has a dog brother whom she loves so much... Via @bethostern


Don’t get too excited, we were trying to get her to hold the baby but it didn’t work. Now, when she sees the baby automatically she starts making that sound with her mouth in order to groom him because she gets super excited. And he’s getting way more relaxed with her. I think that in a couple of days we’ll succeed... #PrincessBJWT #TopoGigioBJWT


Los Mágicos... #LosMagicosBJWT #SaveLions


Another angle of the last part of Ma-Tzu using The Jaguar Express because Jamie was busy peeing instead of recording : ) #MaTzu #SaveJaguars #TheJaguarExpress


Karmita by my brother @romerobritto You can get it at


La Dolí 5 years ago... #Dolano #SaveLions @bjwtintime


Good morning from Christmas... #BabyChristmasBJWT #SaveLions

2 days ago

Vía @ricky_martin

2 days ago

Who wore it better? #PrincessBJWT @jamiemichellevine

2 days ago

King Gorakh. Watch with sound : ) #BabyGorakhBJWT #SaveLions

2 days ago

Jimmy Limmy running to say hi to his dad. The only problem is that he’s so effusive that he doesn’t let Troy approach me : ) #CowboysBJWT #SaveLions

2 days ago

The NASA Pride last night... #TheNASAprideBJWT #SaveLions

3 days ago

Original caption: Michael's first meal with us... Date: July 22, 2014 #Michaelingui #SaveJaguars @bjwtintime

3 days ago

This was Karajan on the day that we rescued him from the circus (Still in the trailer ). You’ll see him at the end of the video on his habitat super happy enjoying life eating like crazy. Like him, we have 62 new rescues in quarantine areas waiting to be moved to a habitat. We need your help to build those habitats for the 62 Martyrs rescued. The active link is on our bio or at THANK YOU : ) #TheMusicalPrideBJWT

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5 days ago. I bet you didn’t know that it’s healthier if we eat the peel too : ) #PrincessBJWT

3 days ago

Lovey Dovey : ) #LovesPrideBJWT #SaveLions

3 days ago

MK standing up : ) #BabyMKBJWT @mt103 @sethsemilof @kamal

3 days ago

Look who Loves Ice Cream just like her dad : ) It’s been two occasions when they bring me Ice Cream and Princess runs towards me to eat some. This one was Mamey flavor, from Helados Virginia in Cuernavaca, the best Ice Cream in Mexico. @luceritoam imported them for me from that state : ) #PrincessBJWT

3 days ago

Beautiful Opossums released by our friends at @orphanedwildlife But guess what? These little Angels returned the very next morning to their crate at the Sanctuary. Why leave when they Love you and feed you? Hahhaha @orphanedwildlife

4 days ago

I Love my Facebook Memories : )

4 days ago

Wet Luci Luli : ) #BabyLucianoBJWT #SaveTigers

4 days ago

Part 3: So finally after a week, Princess paid attention to Topo Gigio. This past Friday, she approached him, and yesterday, she touched him and started to care for him as you can see. In the wild, this is how they groom each other. At times, she hugged him, but she would take a step back when he wanted to go with her... #PrincessBJWT #TopoGigioBJWT

4 days ago

Part 2: For six days we tried to get Princess interested in Topo Gigio without success, as you can see in the picture. We kept bringing the baby to her and she showed no interest at all. Until... #PrincessBJWT #TopoGigioBJWT

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